13 Best Flowchart Software for Mac in 2021

Sometimes we are not able to understand the paragraphs or sentences. Whether you are a student or working in a firm or dealing with your daily assignments, a flow chart not only saves your precious time but also makes complex processes easy to understand. Flowcharts are diagrams that describe the step-to-step path of any work process with a different box and shapes for each process.

The good news is that you don’t have to bother with how to create a flowchart. Nowadays there are hundreds of pieces of softwares available that produce incredible flowcharts with just clicks. Flowchart softwares for Mac available in Free, paid, or freemium segments depending on the features offered. Here, I will discuss the best flowchart software for Mac that will help you to select according to your needs.

1. Draw.io

Best flowchart software for Mac

Draw.io is simple and comes with an easy-to-use interface. This is powerful flowchart software for Mac that has hundreds of built-in templates. Although Draw.io may not be the best flowchart software for Mac yet it deserves the first position in our list because it is completely free to use. Yes, you don’t have to pay a single penny to generate unlimited flowcharts.

You can use draw.io with its website or can download the application on your Mac OS. Getting Started is very easy, just select an inbuilt template to select the shape based on the process, put your text, and finally connect the shapes through the connectors available. That’s it, you just have to drag the object and you can download the flowchart once you are done.

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2. ClickChart

Best flowchart software for Mac

Click charts is another best and free flowchart software for Mac. You can download this application from the store free of cost. Click charts offer free features like data diagrams, process maps, flow paths, and diagram maps. It also comes with ready-to-use templates or otherwise just drag and draw your process with available shapes.

The best part of click charts is its various types of connectors to create a work process and path. It doesn’t have super amazing features but it has a simple interface as it is free.

3. Mydraw

Best flowchart software for Mac

Mydraw flowchart software is advanced diagramming that offers a freemium service. It means Mydraw is a paid service but with a free trial, that helps you to decide whether it suits you or not. Mydraw claims that its interface is as competent as Microsoft and has Visio compatibility.

Mydraw is a paid software because of the features it offers and the best user interface system. Mydraw offers managerial charts, mind maps, configuration diagrams, base plans, family tree diagrams, enterprise model diagrams, pamphlets, certificates, and many more along with flowcharts.

The best part of Mydraw is that it has hundreds of ready-to-use templates for different uses as mentioned above. You can directly put texts on ready-made templates.

4. Flowchart Designer 3

Best flowchart software for Mac

Flowchart Designer 3 is also a free-to-use application for Mac although you can buy some shapes apart from those available. It comes with a lot of patterns, templates, and containers that help you build flowcharts. You can simply drag a shape or container from the library and connect them with connectors.

Some of the main features include 20+ themes, group nodes for complex shapes, swim lanes, smart connectors, unlimited undo/redo options. After completion of the flowchart, you can download it as jpg, png, jpeg, or pdf. This application also offers grids, rulers, and clasping so that everything aligns perfectly.

5. Lucidchart

Best flowchart software for Mac

Lucidchart is one of the best flowchart software for Mac as well as free to use. Although, it also has a paid version for additional shapes and features yet you get all required features free of cost. Lucidchart has a shape library and you can connect different shapes through the smart connector.

Lucidchart contains a variety of tools that help you to manage the size and arrange the flowchart the way you want. It has numerous templates including account ownership, customer support, journey flow, recruitment process, business process, email marketing, and many more. Lucidchart doesn’t require any installation as it is a cloud base service, so you can use it directly with any version of Mac.

6. Creately

Best flowchart software for Mac

Creately is the fastest way to generate a flowchart and has both an online cloud base service as well as an application to download. It has a basic version that is completely free to use but has limited access. For full features, you need to upgrade it to the premium version that is also cheap and costs you only $5/month. In the basic version, you can create 5 flowcharts or any diagram you want, after that, you have to upgrade it.

The premium version is worth buying as it needs just a click to generate your flow chart. It has an automated flow chart creation service that means you just need to select a template based on your requirements and further work is done by Creately. However, you can also generate a flowchart manually by just dragging shapes and connecting them with connectors.

7. SmartDraw

Best flowchart software for Mac

SmartDraw is incredibly easy to use software, even the best flowchart software for Mac that I discussed. But it is not at the top due to its paid service. Smartdraw is completely a paid version but it is worth purchasing. It has amazing premium templates with a sophisticated interface and has high-quality vector graphs.

The amazing part of SmartDraw I like most is that when you create a flowchart or add shapes to generate a chart, it automatically gives you the possible suggestions for the next processing and so greatly saves your time. Smartdraw is a cloud-based service and you don’t need to download the application.

The top templates include an Aws diagram, cause and effect diagram, decision tree, engineering, emergency planning, event planning, fault tree, family tree, healthcare, infographics, and many more.

8. ConceptDraw diagram

Best flowchart software for Mac

The ConceptDraw diagram is all in one advanced diagramming software that was previously known as ConceptDraw pro. After the addition of more diagramming features, the name was changed. The good part is that this software helps you in creating a flowchart at every stage with its easy-to-learn guiding service. The only drawback is that ConceptDraw diagram software has a limited number of templates, shapes, and connectors.

The best feature of this software is that it guides and helps you create a business flowchart. In this case, this software itself finds shapes and templates for you that suit your business process. The ConceptDraw diagram doesn’t have monthly programs, you can buy a one-time license for $199 and use it hassle-free for a lifetime. However, you can try it with 21 days free trial and buy accordingly.

9. Visual designer

Best flowchart software for Mac

Visual designer another free flowchart software for Mac and has promising templates. The first 70 templates are free and if you need more, you can purchase accordingly. It is best supportive of complex flowcharts. You can add and work with seams, resize and position objects and can define the angle or axis, and arrange your objects with rulers, and a grid.

Moreover, VisualDesigner is a multi-purpose structure application. The application assists you make diagrams, UI mockups, flowcharts, UML, and floor plans quickly.

10. Pencil

Best flowchart software for Mac

Pencil is one of the best easy to use software that every beginner can easily work on. It comes with a very clear and responsive interface available for Mac and Windows as well. This software is completely free to use and run through directly its website so, you don’t have to download an application.

The Pencil is open-source GUI prototype software. Its main features include simple drag and drop, text alignments, text styles, smart decision connectors, and many more and, all these are free of cost.

11. Edraw

Best flowchart software for Mac

Edraw is similar to Mydraw but has paid service with $99 per year and is also compatible with Microsoft Visio. It also has more than 100 different free templates and also supports vector graphics. The unique features of Edraw automatically align swimlane and flowchart objects. You can add attachments with more than 1000 objects and shapes. We suggest that first go for a 21 days trial then purchase the software if you are satisfied.

Some of the features include floor plan design, software and system planning, organization design chart.

12. Visio

Best flowchart software for Mac

Visio is one of the most popular, dominant flowcharts and drawing software for windows and mac. Although Visio doesn’t support a desktop version for Mac yet you can use it with your browser (safari or chrome). In Visio, you don’t have to download or install anything. Just use your browser and take a subscription which costs you $5 per month with 2GB of storage of one drive or cloud storage.

Visio has dozens of professional templates, diagrams, and shapes along with smart connectors and a modern user interface. You can Create block drawings, flowcharts, timelines specification and description language (SDL), and more.

13. Omnigraffle

Best flowchart software for Mac

Omnigraffle is a versatile, powerful, and user-friendly software that makes it the best diagramming software. It offers more than 10,000 clean interface templates. To get access to its application, you have to purchase a standard version of OmniGraffle that costs $99. However, you must take a free trial first to make your decision. For the team version, buyers have to spend $199 and can access all features of this amazing software.

The best part of Omnigraffle is that it has lucrative discounts for students and educators. So, if you are one of them then it will be the best choice for you at a minimal cost.

Final words

Flowchart Softwares play a key role in every industry, company, college, or any organization. Gone are those days when you need to write long documentation to describe your views. Flowchart makes every process easy to understand and elaborate in systematic ways in form of boxes and containers. I summarized the best flowchart software for Mac that helps you find the best software for yourself according to the circumstances and needs. Several free flowcharts are also competent to the paid version. We will happy if you let us know which software you like most.

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