How to Install Spectrum App on Samsung TV (Detailed guide)

Samsung smart TV comes with rich features for entertainment lovers. If you also own a Samsung smart TV and searching for how to install Spectrum app on Samsung TV, then you are at the right place. Entertainment industry changed completely after fast transformation of technology. Moreover, after Covid 19 smashed badly, all the entertainment giants clicked to the online or OTT platforms. Samsung TV or Samsung Smart TV also allow its users to download various applications through its smart hub which is works as the play store.

Which Samsung TV compatible with Spectrum App?

This query is mostly asked by the users who already have a Samsung TV and wish to stream spectrum app on that. Spectrum app is work with any Samsung TV, but if you are holding an old Samsung TV which is dated back to the 2012 then there is bad news. Spectrum TV app only support Samsung TV of later 2012.

What is Spectrum TV app and how to install spectrum app on Samsung TV?

Spectrum TV app is an application that let you watch live TV and On Demand content. It can be connected with various devices Samsung smart TV, Apple TV, Roku TV, and much more. The Spectrum TV offers up to 300 live TV channels and up to 30,000 On Demand TV shows and movies. Spectrum app work best in USA where you can watch up to 250 live channels while other regions comes with restrictions and offer a smaller number of channels. To stream the spectrum application, users must have Spectrum Internet connection, or a Spectrum authorized modem.

Moreover, this app allows you to get connected through multiple accounts that means you can stream the services on TV as well as on tablets and on other devices with one account only. You will get access to the tons of entertainment categories including sports, news, local channels, music, movies, lifestyle, history, drama, kids, comedy, and another premium channels. To stream all these on Samsung TV, you should know how to install spectrum app on Samsung TV.

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Is Spectrum app Free?

Yes. You can download and install spectrum app on Samsung TV completely Free! But this app is not free to use though. The cost of the application depends on the channel you are streaming. Users must have monthly or annual subscription otherwise pay according to the channel’s service charge.

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How to install Spectrum app on Samsung TV?

Now, we got the complete idea, what is Spectrum app and what services it offers. Let us learn how to install spectrum TV app on Samsung TV. For best results we emphasize you to read all steps carefully, so that you can install spectrum TV app on Samsung TV without facing any difficulties. Let start step-to-step guide to install spectrum app.

Step-to-Step guide on how to install Spectrum app on Samsung TV

  • Step 1- First of all, you should have a strong internet connection more specifically a Spectrum Internet connection.
  • Step 2- Turn On your Samsung smart TV and navigate to the app store through applications menu.
  • Step 3- You can directly access with your remote by pressing the ‘Smart hub button’.
  • Step 4- It will ask you to login your Samsung app store account, if you do not have any account then you have to create one.
samsung app store
Samsung App Store
  •  Step 5- Once you logged in, you will get access to the various applications on Samsung app store.
  • Step 6- Now head to the search bar of the app store.
  • Step 7- Type the ‘Spectrum TV app’ on search bar and hit the search icon.
  • Step 8- From various search results, tap on the spectrum app logo as shown in below screenshot
  • Step 9- Now you will display the spectrum app, you can read the details otherwise directly tap on ‘Install button’.
  • Step 10- Let allow the app to store the installation process, once done, it will ask you to add this app to home screen. Its completely up to you and on your suitability.

 Now your installation process is completed, and you know how to install spectrum TV app on Samsung TV.

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Am I ready to explore my favorite Channels?

No, Not yet. You had just completed the installation process. If you want the access of hundreds of channels, then you have to create account on ‘Spectrum TV app’ also. Though, it’s not a complicated step. Just fill your Email login and password, now you are ready to explore your favorite channels.

What are the subscription plans of spectrum App?

Popularly, spectrum app comes with 3 plans. You can choose anyone of them according to your need and affordability.

Plan NameCostServices
Spectrum Select Plan$44.99125+ channels
Spectrum Silver Plan$74.99175+ channels
Spectrum Gold Plan$94.99200+ channels

What if my Samsung TV is not smart TV?

However, to get access of your favorite channels on Samsung TV through Spectrum app, your TV must be smart. Yet you can still stream spectrum app on non-smart TV. You can do this with the assistance of Chromecast to cast the Spectrum TV app. It will allow you to installed spectrum app on any devices that support the Chromecast. We will discuss about this in detailed in our future articles.

What channels I can access?

You can browse any channels from movies to TV serials, horror to religious, Sports to animal worlds, there is no limitations. As we mentioned, Spectrum app offers more than 250 channels, so we can’t list all of them here. But if you want to know (and you should) what channels you will get then we highly recommend to go through the this link.


Finally, you learned how to install spectrum app on Samsung TV. We appreciate your effort to continue with us through this entire process. Along with installation process, you also know what spectrum app is, what services it offers, and at what cost. This is the simplest guide on how to install spectrum TV app on Samsung TV. Make sure you followed all the step carefully and have internet connection otherwise you may face difficulty during installation. If you miss even a single step, then you will not be able to install spectrum app on Samsung TV.

Remember, Spectrum app is completely free, but its services are not free. You should have a subscription of either Select, Silver, or Gold. The subscription cost is not much when we compare it to the services it offers. Spectrum app opens the door of hundreds of your favorite channels just on your remote control. We hope you like and learned how to install spectrum TV app on Samsung TV. For these types of valuable and regular updates, do not forget to subscribe our notification as it is completely Free.

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