22 Best Website to Watch Cartoons Online For Free in 2021

What’s the first thing comes to our mind when we want to recall our memories of childhood? Precisely, it’s cartoons. Cartoons are a way to good memories of childhood days. Nowadays cartoons are not only for kids but also for teenagers and adults. It’s considered for everyone with a childish brand of cheers. No matter what our age is, we all love cartoons. 

If you love watching cartoons online on PC, tablets or smartphones then try to watch out your favorite cartoons without paying a penny. There are 22 best websites to watch cartoons online for free. You can watch cartoons online free on the excellent quality screen.

Now watch cartoons online free, here some websites are free and some are not, and some websites required registration and some not required. You can select any websites to watch cartoons online free but which we have mentioned below all are working fine if some websites are not working then use VPN it will work definitely. Many peoples want to watch cartoons online without downloading any apps, So for themselves, we are listed online websites to watch cartoons online free.

For this content, we spend so many times to collect all this information to our users. So, take advantage of this content and enjoy free websites for watching cartoons online without any charges. If you want to donwload your favouirte cartoons you can download with free of cost but it required more patience. So better suggestion is watch cartoons online free.

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These 22 websites can be quite handy and so useful to watch. They provide you the proper content right at your doorstep. Check these websites out to watch cartoons online for free! Explore the list and enjoy your time!

22 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons

To make your leisure time successful with loads of fun we have gathered 22 best websites to watch cartoons online for free. You can select any one of the free video streaming websites to have loads of fun. So, let’s get started and have a look to watch cartoons online for free. It is also noted that if any cartoons site is unavailable in your country and not supported in your region or “As per Govt. Regulations this site is banned” or any other similar messages, We suggest you use a VPN to unlock any and all blocked content.

  1. ToonJet.
  2. Cartoonito.
  3. WatchCartoonOnline.
  4. Anime Flavor.
  5. GO GO Anime.
  6. Anime-Planet.
  7. Kissanime.
  8. SuperCartoons.
  9. SideReel.
  10. Cartoon Park.
  11. KissPanda.
  12. CartoonsOn.
  13. CartoonCrazy.
  14. Toonova.
  15. Anime Toons.
  16. New Grounds.
  17. 9anime.
  18. Crunchyroll.
  19. Funimation.com.
  20. Boomerang.
  21. Anime Center.
  22. Youtube.

1. ToonJet

toonjet Website

This is a good website to watch cartoons online for free without paying a penny. You can watch some classic cartoon series such as Popeye, Betty Boop, Looney Tunes, and much more without login or registration. And you can download the Android app of Toonjet from the first page of ToonJet.

If you want to enjoy some additional features, you should definitely register on the site. Create your profile page. There you can rate the videos, comments and you can also add the cartoons to your favorite list. You will watch high video quality resolution which gives more enjoyment while watching cartoon series.

2. Cartoonito

cartoonito website

Cartoonito is one of the most interesting sites to watch free cartoons online for kids where your kids spend some useful time. It provides cartoon shows collected from different parts of the globe, video games, and many educational videos for children. Kids get fun, entertainment, and light educational videos. 

Cartoonito also provides your kids with nice songs. On the screen, you can watch all the episodes of the listed show. You may click the best video you like to play.

3. WatchCartoonOnline


This website is totally dedicated to watching cartoons online for free. It has a huge collection of cartoons and animated movies for free. You can now enjoy watching anime and all cartoon series. You can also watch live cartoons.

It has many video resolutions that you can select. The homepage is so stunning that you will get all the cartoon shows serially. You can also use the search box for searching your favorite cartoons by brand, title, or characters. There is a pop-up advertisement but you can watch your favorite cartoon fully free anytime and anywhere.

4. Anime Flavor

Animeflavor me

Anime Flavor is a one-stop destination for anime action. It is the best one to watch cartoons or anime online for free. You will get all the cartoons that are structured on the home page in alphabetic numbers. At the homepage, you’ll get all the requisite tools. You can choose anime from the sidebar. You’ll also find a summary of the anime or cartoons. 

The site provides the best of taste in animation. Proper subtitles are embedded in each video. It keeps delighted the users by giving ad-free experience. You don’t need to create your profile page or sign-up to watch cartoons. 

5. GO GO Anime


GO GO Anime is another best site to watch anime conveniently for free. This site has everything that an anime lover would look for. It lets the user download the in a video the simplest way. The homepage shows the recent release animes that are trending. It provides an effective search bar that shows very accurate results to locate the videos. 

The design is smooth and user-friendly. You can select your favorite from the alphabetical order arranged list. It provides a wide range of databases of Korean and Japanese movies, anime cartoons, and many other series. You’ll also find English dubbed anime.

6. Anime-Planet

In Anime-Planet you can watch the most popular anime series or movies for free. Anime-Planet site is the best website to watch cartoons. You’ll find the top-rated best anime here. It has all the segments of top lists, searching by characters, manga recommendations, and a lot more.

The home page is excellent possibly considering the coolest interface. You can watch the series or movies by signing up and creating a list of series or movies you would like to watch in the future.

7. Kissanime


Kissanime is another best cartoon site to watch free online. Kissanime has a vast of videos and most famous cartoon shows. The best thing is that it allows the users to watch lots of anime content in HD as well as FHD format.

You will get every cartoon on the list in a sorted way. You can find lots of anime to select and also find new anime videos. This site is updated regularly with new and latest anime series to give unlimited fun.

8. SuperCartoons


SuperCartoons is a user-friendly site to watch cartoons online for free. You will find endless classic cartoons as well as new cartoon shows and movies. The menu is clear and it has a lovely user interface. You can watch old Disney movies as well as Looney Tunes and many other cartoons. 

You can find cartoon starting from Disney show till the Shinhan series even by its characters such as Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Road Runner, Daffy Duck, Pink Panther, Goofy, Porky Pig, Tweety, Speedy Gonzales, and more. You can also select a cartoon by clicking studios such as Walt Disney, Disney, Warner Bros, Hanna-Barbera, MGM, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Filmation Associates, 20th Century Fox, and many others. Visit the site and find the best entertainment. 

9. SideReel


The SideReel which allows you to watch the amazing cartoon shows and the comedy TV shows for free. You can watch the list of the most tracked shows here like as Family Guy, South Park, The Simpsons, and more. You will also know the Cartoons Premieres and Finales on their release dates.

The user interface is simple. You can explore any TV show just by typing the name of the year of release or the name. By signing up you can enjoy more features as tracking your favorites, reviewing, and rating cartoon series. Side Reel also offers recommendations based on the cartoon shows you’ve already tracked and rated.

10. Cartoon Park

Cartoon Park is the site providing all cartoon shows and anime for free. It has high-quality video formats. You can explore for any cartoon show by typing the name, genre, status or the year of release. You can also select the anime from the organized list in alphabetic order. 

The best feature is that you can watch cartoons on your mobile phone. It’s a mobile-friendly version site. You have to no worry about the language constraint. You can watch cartoons with English subtitles and you can also download them without any charges

11. KissPanda

KissPanda is a helpful site to watch some hit cartoons for free. You can watch some popular cartoons if you are fans of The Simpson, American Dad, Family Guy, and Futurama.

The user interface is simple. You can easily explore any episode you like to. Just make a click above the cartoon name.

12. CartoonsOn


CartoonsOn has vast collections of cartoons for free to watch. It is very popular all over the globe to watch cartoons online for free. The website has different categories like Studio, Characters, Shows, and Series. 

You can watch many well-known cartoons. There is a short description provided on each video. So the find it useful. This site has a user-friendly interface.

13. CartoonCrazy


CartoonCrazy is another finest website where you can watch both anime and cartoons online for free. It is a very popular site. It gets millions of views each month by the viewers. It has a huge collection of cartoons and anime. This site contains 40,000 plus episodes.

It has all the amazing features according to your requirements. Just explore the website and enjoy your leisure.

14. Toonova


Toonova is the site that lets us stream cartoons online for free. It’s a good site to spend watching funny and entertaining cartoons. It provides cartoons from different genres. 

There is some pop-up ads otherwise it gives huge support streaming online for free. It is updated almost every day with multiple collections of cartoons and anime.

15. Anime Toons


The next on this list is Anime Toons where you will get all your best anime for free. It has a large number of collection database.

There are several genre structured cartoons such as comedy, adventure, action, drama, crime, and more. The menu bar is easy and simple. You can stream so easily.

16. New Grounds

New Grounds is a great site with some killing features watching online for free. It has an amazing interface. The whole site has various sections to fulfill your cartoon’s fantasies. 

This website gives you infinite cartoon series for unlimited fun. It has amazing video and audio quality that gives you a proper amusement.

17. 9anime


9anime is another fantastic website that you can visit to watch lots of cartoon content for free. It has the coolest interface which is beyond amazing. 

9anime has a vast collection of Anime stories, mangas, novels, and much more. You will find high-quality anime collections and also you can download them very easily.

18. Crunchyroll


This is one of the best anime streaming that has huge collections of anime streaming for free which most others do not have.

It is beautifully presented and easy to use. It is a hassle-free website. It has a simple user interface but that is worth noting.  

19. Funimation.com

Funimation.com has the best collection of anime streaming online for free. It covers almost every genre. It is hassle-free and quite easy to use. The list of episodes is sorted and arranged beautifully. If this website is not working on your system then just on a VPN and use it, because here some websites require a VPN. If you have already then no issue the website will work smoothly.

The user can select their favorite animation. It contains a high-quality video with super audio output. You can also download it from this website. Funimation Website is an old one here you will get thousands of HD quality videos to watch free online. This is very best website to watch cartoons so, if you like this website then just go ahead and watch beautiful cartoons on Funimation.com.

20. Boomerang


Boomerang contains the finest cartoons from all over the web. You can watch traditional animated cartoons like Scooby-Doo, Mr. Bean, and Tom & Jerry.

It has an amazing interface and it makes you addicted to itself. The video is well categorized. As it is the UK based so that you won’t face any problem.

21. Anime Center

Anime Center

Anime Center is one of the best anime sites that provide your kid with the English dialect animation. Anime Center gives HD quality videos.

It is free content, you can stream for free. It provides dubs and subs. You can interact with each other through chat rooms. It gives updates for forthcoming shows.

22. Youtube


Youtube is the best website to watch cartoons. Probably everyone knows about youtube, it is Google’s product and here you can watch free cartoons at any time on Youtube, it is a most popular platform and more than millions of people use it every day. Here you will get thousands of cartoons. This website will meet your requirements.

On youtube’s website or app, you can watch any types of videos like movies, games, cartoons, and many more videos available free on youtube. It is very easy to use, you need to search cartoons in the search box, you will get thousands of results. Pick any one and watch it.

On youtube, you will get many extra features like you can save the videos or you can download cartoons free. And here you can see comments, suggestions of peoples. So if you like this website then just go ahead and visit this website and watch free cartoons.


These all the best websites to watch cartoons, Cartoon shows are for happiness. It brings childhood memory back. So, these are the 22 best websites to watch cartoons online for free. Visit those websites we have discussed in the above guideline. Take your amusement journey to the next level. We try to collect the best website for free. I hope you like our guideline and it makes you take a smooth decision. 

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