11 Best Procreate Alternative Apps for Android in 2020

Most of the people having a hobby of drawing. Earlier people used paper and pen to draw their sketch. But now with the fast-growing technology people using digital painting, that is this procreate apps to enjoying their painting hobby. For this no need for expensive tablets, just you need an android mobile.

Procreate is a powerful drawing application which is specially made for professionals. There are more procreate apps for android available. Procreate apps offer so many options to draw easily. Generally, painting is a common hobby for people. It’s a great way of having fun and expressing the creativeness of yourself. With this procreate technology it’s really easy to draw paintings by using this procreate alternatives. People don’t need a very expensive tablet and more, just need an android phone with their budget only.

Best Procreate Alternative for Android


There are many procreate apps available just select any app install on android phone and use to draw your sketching easily by selecting the options. There is no need for much more technical knowledge also it’s very easy and all are user friendly nowadays.

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Here we are listed some procreate apps for android users. Check the below procreate apps to draw your sketching.

1. Art Rage


ArtRage is one of the best procreate app for android users which is useful for painting and drawing. It works not only on android mobile devices but also on your computer. It has many tools that can simulator real-world painting tools and mediums such as rollers, watercolors, and paper options. There is an option to create custom brushes, you can easily adjust the size of the brush such as width and height, and more and you can use the perspective tools. Oil Paint option is one of the most new feature of Art Rage. It has a lot of stickers to add them to your sketching, also it has an option to customize your own sticker. If you are looking for a most accurate and natural touch, make sure you should try it.

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2. ArtFlow


ArtFlow is one of the best procreates for android design studios which is more exclusive to Android mobile users. It has more than 80 various brushes, also you can customize brushes by changing the flow, size, gradient, and more. It has both free and premium versions. This free version has nine customizable brushes, color pickers, symmetry tools and it can support two layers that are most powerful and perfect. ArtFlow becomes very popular due to its image-editing capabilities and also digital painting tools, which can makes it a useful creative application for android users. This app has some premium features that are more for seasoned and aspiring digital artists. People love this app, it’s really a great step into the digital drawing. Download and enjoy the sketching now.

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3. Sketch Master 

Sketch Master

Sketch Master is one of the best procreate app used for android users. It is very professional paint and drawing application. It offers several types of sketching tools and is a user-friendly interface.

It has good features such as two-finger pan & zoom navigation with 3000% zoom. The maximum size is determined by screen resolution.

It is available with unlimited layers. People using this app very easily without much more knowledge. Enjoy the painting art by using Sketch Master. It has an excellent user-friendly interface. Download today and draw easily.

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4. Pigment


The pigment is one of the alternatives to procreate that offers a unique coloring experience right over your android mobile. It lets you enjoy coloring with desired stuff more than 24 different brushes, pencils, and markers. It brings a color wheel and an innovative shade control slider so that you can enjoy an unlimited number of colors.

With the user-friendly platform, you can also create and save your custom color palettes or choose from the curated ones. It also allows you to import your images, draw and paint right in the app. It enables you to choose from the huge collection of professionally-draw illustrations, containing mermaids, people, animals, and more. You should try this to enjoy your hobby sketching easily.

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5. ibis Paint X for Android

ibis Paint X

It is one of the most accurate procreate for Android and it has nearly 325 brushes, 63 filters, 46 screen tones with a stroke stabilization feature. This high-end feature adds a high-value and is very easy to use for android users. Also, it has another option to add layers parameters such as layer opacity and many more.

This drawing app is available for free in Android which has limited options. To get more options people should buy the premium version. The premium version has a lot of options to sketch much more professionally and perfectly.

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6. Tayasui Sketches

This is one of the most Powerful procreate for android which is aimed at those looking for a simple and easy to use. Tayasui Sketches is a procreate app that has become popular in the App Store, but nowadays you can also find it in Android. It has a lot of features to sketch easily with the available options. People need not worry to sketch Tayasui sketches has a wonderful app to draw perfectly. You can get much more pleasant while using this app. Let us start sketching by using this app, enjoy drawing. It is a very user-friendly interface and easy to use without any technical knowledge. You can easily draw your paintings within seconds.

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7. Clover Paint

Clover Paint

This app is one of the best procreate alternative for Android users. It is one of the topmost apps for all the comic book artists, painters, and for the casual sketches.

This is the free version has only limited options and is easy to learn for beginners. But if you want to become much more proficient people should buy a premium version. The premium version has extended options that are most useful to professionals.

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8. Calligrapher 


The calligrapher is one of the best procreate app for android users. It allows us to create creative paintings and drawings by using pens, pencils, and more amazing tools. It is specially made for the people who love paintings and sketchings. This app makes the painter much more proficient with the options. To increase the painting levels of you, you should try this app. Due to its user-friendly interface, it has more number of users.

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9. MediBang Pai

MediBang Pai

It is one of the best procreate alternatives that can use over 800 premade backgrounds, 50 brushes, and 20 fonts. This app helps people to become a pro painter. If you are interested in creating a comic, it is a wonderful choice for you. It has options to undo, rotate images, select Range, Background color settings, copy, paste, and much more. You can also adjust the size of the images by using height and width accordingly. Due to its user-friendly interface, people are loving to use this. You can also share your sketching with your friends. There are many tutorials also available to know about this app and to know how to use this app.

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10. Animation Desk

Animation Desk

It is one of the alternatives for procreate that offers more creative tools to create drawing cartoons, stunning animations, and light sketching. It has a lot of options for user convenience. It has a user-friendly interface and people can use it without any trouble to draw many more drawings perfectly. It has options to import and export images easily. It has 46+ brushes and 9 Layers, a copy and paste tool, and many more options.

You can save your sketching’s in PNG, JPEG, and more. The best thing about this app is that it has a huge community of professional artists. It’s really helpful to the people in their profession. Here there is an option also to share your drawings with your friends. Let us create and share your animations easily by using this best procreate app.

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11. Color Pal

Color Pal

Color Pal is one of the best procreate which is available free for android users. The app is specially made for professionals to make their professional project more perfectly. Color Pal offers users with a complete color guide, with all of the modern shades. It is very simple and easy to use that does not require any personal information. You just install it on your android mobile device to start the fun.

It includes RGB, HEX, and CMYK color values that can fast share for cool reference. Let us start today to know more about the Color pal. It has a lot of features, so people know day by day by using it. Also, it continuously adding new features.

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We have gathered some of the 11 best Procreate for Android users. These apps will use in your work and these would provide you the mobility to work anywhere. Let us use these creative procreate apps for android to enjoy your sketching hobby.

Hope this list of the best Procreate alternatives will help you with your artistic needs.


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