7 Fake Prescription Generator Tools in 2021

Why do we need fake prescription generator tools? You may have your own reasons, but possibilities are either you are on emergency situation or forget to bring prescription for medicine purpose. Whatever the reason, you must have fake prescription generator or fake prescription maker to let your task done. [TechoWiki do not recommend to use these tools for illegal activities or harmful prescriptions]

Fake prescription generator tools let you create or make exact or original like prescription by inputting all the required data. This is very useful when you lost your original prescription letter and required emergency medicine. You can even input hospital logo, doctor name, address, patient name, age, sex, and prescribed medicine. Then take the screenshot either download the pdf format or take printout. Fake prescription maker tools make it impossible to recognize the fake or real because doctor’s stamp and signature features also available in these tools.

1. Custom Prescription Maker

Fake Prescription generator tools

Custom prescription maker is top among the free fake prescription generator tools where you just have to fill the basic details and get a handwritten prescription. The interface quite clean as you can see once you land over the website. To generate your fake prescription, you have to put the data according what you want to see on the prescription.

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To get started, enter patient name, address, date, 1st prescribed item, 2nd prescribed item, 3rd prescribed item, and 4th prescribed item then click on the ‘Make the prescription’ button. Note that, it’s not compulsory to fill all data, it is totally up to you. Once you hit the make the prescription button, you will direct to the new page with our fake prescription. You can edit it as much time you want in this fake prescription generator.


  • Free services
  • Generate free unlimited prescription
  • Very clean interface
  • Just type and click
  • Missing doctor, hospital information

Visit Custom Prescription Maker

2. Pdffiller

Fake Prescription generator

Pdffiller is a versatile editing tool for any type of document including fake prescription generator. If you want to generate professional and an advance prescription with all details then Pdffiller is the only tool to do so among available fake prescription generator tools. Its a complete prescription form in which you have to fill patient’s details, hospital details, doctor details, doctor’s prescription, medicine name, etc, and by clicking on done, your form will generated.

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If you just want prescription portion which contains name, date, prescribed medicine, direction of use, and prescriber’s or doctor’s signature, it can also be doable separately with Pdffiller. This form is convertible in anyway you want see it or as per the your doctor’s direction.


  • Professional fake prescription generator
  • Includes doctor’s detailed information
  • Doctor’s name and signature available
  • Easy to use interface

Visit Pdffiller Prescription generator

3. Digital Prescription Maker

Fake Prescription generator

Digital Prescription Maker is the simplest form of fake prescription generator with elegant and fresh interface. This tool is not only useful for patient point of view but also great for doctors to save time of repeatability. For Doctors fill the area of ‘Who are you’ with doctor’s name, qualification, Address, registration number, mobile number. For Patient, fill the patient’s name, DOB, Age, gender, mobile number, address, height, weight, diagnosis, clinical details. Now, add the medicine or prescribed drug by clicking on ‘Add drug’ option and finally click on Download PDF button and get your fake prescription.


  • Clean interface
  • Useful for Doctors and Patients both
  • Doctor’s details available
  • Patient’s full information
  • Downloadable as PDF

Visit Digital Prescription Maker

4. STAT Prescription Maker

Fake Prescription generator

STAT is a mobile based application which provide quick fake prescription generator services. STAT is among the best fake prescription generator tools due to its wide flexibility. You can create the prescription of your own choice, not required any template. When you open the application, you have simple RX letter interface in front of you, fill the doctor’s description here only if you required (optional). Otherwise, click on next button and move to the Drugs/ Medicine section and fill the drugs name from the database of the app itself.

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You can add history of previous investigations or prescription. On the final step, make signature, and stamp of any required hospital or doctor. You can either create stamp or select from the app database and send the prescription to your friends or doctor or show to the medical store to purchase medicine.


  • Free mobile application
  • Highly flexible
  • No template required
  • Complete prescriber’s information
  • App based medicine selection
  • Sign and stamp available

Visit STAT Prescription Maker

5. PrintShoppy

Fake Prescription generator

Printshoppy is its type of unique fake prescription generator tool with 200+ free fake prescription maker templates. Although, it also come with paid version but don’t have to go for it. You can also use multi-colored padi templates even can upload your own design and type prescription. Using Printshoppy is quite straightforward, just enter hospital name, doctor name, doctor’s qualifications, and hospital address.

Then input patient information like name, age, sex, date, address, phone number, and finally prescribed medicine. Once you tap on the finish design then you will get your printable fake prescription.


  • Freemium prescription generator
  • Allow hospital and doctor information
  • patient’s complete details
  • 200+ free templates
  • Multi-colored templates

Visit PrintShoppy

6. PrintStop

Fake Prescription generator

Printstop is similar fake prescription generator tools as PrintShoppy except here you can create your own design here. You can browse design, upload design, or create your own design then edit as per your requirements. Firstly, edit the logo of the hospital, then area of doctor’s information (at the top) like name, qualified degree, website, specialization.

In the main page, enter patient details like name, age, dob, etc. Then at the bottom, enter signature of doctor and stamp of the hospital. If you would like to edit any details then preview it first before finishing.


  • Create your own prescription template
  • Hundreds of pre-built templates
  • Editing for both doctors and patients
  • Doctor’s signature and stamp

Visit PrintStop

7. PrintVenue

Fake Prescription generator tools

Printvenue is a paid fake prescription generator available on Android Play Store and Apple App Store. It has hundreds of premium templates which you can edit and fill as per your need. In Printvenue, doctors can print their Medical certificates as well as customize the same too. You can edit hospital logo, name, input doctor’s information, and patient’s information. To give it professional look, enter the signature of doctor and stamp of hospital. Once all done, tap on download option and share wherever you wish to do.


  • Paid prescription generator tool
  • Medical certificate generator
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Fill doctor and patient information
  • Doctor’s signature and hospital’s stamp

Visit PrintVenue


We again remembering you, TechoWiki neither support any illegal activities nor encourage its reader to indulge anything. Fake prescription generator tools are extremely helpful for emergency situations and should be use in this way. Also, these tools are helpful to the doctors as it reduces the repeatability of prescription. We mentioned free prescription maker (with 2 exceptions) which reduce the burden of extra expenses to go to the doctor and getting your paid prescriptions. When you are on a medical store and carelessly forgotten your prescription then just use your mobile and type your prescription your own.

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