11 Free Digitizing Embroidery Software in 2021

Are you looking for best and free digitizing embroidery software to hit your amazing ideas on embroidery design? Then do not worry we are here to help you. Earlier embroidery designs were created by hands and takes a lot time but at the same time the quality is unmatched even today after advanced technology. We cane across tons of well established brand, but the premium look of embroidery is missing somewhere.

So getting back the premium look as well as maintaining the same level of quality, various apps are developed. Today we are mentioning most popular free digitizing embroidery software which helps you at every level of joining nodle points, stitching, preview, editing, redesign, etc. All the tasks can be perform via single application. All the softwares are completely free, once you getting familiar with free software then you can go for advance and paid versions.

1. My Editor

Free Digitizing Embroidery Software

My editor, developed by WingsXP, is a free digitizing embroidery software with simple viewing and intuitive editing options. Editing, designing, and modification becomes quite easy with My Editor. It also has advanced stitch designer (single & multi), array tools, cut, copy, and more which make designing easy. My Editor allows you to view your design in actual thread colors that provides premium looks to the simple designs. You can view the NGS file and save them in any format you wish to do even it gives ample editing options like resize or rotate.


  • Very easy to use
  • User friendly interface
  • Advanced stitching editor
  • Rotate and resize the designs
  • Progressive preview option

Compatibility- Windows

Visit My Editor

2. Ink/Stitch

Free Digitizing Embroidery Software

Ink/Stitch is a reputed vector graphic software but also known for outstanding digitizing embroidery software due to its intuitive design. This free digitizing embroidery software let you create stitch files from various SVG designs and then to the free lines. Whether you are pursuing it as hobby or professional Ink embroidery software is useful for any type of user. You just need to select your design, make necessary changes, and then convert it to the stitch lines. It supports large number of file formats including create stitch files from various SVG designs. You can preview your design in 3D view or what you preferred with different languages.


  • Open source embroidery software
  • Support large file formats
  • 3D preview
  • Built-in code libraries
  • Animated stitch preview
  • Support multiple languages

Compatibility- Linux, Mac OS, Windows

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3. TrueSizer

TrueSizer is a free digitizing embroidery software but limited access that allows users to view, read, and edit the embroidery files. It has inbuilt collection of images that allows you to use them in background of design and make the design premium. Although, TrueSizer has its own .EMB format but you can save and share in the any stitch file format you desired. The free version does not allow creating and saving multiple color schemes, changing design colors, using multiple designs, matching threads. You need to upgrade your software with $3.99 and use advance features.


  • Free software (limited)
  • Background changer
  • Resize and rotate original design
  • Multiple color options (paid version)
  • Share in different file formats

Compatibility- Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

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4. 2Stitch

Free Digitizing Embroidery Software

2Stitch is a free digitizing embroidery software that allows you to collect, view, and organize your design on Windows and Mac OS. When you put the design on their system, it let you to preview your design including size, number of stitches, and thread length. If you would like to find your design quickly search your designs by size, thread colors, keywords, description, and file name. The new features are coming soon such as work with zip files, convert to any format.


  • Free embroidery software
  • Detailed preview of design
  • Quick to search your design
  • Zip compatibility soon
  • Stitch simulation soon

Compatibility- Windows, Mac OS

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5. Stitchbuddy

Free Digitizing Embroidery Software

Stitchbudy is somewhat unique digitizing software that comes with a wide range of features and compatibility and support on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. You can combine multiple embroidery files to single one and control the thread colors easily. The print design or template you selected can be employed on a single file or a catalog of files, you don’t have to make changes. If you are working on Apple devices then it is easy to save and share with iTunes File Sharing, iCloud Drive, AirDrop, etc. This free digitizing embroidery software lets you either change thread color or highlight the selected thread.


  • Support all Apple’s products
  • Advanced thread color options
  • Multiple file selection in one go
  • Decent file sharing options
  • 3D & grid preview
  • Full control over thread colors

Compatibility- Mac, iPhone, iPad

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6. DIME Embroidery Toolshed

The Free digitizing embroidery software by DIME may not have the advanced features as others listed but it does basic work very well. DIME claims that all of your embroidery programs are directly available on their system, you don’t have to run anywhere for any design. The basic features include cut & copy, resizing, re-colored, rotate & mirror, stitch sequence simulator, etc. Toolshed is only compatible with Windows but can be used in Mac Translator.


  • Excellent for basic embroidery design
  • Realistic viewing
  • Missing 3D view
  • Junk stitch filter
  • Adjustable viewing grid

Compatibility- Windows & Mac (with Translator)

Visit DIME Embroidery Toolshed

7. SophieSew

Free Digitizing Embroidery Software

SophieSew is free embroidery software for Windows which allows you to create simple as well as complex embroidery designs from scratch. It is considered as an object-oriented software and best known for accuracy of design. Designing is very simple in SophieSew, you can begin your design by selecting curve, images, line, and assemble them into larger objects like stitches then leads to the final design. Cut, copy, rotate, resize, etc becomes very easy in SophieSew user friendly interface. The best part is its 3D model view of any complex design that make the understanding better in visual section.


  • Multi-color threads available
  • Easy control with mouse
  • user friendly interface
  • Start from scratch step to step
  • Can hide outline stitches

Compatibility- Windows

Visit SophieSew

8. Bernina Embroidery Software

Free Digitizing Embroidery Software

Bernina free digitizing embroidery software is only useful to view, analyze, and make little changes on existing embroidery design. You need to load your embroidery file first in your preferred format, allow to use different views namely, Artistic view, needle points view, Pan view. Despite basic interface, it let you work Thread color options. Also, you can perform task design rotation, flipping, resizing perform with simple mouse clicks. The grid view helps you to align and edit your selected embroidery design and guide you if not align precisely. To understand the designs fully, Bernina display the stitching sequences on your screen.


  • Best for editing existing design
  • Artistic view for thread path design
  • Needle point view
  • Support all formats
  • Easy rotating, resizing
  • Built-in charts to select right thread

Compatibility- Windows

Visit Bernina Embroidery software

9. Wilcom Embroidery software

Free Digitizing Embroidery Software

Wilcom embroidery software is choice of most of the professionals including embroidery shops, trainers, and educators due to its great interface and features. It also has some creative or unique templates but ranking this tool is 9th position as all features are not available on free version. Wilcom manage all your EmbroideryConnect WiFi Devices in one point to assist you run your embroidery business more efficiently.


  • Natural stitch design
  • Limited free version
  • Professional’s choice
  • WiFi Management

Compatibility- Windows, Mac

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10. Janome Artistic Designer

Free Digitizing Embroidery Software

Janome Artistic as the name implies is not limited to embroidery designing but is also useful for sewing and crafting software. If you are a beginner then we recommend Janome as it is quicker and easier, no expert is needed. You can perform all advanced tasks as digitizing options, advanced editing features like crystal work, quilting motifs, and more. It also supports more than 200 fonts and hundreds of tutorial videos to make it easy.


  • Impressive crafting options
  • Beginner-friendly
  • A large number of fonts
  • Tutorial videos
  • Reverse lettering
  • Splitting design

Compatibility- Windows and Mac

Visit Janome

11. EmbroideryWare

EmbroideryWare is a free digitizing embroidery software but comes with limited access. You can use various embroidery designing surfaces including stitches, satin stitches and fills. The design can be imported in very limited formats either SVG, PES, or DST. Bad part is that EmbroideryWare only offers very restricted features and comes with a trial. Once you purchase an advanced version, you are allowed to enhance your productivity.


  • Free Software with limited access
  • 3 different formats
  • Limited file sharing options
  • Beginners friendly

Compatibility- Windows

Visit EmbroideryWare


We hope you all are ready to push out your embroidery designing to the next level with these free digitizing embroidery software. Apart from these free embroidery softwares, there are tons of softwares that are comes with free trials that need to be pay later. But currently we listed only completely free softwares that are sufficient to done your work efficiently. Later on we also come with the best paid softwares, till date, you can enjoy with these free softwares. Whether you are at beginner level or have expertise on embroidery designing, here is something for every type of users. Hope you enjoy this article, any questions, comments are welcomed.

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