The 13 Best USPS Barcode Generator Websites

How amazing it will be when your loved one sends you a mail and you will able to track the path before it arrived at you. Looking weird? But it’s possible with the USPS barcode generator. USPS stands for the United States Postal Service barcode generator. It is a continuation of long and short barcodes that also include the address to be delivered.

USPS barcode generator is specifically used in the USA to ensure efficient mail service. Now, the question arises that how to generate a USPS barcode to track your mail by the postman. Then, you don’t have to worry about how to generate USPS. Today, we are going to reveal to you the 13 best USPS barcode generator websites which help you to track your mail.

USPS barcode generator websites

1. Intelligent mail barcode

USPS barcode generator

Intelligent mail barcode or shortened as IM barcode is one of the best USPS barcode generator websites. It is a 65 bar barcode used on mail and is used especially serve in the USA for domestic mail delivery. The barcode is incorporated into the mailing document by the sender and is also referred to as one code solution. You can see in the above image how it looks like ( A standard barcode for Wikimedia foundation Inc.)

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2. PostNet barcode generator

USPS barcode generator

PostNet referred Postal Numeric Encoding Technique. It is a barcode symbology that is prevailed by United States Postal Service (USPS) for efficient mailing service. PostNet barcode is a combination of half-length and full-length bars. Moreover, it endorses every category of mail/file like JPEG, PNG, GIF, Envelope, and letters, etc.

PostNet barcode is an older and most dominant USPS barcode generator until the IM barcode generator is launched. PostNet works on three different barcode categories: 5 digits PostNet barcode, Zip+4 PostNet barcode, and delivery point barcode that uses different bar respective to the barcode. 

3. Waspbarcode

USPS barcode generator

Waspbarcode is an integrated service and easy to use for all circumstances. It is assumed to be the leading barcode technology that has specialization in inventory management and provides accurate tracking service. Although waspbarcode service just not limited to the USPS barcode generator service it explores all the possible shipping methods including your office works.

Waspbarcode is easy to use service. You just have to select a number or text for which you want to generate a barcode (remember, it also includes USPS) then click on the barcode generator. That’s it, your barcode is generated instantly. It has 13 barcode symbologies and you have to choose one of them according to your preferences.

4. Code 128


Code 128 is launched in 1981 that was initially specialize for only numeric or alphanumeric barcode as its predecessor’s code 39 or code 11. But the advanced version of code 128 supports the complete ASCII configuration set (0 to 127 characters that make it total 128 and that’s why it is called code128 barcode generator. It supports shipping services along with mailing services.

Code 128 wields 108 unique symbols and each symbol defines a character. Out of 108 symbols; 103 are data symbols (that carry the address), 3 start symbols and the rest 2 stops symbols. This barcode has a compulsory Checksum character just before the stop symbols. The checksum is an amazing feature to ensure that all the characters are encoded properly, that’s why it is also referred to as “error correction” characters.

5. Aspose

USPS barcode generator is although a newly launched service comparative to its predecessors but it is competent enough to provide the best service. This barcode generator website is not only limited to USPS barcode generator but also provides a solution for Email products, slide products, image products, GIS, ZIP,  drawing, OMR, and all related services.

The use of Aspose is quite Easy. You have to select the text code according to your needs like USPS PostNet or USPS barcode. Then choose the size (size varies as small, medium, large, and custom), select output format. Finally, click on the generate barcode button. Moreover, you can upload a file of any format and generate your barcode easily.

6. Barcode.tec-it


Tec-IT is a free barcode generator service provider and claimed to have more than 60 different barcode symbologies. These include:

  • Postal barcode; USPS
  • 2-D code; QR, Data matrix
  • Linear barcode; EAN
  • GS1 Databar

To use this website to generate the USPS barcode, you have to select your barcode type from different symbology as shown above screenshot. Then enter your data or text or numeric for which you need to generate a barcode. Finally, click of the show barcode. If you find everything is correct then you can download your barcode in different file formats.

7. Channel Code

USPS barcode generator

Channel code is the oldest among I mentioned above. It is one-dimensional numerical type symbology and was launched in 1992. It incorporated 2 to 7 numerical strands in an individual symbol and limited it to as short as possible in length. Although it incorporated up to 7 digits, these 7 digits encode only 6 codes means one less than the total digits.

This is somewhat different from other USPS barcode generator websites. Each digit in the barcode channel have not it’s a unique bar structure but all the data depends on the selected channel code. It supports all digits from 0 to 9. The amazing feature of this barcode generator is that it doesn’t need to check errors because it has self-correction options.

8. PosiCode

USPS barcode generator

Posicode is solely developed to ease the barcode scanning in the manufacturing or marking process where the control of barcode width is difficult. It is defined as a continuous, position-based, and one-dimensional barcode. The encoded data in Posicode determine by the relative position of other symbology and that’s why it is also called Position-based barcode.

Every encoded character in Posicode consists of three barcodes and three space lines and these space lines are called ‘G dimensions’. Posicode supports the alphanumeric characters that include digits (0-9), lowercase letters (a-z), hyphens(-), and period(.). Posicode also has a manual error check option unlike automatic in channel code.

9. USPS Tray label barcode

USPS barcode generator

This barcode generator is extensively employed in automated rate mailing and standard mails. Interestingly, this barcode service comprises the Zip code of the receiver as well as the content Identifier number (CIN). USPS Tray label code has fixed 10 digit characters. Out of these 10 digits: 5 digits for Zipcode, 2 for Processing code, 3 for CIN.

10. Aztec code barcode

USPS barcode generator

Aztec code barcode is two-dimensional symbology with dark square characters. This barcode generator is a little complex to use as it mandatory needs a 2-dimensional imaging device for scanning. This barcode symbology not useful for larger products as it is limited to small marking and printing technologies. Aztec code also uses Alphanumeric characters where alphabets only use as upper case. It uses all 256 ASCII barcode characters.

11. Datamatrix

USPS barcode generator

Datamatrix is also a 2-dimensional barcode symbology that uses a very large range of characters from 1 to 2000. It uses all barcode formats including ASCII, C-40, text (256 characters). The unique part of Datamatrix is that it displayed the barcode in rectangular form with the least possible height.

To generate a barcode with DataMatrix, select the barcode type, height of parallel lines, X & Y direction scale. Now click on generate barcode, you can also download in familiar file format. Datamatrix barcode is mostly preferred for electrical plates or to mark surgical products in Japan.

12. Neodynamics

USPS barcode generator websites

Neodynamics is a private company established in 2004, prominently known for the barcode, labeling, and imaging tools. This website is claimed to best fast, accurate, reliable, and advance than it’s competent. It supports all types of barcodes comprising postal, 1D dimensional linear, 2D and Composite barcodes. The use of neodynamics is also easy as other barcode generators.

Neodynamics contains up to 120 barcode symbologies with includes USPS, UKPS, Singapore postal service, and others. You have to select the required symbology and in our case, it is USPS barcode. After you select, you have a complete guide in front of you that how to use, when to use, and what is the procedure to use the USPS barcode generator. Fill the all required field and download your barcode of a convenient format.

13. Code 16K

USPS barcode generator

Code 16K developed in 1989, is the symbology of code 128 with continuous and variable-length characters. This code is widely used for complex mailing services as code 16K can encode any type of characters but is limited to up to 127 characters and the size of each encoded character depends on the size of information embedded in it. However, for more rows, code16K encoded 154 numeric and 77 alphanumeric characters. Code16K is widely used in Printing and healthcare systems.

Final Words

United States Postal Service is using an advanced version of the mailing service and is also defined as “Modern-day Postman”. These USPS barcodes generator plays a vital and key role for accurate, speedy, and efficient postal service. To perform this task, hundreds of USPS barcode generator websites come into the light. Among these websites, we mentioned the 13 best USPS barcode services which help you track and efficiently manage your postal service.

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