13 Best CRM Software for Windows and Mac in 2021

If you are a business person then you know about CRM software. CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management, is software or tool to manage your business irrespective of the size of your business. CRM software’s are powerful platforms that connect Sales, leads, and management to your customers in one place. You can track every email, call, and lead and improve your business strategy. In this content we are listed 13 best CRM Software for Windows and Mac, You can choose below mentioned software with fully secured.

The CRM softwares can help businesses to interact, monitor problems, and provide solutions to customers virtually. Moreover, analyzing the history of customer interactions and making personal relationships with customers that boost sales as well as revenues. Below mentioned softwares are the best CRM for Windows and Mac.

1. Hubspot

best CRM Software for Windows and Mac

Hubspot is one of the best, user-friendly interfaces, and free to use for everyone. Hubspot offers detailed activity and individual performance that helps you to measure how your teams are doing. Furthermore, Hubspot also provides an edge to the clients and offers a clean and advanced interface to connect with the company.

The best part is that Hubspot provides unlimited user/clients connection without any expiration date. It means you can add contacts from 1 to 1,000,00 (although, no limit) irrespective of the size of your business or team members.

Features Include:

  • Reporting dashboard
  • Deal tracking
  • Company insights
  • Live chat
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Email tracking

Price: Free

2. Zoho

best CRM Software for Windows and Mac

This is the 2nd best CRM Software, Zoho claims to be the world’s leading Customer relationships management company and global network which has networks in 180 countries. Zoho also offers a clean and robust interface for meetings, converting attendees into leads, and webinar reports that are run by powerful AI tools.

Zoho CRM is best suitable for small businesses and social media accounts, although not limited. Zoho offers free service to up to 3 users and for more connections, you need to upgrade it to the standard version and enterprise version.

Features include:

  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Spreadsheet migration tool
  • Real-time notification
  • Effective customer communication
  • Advance lead and sales prediction
  • Task reminder and peak time suggestions

Price: 800/1400/2400/2600

3. Freshworks CRM

best CRM Software for Windows and Mac

Freshworks is formerly known as Freshsales, considered as the single source of complete business set up. All the activities are connected through an AI-based user interface. It offers a 360° overview screen that connects companies, clients, and users in one place by combining their experiences. Freshworks also provides behavior-based results for those who express sales-ready buying indications.

Freshworks makes it easy to deal with clients and customers through automatic set up of calls, emails, and meetings with a single-window system.

Price: $29 Starter | Pro: $69 Premium: $129

4. Salesflare

best CRM Software for Windows and Mac

Salesflare is the simplest yet powerful CRM software and highly recommended for small businesses(although, not limited). Salesflare automatically assists you to follow up on every opportunity at the right time without holding the screen all the time. It sends clients, users a prompt notification before any meeting and deals time near the conduction.

According to the user ratings, If you want a spontaneous, automated, and intelligent sales CRM, nothing accomplishes intimate to Salesflare. It also inputs data for the clients as they take data from the emails and put them in your address book, so they don’t have to sit for hours to input data.

Features include:

  • Automated contact and company info
  • A handy document folder per customer
  • Automatic logging for deal and sale

Growth: $29| Pro: $49| Enterprises: $99

5. Pipedrive

best CRM Software for Windows and Mac

Pipedrive claims that its software is designed to provide the right deals at the right time. Pipedrive is an effective software when it comes to targeted customers. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for leads and make communication with the customer because all the communications are handled by the Pipedrive automatic service itself.

Although, Pipedrive is free to understand the system as a trial version yet it is the most expensive software of all. But despite expensive services, it offers advanced features like leads forecasting, sales reporting tools, and many more.

Features include:

  • Automatic handle all communications
  • Lead and sales forecasting
  • Easy and user-friendly interface

Price: $15

6. NetHunt

best CRM Software for Windows and Mac

If you heavily rely on Google workspace services like Gmail, for handling your businesses then Nethunt could be your best choice. Nethunt automated your most routine assignments and things that you just can’t do manually. It automates your dashboard beautifully and manages the sales with the software collaboration. Nethunt integrates almost every software that is in daily practice to deal with the business-like data studio, Google drive, Google contacts, calendar, and intercom. Along with this, it also runs campaigns for your daily sales by sending emails.

Features include:

  • Run campaigns
  • Automated customer interaction
  • Capture customer details via email, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Lead capturing

Free trial| Basic: $24 | Pro: $48 | Advance | $99

7. Nutshell

best CRM Software for Windows and Mac

Nutshell is the complete CRM and sales automation software. Nutshell is the best CRM software irrespective of the size of the business and teams. It brings the client, user, and customer to a single page for better collaboration. Nutshell offers almost all services to grow your online presence as well as for strong relationships with customers. At the same time, it comes at an effective, affordable, and convenient price.


  • Sales automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Report and performance tracking
  • Pipeline management
  • Contact management
  • Free customer support
  • Multiple sales pipeline
  • Funnel and activity report
  • Send marketing emails

Free trial | Starter: $19 | Pro: $35

8. EngageBay

best CRM Software for Windows and Mac

If you are just starting your business or do not want to spend more on CRM software or you may not be friendly with this software then you must try to engage bay. Engage bay is free CRM software but free service limited to 500 contacts and 1000 emails. To upgrade more contacts and emails, you have to purchase Basic, Growth, and Pro-service that costs $8.99, $29.99, $47.99 respectively.

Engage bag is all in one and affordable CRM software that also offers free training to inexperienced users.

Features include:

  • Email Templates
  • Web Pop-ups
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Lead Scoring
  • SMS Marketing
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Social Suite
  • Tag Manager
  • Broadcast A/B Testing
  • Landing Page A/B Testing
  • Custom Domain
  • Call Records
  • Service Automation

Free trial | Basic: $8.99 | Growth: $29.99 | Pro: $47.99

9. Agile CRM

best CRM Software for Windows and Mac

Agile CRM best CRM software that is an all-in-one and affordable software and suitable for small to mid-budget businesses. Agile CRM can track each customer’s interaction and provide solutions through the single window screen. Although agile CRM is user-friendly software yet if you don’t have much experience with CRM software then it is not recommended.

Agile CRM comes with three plans and one of them is free to use but limited 10 user access. User Ratings indicate that it also works well for non-governmental organizations.

Features include:

  • Contact management
  • Telephony
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Gamification
  • Landing page builder
  • Marketing automation
  • Email Marketing and tracking
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Google Apps

Free | Starter: $8.99 | Regular: $29.99 | Enterprise: $47.99

10. Nimble

best CRM Software for Windows and Mac

Nimble is completely designed for Customer Relationship Management, unlike others. Nimble offers everything that you need to build seamless and strong customer relationships. It automatically connects all the contacts that are available everywhere on the web (FB, Twitter, Linked In, Gmail, Google+). You can also enhance notes to a record, update agreement stature, and access social media handles.

Moreover, you can also deliver personalized, templated association emails with tracking, analytics, and broadcasting from your personal email. The AI-based Nimble software automatically ties your team’s tasks, events, and communications to each deal to ensure efficiency.

Price: $19 | Free Trial

11. Insightly

best CRM Software for Windows and Mac

Insightly CRM software maintains all of your current and future customer data in one spot or on one page to optimize your productivity. This single software offers multiple services like marketing, sales, projects, integration, and much more that are useful for your business.

Insightly provides you everything you require to construct a complete view of your customers across the real buying experience, and transmit precisely what they want. Insightly CRM services are comparatively expensive however before purchasing its subscription, you can test the free version that is limited to 2 users.

Free | Plus: $29 | Professional: $49 | Enterprise: $99

12. Keap

best CRM Software for Windows and Mac

Keap is the most popular CRM software which was earlier known as infusionsoft. Keap integrates CRM, marketing and sales automation, and payments in one platform that results in boosting sales. Keap has Excellency in automating highly personalized follow-up plus email text and reminders.

Keap is the most expensive among the softwares as it starts from the $79 price segment for 500 contacts and that’s too for the lite version. It also has pre-made templates for the common screen. You can locate all the features in one place like customer information, email, calendar booking, invoicing, and SMS campaigns.

Price: $79 to $499

13. Capsule CRM

best CRM Software for Windows and Mac

Capsule CRM is a simple, well-organized interface and powerful CRM software. The capsule has strong contact management tools that easily track histories and conversations that help to deliver better services to the customers and clients. The best part is that it offers two-factor authentication and user access, So the particular accounts are always safe.

The capsule has also a free version that offers 250 contacts and 25MB of storage and is limited to only two users. If you are an individual or have a very small business then this plan might be beneficial for you. For more contacts, you can purchase Professional, Teams, or Enterprise according to your team size and business.

Free | Professional: $18 | Teams: $36 | $54

Final Words

Customer Relationship Management is a crucial part of any type of business whether you are doing it personally or with your team or it may be your large enterprises. But it is a very tough activity to manage your customers, clients, or partners differently by visiting them or contacting them individually. That’s why the CRM software comes to market handles all these complexities. CRM software can manage your mails, provides timely notifications to your customers, forecasting your deals and sales, contacting your clients, and many more. Just purchase the best CRM software for your windows or Mac according to your business and let it works for you. I discussed the best CRM software for Mac and windows that are free as well as paid. Just install these softwares and leads your business to the next level.

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