How to Watch Pay Per View (PPV) on Firestick in 2021

Technical advancements have let people enjoy media at any time, any place. One such device is a fire stick. A fire stick lets you convert your TV into a smart TV, thereby allowing you to access media at any desired time and place. One of the most exciting features of a fire stick is PPV or Pay Per View. People can watch pay per view online free or by paying a small amount of money. Amazon firestick also supports pay per view, so you can watch pay per view on Amazon also.

Despite several live and on-demand media options, PPV has taken the stand and has become a major streaming media now. People prefer opting for PPV instead of a cable connection.

What is PPV?

PPV is a new monetization model for media hosting firms. Certain Channels host live events that stream live on fire stick also. People can watch the live event by paying for a single view ( single event).

PPV is majorly deployed for streaming sports content. Focussing majorly on broadcasting fights between celebrities and other sports events. Some of the popular Pay Per View events are boxing, Wrestlemania, NBA, Superbowl, NFL, etc. With PPV people can enjoy sports live from the respective playgrounds. Resultantly, there has been a hike in the number of viewers and revenue generation for the broadcasters has increased manifold. PPV events can be watched only when these are live, later these can’t be accessed. Some channels/broadcasters offer highlights and replays also.

As this is new to the public, people end up getting confused with the usage of PPV. Given below is a guide to teach you how to use PPV on firestick.

How to download PPV on firestick

One needs to pay a small amount of money to the service provider. Thereafter the subscribers can enjoy PPV by paying for each show or event desired to be watched. The cost varies from content to content.

Benefits of PPV for audience and hosters

  • Benefits of PPV for the audience- Subscribers need to pay only a small amount of money for the event they want to view. They can go for a monthly subscription for live events and other PPV events. This in turn seems to be even more economical.
  • Benefits of PPV for Hosters- A bundle of benefits are provided to the hosters. Some of which are as follows:-
    • The hosting firm gets more insight into the audience and can plan future events accordingly. This way they can target the audience according to their choice and can earn better profits.
    • There is exponential growth in the number of subscribers. As people like the options which they get at a lesser price.
    • With the help of target marketing organisations can bridge the gap between the audience and the content.

How to use PPV on firestick

The majority of streaming services have integrated with the PPV stream. Let us now find out how you can use PPV on firestick.

PPV with ESPN+ on firestick-

ESPN is an American channel popular for live sports events. People who do not own a connection can use ESPN+ for live sports events. In order to purchase a PPV event from ESPN+, you need to login to An annual charge of around 85$ needs to be paid if you are new to ESPN+. ESPN+ has increased its subscribers to more than 7.6 million. Cord-cutters are the major users owing to its pocket-friendly charges.

ESPN+ has also partnered with NFL, UEFA, MLS, NBA and also offers on-demand streaming.

PPV with DAZN-

Next in line is DAZN, which is also popular for live streaming of sports events. DAZN has associated with UFC, UEFA, NBA, MLS, and many other sports associations. As a result of this, DAZN subscribers enjoy several sports events. In order to subscribe to DAZn one needs to pay a monthly charge of 19.99$ and an annual charge of 99.99$.

With DAZN, subscribers are fully satisfied as they get access to not only sports events but to several documentaries too. A flawless experience is possible with DAZN owing to its 1080p resolution and that too at 60 frames per second.

DAZN is popular because of its collaboration with world-famous sports networks, namely, World Boxing Super fights, Matchroom boxing USA and many more. With one id, DAZN allows you to watch a live program on two devices at the same time.

  • PPV with Sling- Another one is Sling, which lets its subscribers enjoy a wide array of live events at a minimal subscription of 45$. In addition to this, it provides a vast collection of on-demand shows also. PPV events on sling stay between 30$ to 70$ depending on the posters of the events. In general, it’s easy to sign for a sling, just like any other app. With Sling, you can watch sports events like boxing, MMA, wrestling, etc. Sling does not provide in-app purchases, so users have to login into the official website of sling tv and select the event simultaneously.
  • PPV with fite- This is a user-friendly platform owing to the ease with which it operates. It streams more than a thousand events in a year and more than 10,000 + hours of on-demand programming. To watch a live event you just need to check the PPV schedule, select and start the stream. Its collection comprises UFC fights, MMA, Pro-wrestling, Boxing, and many other events from several combat sports promoters. Along with the live events, it also offers event replays, interviews, live chats, press conferences of events. Spanish audio option is also available for its Spanish fans. You can easily download the app from fite. tv and enjoy the PPV events flawlessly.
  • PPV with UFC- In order to view PPV on UFC, you need to login to the official website of UFC, which is,, thereafter the UFC app can be downloaded into the fire stick. You can get access to its collection at a minimum price of 9.99$ per month. It offers a wide array of events of fights with the best clarity ever. You can even buy PPV events separately.
  • PPV with Kodi Addons- Who doesn’t like to get free services. PPV can also be fetched for free. But the question here is, how? For this, you need to download the Kodi media centre on the fire stick. A wide array of addons is supported by Kodi, which offers live PPV events at a very nominal charge. Given below is a list of addons you can get on your fire stick with Kodi.
    • Loop addon- With loop addons, you get access to the vast collection of sports events. It offers both live events and highlights. Owing to the fact that the collection of events on a loop is framed on public sources, so, it’s free to stream any event. It offers events related to boxing, NHL, NFL, MMA, etc. Loop add-on can be downloaded from the Loop repository.
    • Sports Devil- Sports Devil is associated with Kodi for the last few years. It can be downloaded from the loop repository as well. It broadcasts events from UFC, WWE, boxing, etc. Both live events and highlights can be seen on Sports devil, and all this for free. The picture resolution is 1080 pixels, thereby, providing a high-quality picture.
    • Fight Tube- If you are a die-hard fan of sports, then fight tube will be your best mate. This is also a great fire stick PPV addon, which delivers sports events like, boxing, karate, MMA, and much more. But with Fight Tube, you need to search for PPV events on your own. There is no separate section for PPV events. To download Fight Tube you need to login to the Rockcrusher repository.

The Bottom line

In this content, we have got a clear insight into what PPV is and how can we watch PPV on fire stick for free and on a payment basis. There are many apps or channels which support the PPV model. PPV model has certain benefits for the audience and hosting firms. PPV has gifted the media a new model of monetization which is taking the stand and letting people enjoy live events streaming at a very nominal cost.



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