7 Technology Tips for Your Small Business to Grow Fast

Businesses rule over the world whether it is small businesses or large enterprises. But you must have the best technology tips for your small business to grow faster and reach height. Undoubtedly, small businesses have an edge over the large ones when it comes to management by a small team (we are not discouraging large businesses). But without technology, we can’t even imagine putting our ideas on paper. If does, it is tough to stand in this competitive world.

Earlier, business owners had to manage everything manually which levied extra time and money that is not viable in the current technology era. Also, in past, we have seen giant grandmasters lose the game like(Nokia), just because of not stepping up with technology. This is the reason why we are sharing these powerful technology tips for your small business. If followed rightly and implemented properly, you can boost your business by 10x irrespective of when you started.

Technology Tips for Your Small Business

Technology tips are innumerable but we are serving only those technology tips for small businesses which will be a turning point and what we learned so far. Remember, these tips will implement with every type of business and are helpful for large businesses as well up to some extent.

1. Go Online

First and foremost step for any business whether it is small or large it must have an online presence. Millions of people use smart devices including smartphones, PC, Macbook, Notebook, etc. If even you are able to influence 1% of them, it could be a great success and massive conversion. According to Google’s Report 83% of the United States shoppers do online search before purchasing and visiting any store. Online presence let buyers to understand any business more deeply, what it offers, how it is best, etc. There are two basic methods of online presence to stand a chance to win in this cut throat competition.

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Website– Website is the first thing that people search for any company or business. It has complete details about the company and what it offers and why it is better. Even if your business don’t require/suit an online store, still you must have a website.

Youtube- when it comes to the online presence then we know the power of videos. Alone USA, the video consumption is approx 200 million as on 2021. You must have a dedicated youtube channel to showcase your business, your product, and offers on regular basis and all this influence the small businesses a lot.

2. Strong CRM Tools

If we are talking about technology tips for your small business, we can’t miss out on the CRM softwares. If you are not aware of CRM and CRM tools then check out our Detailed Guide on CRM tools and boost your small business. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management to connect, collaborate, and resolve customer’s problems instantly. These tools manage and organize contact information, business interactions, meeting notes, appointments, calls, etc. Some common tasks done with the CRM on daily basis:

  • Improve customer experience by tailoring specific needs of customer
  • Connect all team members in single window and make data accessibility easy
  • Increase efficiency by faster response

3. Social Media Marketing

According to the Statista, 4.48 Billion people use social media and approximately 250 million in the USA alone which is 82% of the total US population. So, you can understand how influential and impactful could be social media activities. Make impressive social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Reddit, etc and post about your product as well as company profile, what is your vision, what you offer.

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The more you will stay active on social media, the more you will add new customers and fanbase which will convert to leads and sales. In this way, social media is among the outstanding technology tips for your small business without a doubt.

4. Focus on Enterprise Resource Planning

Our next and important technology tips for your small business is ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning which is a business processing tool. It is an All-in-One tool to take care of all processing such as inventory management, project management, human resources, supply chain management, etc. Managing all of them manually is a great headache and also very time-consuming.

Earlier, ERP was considered a thing for large businesses or enterprises but all thanks to the innovative business tool developers and technology evolution. By integration of ERP with CRM, you will get better control and results for the warehouse processing and manufacturing capacities of your small business. There are many ERP service tools available such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP ERP, Oracle, etc which boost your small business.

5. Advance Financial Tools

Financial Management is unavoidable part of every business from day one and never ending job. Financial Management tools are other best technology tips for your small business. From the procurement and inventory to operating cost and salary of employees, everything comes under the finance.

It is tough to manage finance along with holding other stages of business. Finance tool make it incredibly easy to prepare invoices, tax reports, leads and sales, etc. We suggest you to install Accounting software, expense tracking, payroll management tools, inventory tool, etc.

6. Cloud Data Storage

Our next technology tips for your small business should be implemented from the foundation of business. Gone are those days when you held the piles of files on your desk with dirt. Neither do you need heavy storage systems for daily working portfolios. This is the age of cloud storage to store customer data online rather than separate data-based servers.

Cloud storage requires no space from your system and no junk files, everything will be saved outside of your system. Moreover, the biggest benefit of going to the cloud is that you can access your data files from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. You can also try Cloud-based Productivity Suites to improve the efficiency of your business models.

7. Active Security System

Security our last (but not least) technology tips for your small business, however, it applicable well irrespective to the size and type of business. After building a strong foundation, activate the best CRM and ERP tools, you just can’t ignore the security part even if you can’t afford to do so. You have to make sure that your important data including inventory, invoices, billing, or taxes information, all are secured in all ways. This can be done by installing security systems in your business which will confront all malware, spyware, cyber attacks, and leakage of data.

We all know the cyber security issues with large corporations then how can a small business unaffected which even can’t afford expensive security systems? But as we said technology makes everything affordable for everyone, we have powerful security systems at affordable prices. The popular security systems include SimpliSafe, Frontpoint, Vivint, ADT, etc. However, we recommend making security from your end also instead of full dependency on tools only. Periodically change your security passwords, Monitor your personal devices, limited access to critical databases, take security training, etc.


These are some most important technology tips for your small business and what we learned so far. Following the ambition of a dream business is indeed a great decision but you must have the best technology tools to nurture your business at a good pace. 100’s of small businesses and enterprises banging every month, to confront them and get the edge over them, you must have the best plans and the best solutions.

By implementing smart and advanced technology, you will be able to build up a path for big box enterprise. If you are able to execute all the technology tips for your small business, we assure you, you are never going to lose the grip and opportunity to be a leading enterprise.

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