9 Best Real Estate CRM software in 2021

Customer relationship software or popularly known as CRM software is the best way to generate leads, follow up, send them remainders, and finally converts them to sales without much efforts. Today we bring the best Real Estate CRM software to let you grow fast in this critical market. Meanwhile, don’t miss to check Best CRM software for Windows & Mac, already thousands of readers getting benefit from this list.

This post going to be bit specific and results is Real Estate CRM software. CRM is an essential tool to manage everything from the managing the leads to convert the lead to the sale! Human may miss the important meetings, emails, lead & sales report, respond the clients, retain the clients and much more but a CRM tool never miss. Real Estate CRM software let you know to identify, track, and manage their existing clients and build a strong relationships with future clients.

We listed the Free, Affordable, and Advanced real estate CRM that are useful for small as well large businesses clients, agents, and brokers. If you are new in the real estate market, we highly recommended to must try these tools and first go for trial, once you get understand properly how it all work, thereafter go for purchase.

1. Contactually

Best Real Estate CRM software

Contactually is a leading and professional real estate CRM software in 2021. It will help and you to explore maximum values from your relationships. The simple user interface boost agent production, increase efficiency, and take your business to the next level as well give you an edge over your competitors.

Contactually is listed as best real estate CRM software due to its astonishing features such as bucket contacts by segregating new leads, pending leads, etc. You can schedule the emails by Intelligent emailing to drop the email to your client at best time. Whether you are dealing with single agent or a large team of brokerage, Contactually is useful for all circumstances.

Pricing: $69/month- Professional

$119/month- Accelerator

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2. Propertybase

Best Real Estate CRM software

Propertybase is a powerful real estate CRM software with wide range of services & trusted by more than 4500 real estate brands around the world. Propertybase is powered by Lone Wolf (or integrated with) and provide various essential real estate tools including CRM, back office, lead generation, marketing & much more. Furthermore, this CRM software let you understand the complete procedure how its tools works. The drag & drop marketing feature make the overall process easy with wide range builtin templates, email automation, and click-to-print.

This overall best real estate software is perfect for all players of real estate including Agents, clients, teams, and brokerages. Propertybase more focus on brand building with the emotional touch or emotional relationship with the customers. Obviously, these amazing features are not free, but you will get a demo before buying.

Pricing: $69/month- Company

$89/month- Enterprise

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3. Follow up Boss

Best Real Estate CRM software

If you are looking for an all in one real estate CRM with smart tools then Follow up Boss is best for you. Follow up Boss, as name implies, turns leads into clients by scheduling when and whom to call or email. Additionally, it sends notifications, assigns new leads, and remainder to the clients for every next step for smooth operation. Create your own action plan for how to deal with new leads, and leads automatically turn into actions as per your plans.

Active client, pending client, whom to call, whom to text, smart list everything is under control with this best real estate CRM software. Follow up Boss is quite expensive if you have a large team or business, however, it comes with a 14 days trial.

Pricing: $69/month- Grow

$499/month- Pro (10 users)

$1000/month- Platform (30 users)

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4. Pipedrive

Best Real Estate CRM software

Pipedrive is something that you don’t want to miss out on if you are serious in the real estate business. However, this is a tool which is not limited to real estate CRM but a complete CRM software. It is useful to send smart emails, reminders, and alerts to all the clients in your Pipedrive. It creates powerful report analysis that includes track sales metrics, analyze leads, deals, revenue and activities, forecast sales, and revenue.

Pipedrive is a reputable real estate CRM trusted by 95000+ companies over 179 countries. It automatically turns all your current, pending clients, and leads into useful spreadsheets.

Pricing: $12.50- Essential

$24.90- Advanced

$49.90- Professional

$99.00- Enterprise

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5. Streak

Best Real Estate CRM software

Streak is a dedicated and one of the best real estate CRM software that is more focus on email building and email communication. The working with Streak is quite easy because it doesn’t need any new installation but integrated with your existing Gmail which is already familiar with users. Finalizing a deal in real estate is not a one party game, different brokerage and agents involve in any deal. But Streak allow you to work together by sharing a level of access to team members without full control (if you would like to do so).

You don’t need to put your data and calculate the commissions of different brokerage, just create the labels and left everything to Streak. If you want any specific deal or information always be at the top of your spreadsheet then Streak ‘Magic Columns’ do it for you. Streak also manage when it need to follow up to your client and send them email automatically. Overall, Streak is the perfect and Free real estate CRM from getting a client to finalizing a deal in every steps.

Pricing: Free for 1 user

$15/month- Solo

$49/month- Pro

$129/month- Enterprise 

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6. Zoho

Best Real Estate CRM software

Zoho is the leading and powerful real estate CRM when it comes to Automation in CRM. Once you define the rules and labels on how to handle new and existing clients, rest will be done by Zoho. The developers of Zoho put every effort to make it the best real estate CRM software, it automatically assigns leads to sales reps using predefined workflow rules. Every time a lead enters your CRM pipeline, you can declare the assigned sales broker and assign responsibilities and reminders to follow up.

Zoho has its own Artificial Intelligence System that intimate the working pattern of your team members and renders personalized automation proposals so they can finalize their routine tasks in a better & faster way. Zoho empowers you to integrate the chat tools to your CRM so that you can discuss deals and collaborate ideas with teammates, clients, and brokers simultaneously. It measures and stores every aspect of the pipeline from getting a deal to final closure with its powerful built-in analytics.

Pricing: $10.65- Standard

$18.65- Professional

$31.99- Enterprise 

$34.65- Ultimate 

Visit Zoho real estate 

7. Market Leader

Best Real Estate CRM software

Market leader is a unique real estate CRM which claim to generate guaranteed number of leads per month. This CRM software is not recommended for small business as it is bit pricey for them however, for large businesses it would be beneficial for high performance to cost ratio. Market leader is integrated with Google, Bing, Microsoft, and search engines and send your all sales and clients reports to your business website directly. Also, It automatically capture home buyers and sellers leads on your IDX website and to CRM.

Pricing: Get Pricing Quote

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8. LionDesk

Best Real Estate CRM software

Whether you are broker, real estate marketer, industrialist, or any other business including Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Teams, Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers, Title Reps, Insurance Agents, LionDesk is suitable for all users. What make this best real estate CRM software different from others is its affordability, ease of use, auto drip campaigns, and Artificial Intelligent based lead assist.

Other best features it include 30 days free trail, easy organization of contacts, important tasks and lead remainder, all in hub for all integration tools, and built-in multi channel campaign. LionDesk one of the most affordable real estate CRM which don’t have any hidden cost, moreover, you don’t need to provide your card details for free trial. Free trail means completely free here.

Pricing: $25/month

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9. Real Geeks

Best Real Estate CRM software

Real geeks provide best comprehensive solution to everything needed for a successful real estate business including CRM, IDX, lead generation, and E-mail automation. Agents can monitor real time activity of clients and customers when they pitching to the website or your pipeline as well as follow up till the lead converts to the sale. As soon as the lead/customer enter into the system, agents are automatically notified by email or SMS and follow up created. All the conversations are automatically synchronize with agents email and integrated into CRM instantly.

The best part of Real Geeks real estate CRM software is its strong follow up integration, it stalk the users and analyze the behavior, favorite, geographical location, price, and time spent on the site, and follow the lead accordingly. Real Geeks integrated with almost all lead generating tools including Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com.

Pricing: Request Pricing Now

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This is the our list of best real estate CRM software which provides every customer relationships management solutions. These tools remove the burden of managing all the meetings, emails, remainders, broker’s deals, manage contacts, etc. Just activate CRM tools by inputting what are your needs and how you want manage your new leads and clients, then leave everything with these tools.

CRM software automatically take actions as per the time like when and whom to send notification, whom to add in lead list, set meetings with client or customers, everything. We hope real estate CRM tools helps you to grow faster and provide you all solutions whom you are looking for, however, if you still have any doubts or queries then let us know, our team always ready for all technical solutions.

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