The 7 Best Vinyl Cutter Software in 2021

If you are surfing this page, then you definitely owned a vinyl cutter machine or probably you recently bought one to do your daily work or business stuff. Although, every vinyl cutter machine comes with basic pre-installed software to perform your design. But obviously, you are searching for better vinyl cutter software. That’s why today I am going to tell you the 7 best vinyl cutter software that is free as well as paid. So that you can select the best of your choice. Let’s start with the list of the best vinyl cutter software.

7 best vinyl cutter software

1. Easy Cut Studio

vinyl cutter software

If you are searching for free vinyl cutter software then an easy cut studio could be your best choice. The easy cut studio provides the best services for cut signs, logos, lettering, graphic, shapes, and decals. It works easily with any type of font and any file format. When talking about the working range of an easy cut studio, the following are the functions but not limited to:

  1. Draw your design
  2. Image tracing and vectorizing
  3. Node editing
  4. Weld shapes and texts together
  5. Design and cut rhinestones templates
  6. Contour cutting

The best part of Easy cut studio is that it’s completely free-to-use software for Mac and windows. But whenever you need more functions or feel that you need to upgrade then you can buy its paid version and Yes there is no mandatory paid version.

Download Easycutstudio For Windows

Download Easycutstudio For Mac

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2. Inkscape

vinyl cutter software

If you are looking for completely free vinyl cutter software then Inkscape will be the best option. You don’t have to purchase any service of Inkscape as it provides all features free of cost. Apart from vinyl cutting, it is also useful for you if you are an illustrator, designer, web designer, and need to create vector imagery. Inkscape also supports SVG images (scalable vector graphics) that are generally a paid service by other software. This software is available to download for Windows and Mac.

Features of Inkscape

  1. Drawing (Pencil tools, Pen tools)
  2. Shape tools (Rectangles, Eclipse, etc)
  3. Embedded bitmaps, clones
  4. Z-order operations
  5. Color selector (RGB, HSL)
  6. Dashed stroke, Path marker
  7. Node editing
  8. Boolean operations
  9. Alpha Transparency support

Although, it is on the list of best vinyl cutter software but Inkscape is also suited to your need when searching for a pen or pencil drawing software for vinyl cutter.

Download Inkscape For Windows

Download Inkscape For Mac

3. SignGo

vinyl cutter software

If you have tried all the free vinyl cutter software and want to go ahead one step further then SignGo is the best choice for you. SignGo is the Freemium software with a 30 days free trial. The best part of this freemium software is that you can explore all the features that are of the paid version. If you find it reasonable according to your needs then you can upgrade it to the paid service. The only drawback of this software is that it is only limited to Windows.

SignGo is not limited to only sign plotters opposite to its name. Some of the Amazing functions of SignGo:

  1. Vinyl cutting
  2. T-Shirt and Textile graphics
  3. Craft and paint stencils
  4. Decorative glass
  5. Decals and stickers
  6. Node editing
  7. Flexible tiling 
  8. Direct scanning
  9. Image tracing
  10. Distortions
  11. Texture fills

Download SignGo For Windows

4. Sure cuts A lot

vinyl cutter software

Sure cuts A lot is one of the leading vinyl cutter software among the available softwares and easy to use. This is also freemium software and comes with a free trial. Although, the free version has limited items and once you pay, you can explore other features. Sure cuts A lot is effective to create your design but you have to export it as a compatible file format. This software is available for Windows and Mac with a free session. Some of the best Known Features of Sure cuts A lot are as follows:

  1. Auto tracing that converts images for cutting
  2. 3D shapes, drop shadow, symmetrical mirror
  3. Print and cut
  4. 200+ built-in shape
  5. WYSIWYG Interface (what you see is what you cut)

Download Sure Cuts A Lot For Windows

5. Vinyl Master

vinyl cutter software

Vinyl Master is Exclusively developed for all kinds of vinyl cutting, especially signs, decals, posters, lettering, and so on. Vinyl Master is a fully Paid software that price ranges from $9 to $299 but you never regret paying for it. This software is the best among its competitors and provides an incredible interface. Vinyl Master has 5 different versions based on its price range that are described as cut, letter, professional, designer, and Expert. As the price increases, more features will be added. Let have a glimpse over Vinyl Master features:

  1. Contour cutting
  2. Basic curve and text
  3. 250+ clipart
  4. Tiling and paneling 
  5. Vectorizing
  6. Curve editing and node tools
  7. 3D shading tools

Download Vinyl Master For Windows

6. Adobe Illustrator

vinyl cutter software

Adobe Illustrator is another best vinyl cutter software that comes with a freemium version. It provides a 7 days free trial and then automatic shifts to the paid version. But I suggest if you are going to buy its paid program then make sure that you are already familiar with vinyl cut softwares. Adobe Illustrator is a little complex to work with but once you understand it properly then you can easily master it. So, before moving to Adobe Illustrator, we suggest you must try the free softwares mentioned above.

Features of Adobe Illustrator

  1. Create logos, icons, sketches
  2. Vector graphics 
  3. Paths and live shapes

Adobe Illustrator or AI is the most efficient, reliable, and has a wide range of features compared to its competitors but it’s also true that you might make an extra effort to master the Adobe Illustrator. The free trial and paid versions are available in Windows and Mac.

Download Adobe Illustrator For Windows

7. CorelDraw

vinyl cutter software

CorelDraw is a versatile and all-in-one graphics editing software that means it is not limited to vinyl cutting. It is useful for drawing, illustrations, photo editing, web designing, and more. Whether you’re a beginner or expert in vinyl cutting, CorelDraw is easy to use and user-friendly. CorelDraw is also not a completely free package but it provides 15 days of a free trial. After 15 days you can decide whether you want to buy it or not. CorelDraw’s free version covers almost every feature of its paid program and this will help you to decide whether to upgrade it to the premium service or not.

Features of CorelDraw

  1. Professional image and Illustration
  2. Graphic editing programs
  3. Logos, sign, and photos creator
  4. Vector illustration
  5. Photo paint

If you are searching for graphics design-specific software then CorelDraw could be the best choice. This software is available on Windows and Mac.

Download CoreIDraw For Windows

Final Words

Vinyl cutter softwares are a very critical and essential part of any vinyl cutting machine. Despite pre-installed softwares on the cutting machine, you still need to try other softwares. Because pre-installed softwares are not up to the mark that can fulfill your all requirements. However, trying for other softwares doesn’t mean that you have to buy any expensive software. Above I mentioned the 7 best Vinyl cutter softwares that are either completely free or have a free trial. You can choose according to your need and I hope this explanation helps to get your software.

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