13 Best Text To Speech Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

Nowadays in the fast-growing technical environment, people have no time to read messages, documents, and more. But it is very easy with Text to speech apps. You can directly listen by using smartphones. For that, you need to install these Text To speech apps.

Text to Speech apps lets you simply listen to any mail, document, audio, eBook, and any others on your mobile. It is a great option to read an article very easily. You can listen to any eBooks, articles, and more by using these apps. Here we are giving some information regarding these Text to speech apps for Android, iPhone, windows, and Kindle users. At any time like walking, driving, and any working you can easily listen to your documents, emails, eBooks, and more easily rather than reading. And these apps have sound control which is used to listen accordingly as per your audible volume without any trouble.

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Best Text To Speech Apps

1. Narrator’s Voice


Narrator’s Voice is one of the best Text to speech apps for android which offers a lot of features. It can read text easily from the web, messages, chats, eBooks, and more. It gives a lot of fun to the users. People can add several sound effects such as reverb, echo, choir, and gargle. It also got a great feature to give voice-over to your slideshow presentations, video narrations, and more.

You can also share your files with your friends via email and other social media applications. This Text to speech app lets you create and share funny communications using a narrator’s voice of your choice. It supports all languages and is very reliable with amusing voices. It is very easy to use and is very user friendly. Many people are using their images, projects, e-learning, YouTube videos, and more.

Just type or speak your message, select language to add a pleasant voice, and more effects to enjoy using this app.

Let’s have a look and try today

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2. Talk Free


This is one of the top text to speech apps for android users with a lot of users. It doesn’t have a lot of options, which means it has limited options that work more effectively. It can speak messages from third parties. By using this text to speech app it’s also possible to the importation of text from the web pages in the browser. Just by clicking on the various-sized A’s, you can easily adjust the text size. It automatically saves whatever text you add. It has Play, pause, and stop buttons to read messages, eBooks, more conveniently. It supports Multi-languages and it has the feature to export audio files.

With this text to speech app, now your phone speaks what you type. Let your mobile read the news, eBooks, articles, messages, and what not. It does everything for you! Let us make your phone speak, say anything you want in your own language!

What are you waiting for, Download now and enjoy this text to speech in your mobile?

Below is the link for you.

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3. Pocket


Pocket is one of the best text to speech apps for android. It speaks the messages, articles with the best sound and voice. And it supports multiple languages as well. Also, it has the option to pause the voice while reading the messages or eBooks. Then you can start next time exactly where you left rather than starting from the beginning. It has a full set of controls to play, pause, stop, and back. Most of the people are using this text to speech app as it is user friendly.

Let us download the text to speech app from Google play

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4. Text to Speech (TTS)


This is another best text to speech apps for android. It is an app with the most effective multifunctional user interface. In this app, people can create and save new audio files. Making audiobooks with this app is very easy.

It includes a lot of customizable functions such as volume, pitch, speed changing so on, and so forth. It is a very lightweight app, so that, it won’t take too much memory of your storage. It has Audio play and pause button with volume pitch. We can also make mp3 files within a few seconds using this Text to speech app. It has an Admirable theme and excellent battery-saving ability.

Let us download today to enjoy Text to speech

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5. Vocalizer TTS Voice (English)

Vocalizer TTS Voice

Vocalizer TTS Voice is one of the topmost app used by many users all over the world. As it is so user-friendly people are enjoying these features a lot. This app is a productive app that comes with lots of finest features. Now it’s so easy to read e-books, messages, and more with this app. It supports multiple languages more than 50 and has 120 different voices.

You can easily tune up the sound pitch and also reading speed. You can also enjoy emojis as it supports multiple emojis and is connected to voice expressions. As it is updating regularly you can easily get the latest features.

Let us try today,

Here is the link to get the application from the Google play store.

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6. Speech To Text Notepad

Speech To Text Notepad

Speech To Text Notepad is one of the best Text to speech for android. This app allows you to type something without physically touching the device. That means you can use voice command to control the operations to a text. Also, it saves your audio input data for any kind of usage. It supports more than 70 languages.

let us download today from the play store and enjoy text to speech

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7. Speech Central


Speech Central is one of the best text to speech app for iPhone users. You can easily read ebooks, web pages, forums, news, and more by using this free text to speech. You can enjoy reading by listing through this app. People all over the world iPhone users loved this app as it is so user friendly.

Let us enjoy this text to speech app today, download here

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8. Speechify

Speechify Text Reader

This is one of the text to speech apps for iPhone that easily read all of your materials. Through this app, you can easily be reading books and save your time. It reads all e-books, articles, and documents.No matter wherever you are, let it be at your work, office, home, or outside.

You can also import PDF’s online articles, or copy text to read the content in high quality. Also, it helps you to read the scanned pages from books that you already capture over on your mobile. It supports more than 50 plus languages.

Now, listen to your content in HD voice at a  very high speed. Let us download from Applestore today and enjoy the features.

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9. iSpeech TTS

Text to Speech

iSpeech TTS is another best text to speech apps that reads text for you. You just enter the text which you want the voice reader to read out for you. It prides a lot all over the world as it supports multiple languages with a high-quality format as well. Also, it has the best option to choose the gender like male, female voices to read.

What are you waiting for, let’s download and enjoy?

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10. Balabolka

This is one of the powerful free text to speech for the Windows Operating system. It is an admirable file format with several voices to choose accordingly. It creates audio records with bookmarking tools. To use this text to speech application you can just copy and paste the text into the program. Or you can open file formats directly.It supports PDF,DOC and HTML formats. It reads lengthy programs, documents, ebooks, news for you in more than 70 languages. It has also several voices with a decent sound. You can also create a custom voice in this application. You can easily adjust the speech, pitch, and volume of playback to create a custom voice.

For lengthy documents reading, you can also create bookmarks to make it very easy to jump back to the exact location and start whenever you’re free. With all of these best features enjoy reading text on a screen with the best free text to speech software for windows.

Let us download today to enjoy text to speech

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11. Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader is a top list priority for text to speech for iPhone users. It is available in more than 81 countries so that you can enjoy several languages. Voice Dream Reader reads eBooks, web pages, documents, and more with more than 200+ pleasant voices. You can also use this text to speech app kindle to read your documents. It supports PowerPoint documents, audiobooks, Word documents, Google Documents, and more. Let us download now and enjoy your reading.

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12. Text to Speech

Text to Speech

Most of us look towards free apps nowadays. If you’re searching for the best text to speech app, here is the best one, Text to Speech is the app for you. You can read all of your documents, messages, ebooks, and more with a  beautiful and pleasant natural sounding voice. Also, you can do different customization voices that are speaking for you. You can set easily Pitch and rate as per your interest. Even you can choose the gender between males or females. There is one more best option to choose accents like American, Australian, British, and more. So that you can listen carefully to your important document, books, and more.

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13. Talk for me

Talk For Me

Talk for me is another best free text to speech for iPhone users. iPhone users loved this app as it does not disturb ads like other apps while you are using the free version also. It supports multiple languages with a lot of pleasant voices. Also, you can customize the voice for you. No matter what language you’re trying to read, Talk for me can amazingly voice it for you! And also there is an auto speech function, that reads all the text which you put in the text field.

Let us enjoy this text to speech app for iPhone with amazing features, download today

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You have a list of the best 13 texts to speech apps. We hope you can select which one to install on your mobile so that you can make your tasks very easier and comfortable. Let us download the suitable one and enjoy the features of text to speech apps.

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