13 Free Best Lip Sync Apps in 2021

Everyone wants to be popular nowadays and internet media provide ample opportunities to do so. But do you know what is the easiest way to be popular: That is short videos. Lip sync app make the short video platform more interesting. You might be shock to know that maximum popular star use lip sync apps to shoot their short videos. We are listing the best lip sync app, so that you can also become popular and increase your fanbase.

Lip sync app is application that let you create outstanding short videos, music videos, short films by using popular dialogues. These are helpful either to embed your voice to the popular movie scenes or add your move to the dialogues. What you need to do is match your lips recording with the moves and it is quite easy with these Lip sync apps. Moreover, you can add the various effects to your videos such as magic sound, comic moves, trendy stickers, and much more.

1. TikTok

Free Best Lip Sync Apps

TikTok, as started its journey as Musically in 2014, becomes the most popular short video platform across the globe. This best lip sync app comes with high range of customization where you can make your voice as want and video that exactly match your lip tapping. To get started, tap on the + icon on the bottom screen and for voice, go to sound library and pick a tune or record your own.

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Select the scissor symbol to adjust or customize your shoot with the sound. Now, its time to do magic. Hit the Record option to match video and voice to your lip tapping till the recorded session continues and finally click on the Post button to share the to the TikTok world. The best part of this free lip sync app is that it adapt your taste and encourage the successful work again. TikTok is available for Android as well as iOS users.

Download TikTok

2. DubSmash

Free Best Lip Sync Apps

Dubsmash is an outstanding lip sync app and very useful for dancers as well as for music creators. It has prominent music and audio libraries with the unlimited access which provide amazing lip match for motion pictures and TV shows. What make this interesting app is the best lip sync app that it make move recordings with your favorite sounds effectively.

Dubsmash allows you to make your dance move according to the dubbed audio or sound libraries, add filters, and customize. You can also join different dance competitions or challenges and share videos to your friends as well. Users first need to select a sound and click on Record/catch button, make your lip match with audio, record you moves, and finally add impressive effects.

Download DubSmash

3. Starmaker

Free Best Lip Sync Apps

Starmaker is another free lip sync app that allow to make videos on popular song and dialogues. You can download various famous videos to your device itself and by editing and lip sync feature, embed your own voice and moves. It provides high level of customization and also can be used as Karaoke app and get famous by creating premium videos. Starmaker allowed to add mic experiences, add quick comment feature, and mention on personal card which you can also share to your friends and followers. This best lip sync app available for Android & iOS can be downloaded from respective store.

Download Starmaker

4. Likee

Likee is an enchantment music synchronization app created by Bigo Technology and get immense popularity when there were banning issue arose of TikTok, however this is not the only reason. Likee packed with lot of free premium feature that make it best lip sync app for videos. It also features impressive videos and audios enhancements, custom claps, and trendy stickers. You can turn new videos by using its 300+ unique and special effects and can create popular lip sync videos with Likee. It is also known for its beautiful magic effects with videos.

Download Likee

5. Triller

Free Best Lip Sync Apps

There is no shocking point if Triller makes a place in the list of best lip sync apps free for videos. Triller has a rich music library with premium music to create wonderful videos. Like other popular lip sync apps, Triller also has a large social community to share your videos, to create a competitive platform.

To get recorded your video, select the song from the library, select video duration, and click on the record button. But remember, you can only use music up to 30 seconds, for a long duration, you must have your own music. Now, click on the capture button to record your lip matching video with numerous filters and editing options.

Download Triller

6. Funimate

Free Best Lip Sync Apps

The popular features available on Funimate is lip synchronisation, slow motion, touch magic, and many more. This music editor and free lip sync app is developed by Avcr Inc and features for Android & iOS users. Funimate has very simple user interface to create awasome and eye catching videos. It has dozens of unique effects and funny comics, just utilize the advance features of Funimate and share to your different social media accounts.

Download Funimate

7. Zoomerang

Free Best Lip Sync Apps

Zoomerang is not exactly a lip sync application but it is a coolest video editor where you can utilize your skill of editing. You can upload video on the platform or select from Zoomerang and add your moves to create awasome videos. It also has transition feature that lack on top platforms like TikTok, Likee, etc. For special effects, Zoomerang is full packed with more than 100 effects that add coolness and freshness to your videos.

Download Zoomerange

8. Dubshoot

Free Best Lip Sync Apps

If you have the creativity and ability to shake the internet then Dubshoot is best lip sync app for you. You can either take selfie recordings, or hold your moves, mixed up your daily routines. While doing this, record you lip matching dialogues or select from the libraries, and hit the magic button. That’s it. Share your videos to any video sharing platforms or in Dubshoot itself. Do not forget to add special effects on videos to give extra edge and to gain your followers! This app is not available on Play Store, download it from given link below.

Download Dubshoot

9. Trell

Free Best Lip Sync Apps

Do not confuse Trell with Triller lip sync app! Both are different platforms but with the same working features. Trell has a long collection of pictures where you can dub your audio or add your own picture from your phone. If you are a travel enthusiast then you can create your travel diary with picture motions and take travel to the next level. With hundreds of unique effects and funny stickers, you can create very cool videos and share with your friends.

Download Trell

10. Mustar

Free Best Lip Sync Apps

Mustar is the only app listed here which is dedicatedly created for lip sync videos. You can join different battle programs and star groups to improve your editing skills. Utilisation of this application is quite easy, just choose your favourite track and add the lip sync from your camera. It has an incredibly large music and video database to edit and refine tunes & melodies. This app is compatible for Android and iOS and can be shared on all social media platforms.

Download Mustar

11. Kwai

Free Best Lip Sync Apps

Kwai is an application which only allows video content, meaning you can not publish photos and text contents here. Along with lip syncing videos, you can also create singing videos, drama, music dialogues, jokes, and real life situations with addition of emotional attachment. You can modify your videos with impressive sound and picture effects as well as by using a sticker library. Even if you are a novice and have no experience on short video platforms then it has dedicated tutorial videos.

Download Kwai

12. Lip Sync Legends

Lip sync legends is not a best lip sync app but a unique lip sync game app by Wurrly, LLC which lets you create amazing videos just using the gaming features. It is also considered as the hottest lip sync app due to its impressive features. You can create lip sync videos with your favourite stars like Maroon 5, Dragon, Justin Bieber, etc and can become the next big star!

To start, you need to select a video from a collection of video filters that can improve your score and help you gain more XP to level up. Enter the battles inside the game and the winner will steal the XP of competitors. More the XP you will have, the more popular you become. Earn extra XP by liking, voting on battles, and commenting on your favorite Lip Sync performances.

Download Lip Sync Legends

13. MadLipz

Free Best Lip Sync Apps

Madlipz is just another name on the list of best lip sync apps where you can the audios as well create subtitles for specific videos. This app is very useful for creating fun videos and parody videos. Even user don’t have to make a lot of efforts to create an amazing videos because it already has thousands of ready made clips where you just have to lip matching task. This easily can be done with your phone and share it to different platforms where your fanbase waiting!

Download MadLipz

Last Words

Lip sync apps are the best source of entertainment including dancing, music, dialogues, etc. Short videos are the new and excellent platform to connect with the world nowadays as well as fun to do so. Users not not can create impressive videos with these apps but also create fan base by adding hundreds of effects. All the apps are free and can create beautiful videos by just recording your moves and match your lips with pre-recorded dialogues. Lip sync apps comes with large music and dialogue libraries with free and popular music. We hope you like these best lip sync apps and you will able to build strong fun base and become popular soon.

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