13 Best Mouse Mover Software for Windows in 2021 [ 100% Free]

Mouse mover software is a very helpful tool to the working people which prompts the computer that the mouse is still moving, and the computer does not get into the sleep mode in every 10-30 minute interval.

We all have urgent work that needs to be completed in a specific time. But wiggling the mouse again and again so that your computer does not sleep is sometimes tiring and irritating. Moreover, entering your login credentials repeatedly makes the simple task cumbersome. For overcoming the problem, there are small and intuitive programs available online for free for Windows users. These are called Mouse Mover Software. These are lightweight program which can be copied from the disk. No need for the installations!

The mouse moving software is used by the computer users if they do not want to get the system go into the sleep mode or run the screen saver. When the computer detects that the user is not near the system by detecting the movement in the mouse, it may stop all functionality of the system and get into the sleep mode. This hampers the work efficiency and productivity of the user.

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The mouse mover software keeps you off the idea of keeping by the PC all the time. Many times we must leave the station for some work or meeting. But if there is an important download or running of the program happening in the backend of the system, you might have to delay the meeting. In this scenario use the freeware that are available for free online. Just click on the software and download the file. This software is very simple to use and straightforward.

13 Best Mouse Mover Software

Here we have compiled a list of Best Mouse Mover Software for Windows which unique in their own way with many features and functionality.


1. Auto Click Typer 2.0

Clicker 2.0 is a free open source application and free to download from its official website – Fastautoclicker.com. The interface is user-friendly and the installation process is simple and time-efficient. It is a lightweight application that takes up low storage space in the CPU.

Auto Clicker 2.0 is an application designed for the convenience of users who focus on click-based games like Roblox and Minecraft. It enables users to save a lot of time and effort while performing any task involving multiple or repetitive clicking. This application enables its users to automate mouse and keyboard clicks. For executing the tasks, this application uses hotkeys (F9: run; F10: stop) which can effectively work while the application is running in the background. The user can also change the default hotkeys to any key on the keyboard as per personal preference.

The various mouse and keyboard actions can be added to a sequential list, where each action is executed on the basis of their position in the queue. This list might be saved and stored in an AUTOCT file and can be reused in the future. The sequence of the actions in the list might be altered and the actions can be edited, as per the convenience of the user.

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2. Mouse Jiggler

Mouse Jiggler

Mouse Jiggler is the best mouse moving software that is very easy to use. The application is designed with an intuitive interface and keeps your computer from getting into the screensaver or sleep mode for a specified time period. This lightweight software is automatically detecting that you are using the mouse for some time. And it automatically moves the cursor for you so that the computer does not enter sleep mode. The best part of using this software is that you need not activate the software. It gets activated on its own. 3ou can carry on with your work or just watch your movies and YouTube videos without any disturbance. Primarily the software just moves your mouse cursor back and forth and keeps your system running. You will not get disturbed while you are chatting or talking with your colleagues. The sleep mode in the computer stops the work process in the system and abruptly stop it, which will not be in the case with the MouseJiggler.

3. Move Mouse

Mouse Move

Another Mouse Mover Software in the list is the intuitive and very lightweight Windows application called Move Mouse. This software lets you change or modify the simulation of keystrokes or mouse cursor movements at specified intervals. You can use the software for many purposes as it offers various features and functionality to the users. You can modify the movement of the cursor for the specific time and change the activation keystrokes as per your preference.

The app also lets you run the program of your choice or operate the blackout schedule. You can also tell the software to put the cursor of specific co-ordinate at a specific time. You can also schedule the software to run in specific timings or times of the day. It will keep your system live and running even when you are not near the computer.

4. Mouse Mover Software

Mouse Mover

As the names suggest, Mouse Mover Software is the intuitive and portable best Mouse Mover software for the windows which helps to keep the computer system running even when you are not near the system. Many times, users are moved from their system for a reason and if the user wants an application to keep running this mouse mover software comes very handy. The application has a simple interface for instant and quick use.

If you are new to the mouse mover software, then the Mouse Mover app for Windows is very easy to use as it does not offer much variety and simply does it task as asked for. You can use the software directly and do not need to install the same. However, it also lightens your RAM space and saves CPU working.

5. MouseMover by Murgee.com

mouse mover

MouseMover by Murgee.com is a small simple program that does not need any installation. However, the user should have a Java working environment in the system for the running of the mouse mover software. The application is very simple and works backend for the system. The icon tray is all for the running of the software. The instruction and use are simple, and you need not see any tutorial for using the software.

The working of the mouse mover software is simple. It moves the cursor in every ten seconds. Hence, you need not do anything. However, you can enable and disable the app from the icon tray. The program is automatic hence you need not activate the program with the keystrokes.

6. Key Control

Key Control

Key Control is the best mouse mover software that comes for free of cost for non-commercial usage. For the smooth running of the software, you should have Windows .Net framework installed in the system.

The main purpose of the mouse mover software is to remember and save the mouse movements and keystrokes used by the system user. It then saves the recording in the disk for later use. You can run the program to automate the process or just to keep the system running and live. The application is straightforward and can be used to automate the process of user activities.

7. XuMouse


XuMouse is a free program for Windows that comes with a simple interface and easy usability. When you use this best mouse mover software you can use the application to prevent your computer from automating the launch the screen saver. You can save your daily work and run the applications in the back end without using the mouse repeatedly. It offers you two alternatives to run the application, firstly Move the mouse and secondly Click Mouse. Both alternatives are not mutual. Hence you have to choose according to your preference. You can also time the mouse movement from the 5-500 seconds.

8. Wiggle Mouse

wiggle mouse

Wiggle Mouse is a straightforward mouse mover software meant for Windows using. You can use the software to prevent your computer to get idle even when you are not near the system. When the computer launches the screensaver, your backend running software and downloads take a pause which causes you a wastage of time.

You can time the cursor movement according to the preference. The small elements in the interface are simple and easy to follow. You can just mention your time interval and the cursor will move automatically on that time. You can also specify the time interval from one second to mostly 100 hours.

9. Mouse Controller

mouse controller

Mouse Controller is the simple mouse mover software that records the mouse movements and replays them as and when instructed. You can use the mouse movements for the specific activity or keep the computer live and running.

You can choose the keystrokes for the launch of the application as well as to start playback. By default, the application has an F9 key to start the recording of the mouse movements and the F11 key to start the playback of the recording of the mouse movement. You can also select the range of options like frequency of repetition, timings of the repetition by the seconds, and delay by seconds options. The mouse mover software is lightweight and does not need any installation.

10. Mini Mouse Macro

mini mouse macro

Mini Mouse Macro is the free Mouse mover software designed for Windows. The application is a recorder of the mouse movement which is later saved in the disk. So, you can access the file and run the recording accordingly. The saved macros can be executed with the help of keystrokes or any of the mouse click actions. The automated mouse actions can be playback in the system for performing the system-specific activities.

If you have not used the mouse movement recorder in the past you can use this application, as it is easy to use and simple to operate. However, you record the macro and rerun the macros with the keys. The mouse mover software is open simultaneously with the working window. But you can minimize the macro recording window and access it from the icon tray. The application also remembers the keystrokes and mouse movements and list them in the application with the time stamp. However, you can access the macro as per your selection. It makes the excellent mouse mover software as you can simply record the macro of moving the cursor and run accordingly.

11. Mouse Recorder Pro

mouse recorder pro

Mouse Recorder Pro is the best mouse mover software for free for Windows. The software actually records the mouse movement and clicks and saves them in the disk for later use. The effortless and easy to use the program also offer you to record and edit the recorded files. You can edit them according to your need and finish the specific time immediately.

For the recording of the macro, you need to activate the program, and once you have finished just click F12. The software automatically saves the file in the system and you can access the file with the help of a software interface.

The best part of the mouse mover software is that you can access the files form the software interface easily. Access the files to run them. You can also delete the files which are redundant and no longer in use. For the mouse over software, you can record the macro file of moving the cursor back and forth and save it. Later you can time the running of the file so that you can save your computer to get into idle state. The other features in the software enable you to save time by using the software. Perform your daily task without going over to the steps. Just a keystroke and your task will be done.

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12. Mouse Machine

mouse machine

Mouse Machine is free software that is made of the Windows users. You can simulate the actions of the movement of the mouse cursor with the help of free mouse mover software. The application is very easy and small in size. Just click on the icon tray to activate the software for use. It’s a single-window software that allows you to modify the position of the cursor automatically to the specific location on the computer screen. The software runs without any installations and can be loaded directly from the USB drive.

Just launch the software and input the coordinates in the fields of the software interface. You can build nearly 999 different configurations for your cursor movement and save and load them anytime. You can also instruct the software for executing the movement at the specific coordinates like a double click, do nothing, or single right-click. Hence you can not only use the software as Mouse mover software, but you can be innovative and use it accordingly.

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13. Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse is the client-server free software designed for Windows. You can access the software interface from the remote places with the help of a phone or tablet. Hence, with this very intuitive freeware, you can easily monitor and control the movement of the mouse cursor from the Windows, Apple phone, or Android phone for the Windows-based computer. Hence if you are not near the computer and you need for the workflow without disturbance, just use the software remotely from your phone.

The application will need an internet connection to work. However, you need not activate the program from the computer. The software is already in the icon tray of your computer. There should be a common internet connection between your computer and phone. Use the phone software interface and give commands to your computer. Installation of the software is easy. Just connect your phone app with the computer by entering the IP address of your computer directly. Or just scan the QR code of the computer in the app. Once you have configured the app with the Windows, it will automatically connect with the server of the computer. Once connected, you can control the actions of the mouse with the phone. You can also perform click and drag and double click with the help of this app.

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14. TinyTask


TinyTask is another free program for Windows that enables the Mouse Mover Software. The software is very simple to use. As you just must click on the relatable icons for the task. No need to fill in the co0ordinates or no need to use the keystrokes. When you see the software interface, it has six simple icons for open, save, record, play, execute, and preference.

The application works as a recorder of the mouse movements. You can record the small macro as per your preference and save the macro for later use. So, when you want to use the Tiny Task as Mouse mover software, you just need to click on the record button to start the recording of the macro. Once you have finished the recording, save the file with the name. your file will be saved. The files will be available for later use. You can access the files from the software interface or use the keystrokes for executing the files. When you need to launch the mouse mover software, just run the macro that saves the movement of the cursor. It will prevent your computer to get into the idle state. Hence your work will be saved, and time will not be wasted. TinyTask works well with all the versions of the Windows. The software can also be used to create presentation and video tutorials. The window is small and very simple which can be placed anywhere on the Window.

Final Thought

The above-mentioned Mouse Mover software is open source software which is very easy to use and intuitive. Some of them offer a variety of functions while some are very straight to the point use. You can use this freeware for commercial or personal use. However, some of the mouse movement recording software can be used for the purpose other than just to keep awake your computer.

These applications are made to ease your difficulties at the time when you don’t want to abrupt certain work activities in the system. Many times, we lose our productivity due to the reason that our computer gets into the sleep mode infrequent intervals. You can use the Software as per preference and requirement. However, the above listed Best Mouse Mover Software are not an exhausted list. We have assessed them on the basis of the availability and usability among the users of the Windows computer.

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