13 Best Weather Apps for Android Mobile in 2021

Earlier days people used Newspapers to read weather conditions and later on Radio, TVs. Those days are ended. Now it’s time for smartphones. People are using their smartphone in the pocket to know each and everything within seconds. With the fast-growing technology mobile phone is in everyone’s pocket. So people using a smartphone as a portable weather studio very easily.

Just install the best weather apps on android mobile phones within a few seconds to know-how about the weather today. Here we are listing some of the 13 best weather apps for Android mobile users.

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Based on the ‘My location’ settings in mobile with the help of longitude and latitude the weather app gives you at a glance the current temperatures of your current place.

13 Best Weather Apps for Android

These best weather apps android also give notifications of a dangerous storm, torrential downpour, whirlwinds, and any other weather conditions.

1. AccuWeather


Accuweather is one of the best weather apps for android. With this app, you can get the most exact weather forecasts with alerts. Whether it is Sun or rain or wind or else whatever it may be, this best weather app gives you accurate information.

Another best option in this best weather app is, it shows advance two weeks that are the next 15 days weather condition. So, if you are planning to go any vacation it helps to you. Let us install this best weather app on android mobile and enjoy your trip.

People are loving to use this best weather apps for android, as it is giving an accurate weather report. Based on the exact information on any time it stands as one of the best weather apps android in the market.

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2. Weather – The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

One of the best weather apps android, The Weather Channel. This best weather apps available on both Android and iOS and it gives the exact information about weather conditions. You can also easily set alerts for significant weather forecasts, area precipitation, government-issued warnings, and much more. Its free app is supported by ads. It has a premium version that is ad-free for $3.99.

In this, you will see that Weather today is updated hourly. It supports many locations in the world and gives you an updated report on each second. It has the option to know the next 10 days weather report in advance.

It easily detects your location by your network or GPS and gives you alerts about the weather in your current place.

Now let us download this best weather app on android to get weather information hourly and daily.

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3. WeatherBug


WeatherBug another best weather apps on android which gives fast and accurate real-time weather reports. This app gives you accurate hourly and advances 10-day weather forecasts. Also, it has 18 weather maps that include the Doppler radar, wind chill, satellite map, temperature, wind chill, and many more.

This best weather app also allows notifications alerts about a minute to minute weather conditions and air quality. It designed very beautifully and user friendly to use. You should enjoy the feeling and comfort of this best weather app for android.

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4. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is one of the best weather apps for android. Its attractive and informative interface is clean and user friendly. Based on the location settings on mobile it automatically displays the weather report on the current time.

Also, it shows every city weather report if you select any specific city. It has a lot of options such as Forecast, Temperature, Precipitation, Wind & pressure, Maps, Sun &Moon, Weather stories, and more. Download the best weather app on android and know the weather details minute to minute at any place.

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5. Weather Underground

Weather Underground

If you want to know what the weather conditions here is one of the best weather apps for android users. No matter whatever the location be, it gives the exact weather report as it combines the strength of the National Weather Service. With the power of real-time reporting from more than 250,000 personal weather stations, it gives weather reports.

This best weather apps for android presents current temperature and conditions, a daily and hourly forecast, and other weather news. There is an easy option to set weather alerts based on your location. An ad version is free and the premium version $1.99 annual subscription completely removes the ads.

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6. Weather Forecast – Weather Live & Radar & Widget

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast is the top best weather apps for android. In this app, weather widgets can display the current temperature, time, and date from the current location. It gives accurate weather information daily and hourly forecasts.

This radar is one of the most beautiful that many people liked to use. It detects your current location by network or GPS. You can receive the weather report with the best weather apps android easily through this. You won’t even have to look out the window to know the weather outside as this best weather apps on android, it will make you more comfortable with the exact weather information.

Check the weather report around you and all over the world at a glance with this best weather apps android.

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7. Weather Live

Weather Live

Weather is sometimes very difficult to predict. Here is one of the best weather apps android allows to find out accurate detailed forecast wherever you are, for any time of the day and also for the next 7 days.

Now let us rely on the accurate weather forecast and adjust your schedule based on the weather report. It has a lot of options like Wind speed and direction, Sunrise/sunset time, Pressure and precipitation information, Weather Radar & Rain maps, and other useful weather news which are accompanied by live animations and graphics.

Also, you can check the weather forecast even without opening the entire app. Just a visually appealing widget is simply integrated into your mobile screen. You can choose a detailed full-size widget if you want to know more detailed information.

Let us enjoy the accurate weather forecast and the perfect balance of beautiful pixels by download this best weather app on android.

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8. Weather 14 Days – Meteored

Weather 14 Days

Weather 14 Days is one of the official free best weather Apps android which gives accurate weather reports. It is trusted by millions of Android users around the world.

It has the most modern widgets with different sizes and weather news.

You have an option to set alerts for your area, strong winds, including warnings about storms and another weather forecast for the next few hours.

It covers all locations from over 6,000,000 around the world. More than 50 countries and 20 languages.

It has an option to Share weather forecasts with your friends and family anytime you want with social networks such as WhatsApp, Twitter, or Facebook.

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9. Weather & Clock Widget for Android

Weather & Clock Widget

Stay updated with the best weather app and get the most accurate weather forecast. Let us personalize best weather apps on the android phones the most elegant and widgets. It showing the current weather report. It updates every second weather report also with the moon phase, time, and date.

It also gives an advanced weather report for the coming 10 days.SO, now make decisions for your day with the most accurate forecasts. It also reports for Wind speed and direction with different units. Sunrise and Sunset times.

It Automatic detects the current location based on the location settings in the mobile or by network and GPS

You have an option to share weather information with friends. Let us enjoy sharing weather report with your lovable ones.

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10. Weather & Widget – Weawow


Weawow is one of the best weather apps with beautiful and highly accurate weather forecasts. It gives live weather reports, today weather, tomorrow weather, coming 48-hour weather, and also weekly weather report. Even if you move to any other location, you will automatically get the weather information for the current location. It covers worldwide countries with more than 50 more languages.

With this beautiful interface, people are loving to use this best weather app on android mobile. In this, one more best option is also there to choose your favorite theme like Dark theme and white theme are available.

It notifies the weather forecast for that day at the specified time. Let us install this best weather apps on android mobile and get the weather notifications on your android mobile.

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11. Simple weather & clock widget 

Simple weather

Simple weather & clock widget is the best weather app for android. It gives the exact weather report minute to minute. You can also set a clock and date on your mobile.

In this best weather app on android, one more best option more than other weather apps is you can change your widget’s background color and transparency. The widgets are simple but customize according to your choice.

Let us install this best weather apps on android devices and you can enjoy it!

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12. Local Weather Report Widget

India air, Local Weather Report

It is one of the best weather apps for android. This app gives weather reports very accurately, like current temperature, minute to the minute weather forecast, wind speed, sunrise, sunset time, and more weather news. It supports multi-languages. You can also get weather reports notifications based on your current location. It also gives an advance 7 days weather report to plan your trip without any weather problem.

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13. Daily Live Weather Forecast App

Daily Live Weather Forecast

Let us enjoy the accurate weather report with the best weather apps for android. Daily Live Weather Forecast App is a full-featured, completely customizable digital clock and gives accurate weather forecast.

With this best weather apps, you can get daily and hourly weather forecasts. You can also check today and tomorrow’s forecasts and coming 7-day weather forecasts. It severe weather alerts, daily and 7-day weather updates, weather news, and global weather.

This best weather app on android mobile displays weather temperature based on your current location. You can also add more cities to your city list so that you can check global weather at any time. It gives all over world weather information, Feels free to use this best weather app with you everywhere you go worldwide!

Users can choose to receive daily weather updates brief reports in the morning and evening to check the weather today and weather tomorrow.

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Hope these best weather apps for android are most useful to you. Don’t be caught unawares again with any bad weather conditions. Be fully prepared by installing any of these best weather apps on android mobile and continually get notifications and alerts of weather forecasts.

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