11 Best Transcription Software for Mac in 2021

Do you know that an average person writes up to 1000 words per hour and at the same time he/she can speak more than 4000 words? Does that make any sense? Yes, Of course, you don’t need to write 1000 words, just record your voice and convert it to the text and save your precious time. 

Transcription is the procedure to convert any audio or video file into text and this job is done by the tool known as transcription software. If you are a Mac user then there is good news, we researched a lot and brought the best transcription software for Mac. This softwares not only saves you time but also makes the work interesting. Let’s discuss the best 11 transcription software for Mac (Although some of them also available on windows and other devices)

Best Transcription Software for Mac

1. Express Scribe

Best transcription software for Mac

Express Scribe is proficient and powerful audio player software for PC or Mac developed to help transcribe audio recordings. This software is fast enough to convert an audio file to the text within seconds and at the same time, it is simple enough that any beginner can operate it effortlessly. You just need to drop/import a file, it automated AI automatically starts converting your file to text.

Express Scribe also offers to optimize your transcription and control over the playback features. However, this transcription software for Mac is free but if you want to use advanced features like ‘foot-pedal then you need to purchase the Pro version that costs $24.99 per month.


  • Flexible speed playback (constant pitch)
  • Aids audio and video playback
  • Supports broadly audio layouts and encrypted files including MP3, M4A, DSS, WAV, etc.
  • Automatically collects and loads records by internet
  • Use ‘hotkeys’ for mouse-free playback when transcribing directly into Word.
  • Transcribe dictations, voice notes, hearings, interviews, speeches, movies, music, etc

Price: Free | Pro- $24.99

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2. Descript

Best transcription software for Mac

Descript is a leading Automatic and human-powered transcription software for Mac with a highly advanced user interface. We can describe it as smart software that automatically transcribes any audio and video files into text just by importing. Descript is managed and controlled by Google speech and claims that this smart UI tool imports it for free and syncs to your media, word for word with utmost accuracy.

Moreover, Descript employs world-class technologies and services to retain your information secure and confidential. Good thing is that it comes with a free version also but the bad is that it has limited access. The free version offers only 3 hours of transcription.


  • Automated Transcription
  • Outstanding UI
  • Audio enhancing support
  • Absence playback control
  • Automated as well as manual

Price: Free | $12-24

3. HyperTranscribe

Best transcription software for Mac

HyperTranscribe is the best transcription software for Mac with incredible conversion quality. It allows you control over playback of your audio or video files with simple keyboard regulators, including automatic looping. For caption purposes, Insert time codes and export your transcript as SBV Caption Format.

The best part we like in HyperTranscribe is that everything is performed in a single transcription window, so there’s no requirement to switch between a play window and a text window. The bad is that it has no free version, however, it has a free trial. The paid version has different plans; individual, student, government, and commercial with a price range of $19 to $1139.


  • Competent UI 
  • Single window Solution
  • Professional
  • Full control over playback
  • Comparatively expensive

4. InqScribe

Best transcription software for Mac

InqScribe is straightforward and any beginner can easily transcribe files in it. InqScribe has no professional interface like mentioned above softwares because it does not have redundant features but has good elements that help to get work done. It is easy to control and especially designed for Mac to efficiently convert various layouts like mp3,mp4, AMR, etc into the text document form.

InqScribe has all basic features like play videos and type your transcripts in the same window, Insert timecodes, mouse-free media controls, etc. Also, it can effortlessly subtitle a complete movie! So basically, it is not a lack of features but a lack of a promising user interface.


  • Foot pedal to control media playback
  • Share transcript
  • Subtitle the movie
  • Multiple languages in the same script

5. Transcriva

Best transcription software for Mac

Transcriva is the best transcription software for Mac when it comes to the user interface. Along with the outstanding interface, this is easy to use, professional, and seamlessly transcript files with accuracy. You can handily control the playback of video & audio with the help of the foot pedal feature. Import and drop files and use hotkeys or shortcuts to start and stop recording.


  • Free transcription software
  • Smooth interface 
  • Professional
  • Beginner-friendly

6. VoxSigma speech to text

Best transcription software

VoxSigma speech-to-text specially developed speech-to-text recognition software that automatically transcribes audio and video files to text. This software is primarily used for large quantities of transcription like adding subtitles and captions on movies and more. After importing files and transcription, you can further edit and control the playback.

Moreover, it also offers editing options after transcription is done. The software first recognizes the audio segments incorporating dialogue, then identifies the language being enunciated, and finally converts the speech portions to text.


  • Support Mac and windows
  • Support 30+ languages
  • Speech over background music
  • Time codes

7. NVivo

Best transcription software for Mac

NVivo is one of the best transcription software that is useful for beginners as well as for professionals and supports Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. The intuitive editor of NVivo Transcription allows you to promptly make alterations, caption speakers, and assure that your transcription is formatted in the way you need it.

NVivo is not free but offers 15 minutes of free transcription and employs powerful automated transcription technology to deliver accurate results and support more than 28 languages. When it comes to price, NVivo is the most expensive transcription software, you need to pay up to $1249 for its service. You can easily import, analyze & explore virtually any data source all in one place.


  • Annotations
  • Automatic Transcription
  • Data Visualization
  • File Sharing
  • Media Analytics
  • Mixed Methods Research
  • Multi-Language
  • Playback Controls

8. Temi

Best transcription software for Mac

If you are a beginner then Temi is the best suitable for you because of its super easy interface. After installing the software, you just need to select a video/audio file and it transcribes within 5 minutes. Temi supports any type of file and charges $0.25 per minute for transcription, no subscription, no other charges. This price is quite low in comparison to other softwares, especially for short-length files.

The good part is that its free version offers access to all features in the free version which is under 45 minutes. Temi uses TLS 1.2 encryption system with the support of a secure Amazon server to transmit your files.


  • Simple navigation
  • Fast and accurate
  • Proprietary algorithm
  • Review & edit option
  • Custom timestamp
  • Speaker identification

9. Dragon

Best transcription software for Mac

Don’t go by the name, it is not the fire-spewing ancient giant. Dragon is considered the best transcription software known for accuracy and transcribes word-to-word speech. What is different in this software is that Dragon authorizes lawyers to create high‑quality documentation and save time and cash with Dragon Legal Anywhere.

Due to its high accuracy and professionalism, Dragon becomes the favorite tool for doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. Same like other softwares, Dragon also needs to import files and its AI-based system automatically converts files to text.


  • 99% accuracy
  • 3x faster than typing
  • Best for professionals
  • Strong AI-based system 
  • Add your acronyms

10. Google Docs Voice typing

Best transcription software for Mac

We all know, Google rules the world and this is because it has a solution for every problem. Similarly, Google Voice typing is the dominant free voice recognition engine which not only transcribes speech to text but also enables to rectification of the configuration of documents with voice commands.

Although, Google docs voice typing is accurate and free to use yet it supports only on Chrome, not other browsers. The best part is that it has voice formatting options in which you can speak which type of format you need and Google automatically do that. It also supports more than 45 languages.

11. Apple dictation

Best transcription software for Mac

Apple dictation is free to operate and works well on Mac even if you don’t require an Internet connection as it functions offline also. However, it does not have as rich features as other softwares. In this software, you can use your mouthpiece instead of a traditional input tool and with voice constraints, you can navigate and interact with your Mac.

The Voice Control of Apple dictation uses the Siri speech-recognition engine to improve on the Enhanced Dictation feature. You can even control the voice system by just saying ‘go to sleep’ and it pauses. And when you want to start again then simply say ‘wake up and it starts capturing voice. You can even give any command like punctuation marks, symbols, and can ask him to control the formatting, anything and everything is completely free.

Final Words

Transcription softwares are a very useful and time saver. You don’t need to sit for hours and type a long script for your next project. Whether you are a student, businessman, teacher, writer, editor, etc; the transcription software is for everyone. These softwares are free as well as paid based on requirements and features. We described the best 11 transcription software for Mac and hope it will do great help to you. Moreover, these softwares are quite easy to use, just drop the file and it is automatically transcribed into the text. If you need any changes then use simple commands as we mentioned in this post.

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