11 Best Pocket Alternatives in 2021

Do we really need any best Pocket alternatives Or Apps like Pocket. Indeedly, we will get this answer after going through this article. It’s very common to get too many favourite resources, articles, and web links while browsing. Bookmarking them all or subscribing to the newsletter of all websites is neither viable nor recommended. We can not even download or take screenshots of such a lot of material.

This is the situation when Pocket app and apps alternative to Pocket do great help. Pocket is an application which allows users to save the important bookmarks, articles at one place that too in an organized manner and allow access anytime, anywhere, and offline. You can save your favourite material with a specific tag to make it easily searchable.

But the negative point of pocket is that you need the monthly or annual subscription to continue with these amazing features of Pocket app and also it has too many bogus features that are not useful for every user. This is why we are searching for apps similar to Pocket that are also affordable.

1. Instapaper

Best Pocket Alternatives

Instapaper is less or more similar apps like pocket in terms of look, design, and interface, So also known as akin to Pocket. Save all the interesting articles, videos, texts including song lyrics, and anything come across while you are browsing. This best pocket alternative let you save, read, and manage all the things you finds on Internet that too in single clicks. Doesn’t matter whether you are running iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, or other, you can save anything, anytime, and anywhere.

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Long articles can be easily saved for read it later by highlighting the important points and retrieved later. The interface is quite impressive and easy to connect the users, however it may contain ads if you will go for Free version! We also do not recommend the paid version until you are going to use Instapaper for office/professional work.

Price: Free/ $30 Per Year with Advanced features

Download Instapaper

2. Pinboard

Best Pocket Alternatives

Pinboard comes in the list of affordable apps like pocket in 2021 as well as best pocket alternatives which is also Ad-free and clean interface. Pinboard is more specifically a link bookmarking app which stores all the useful in organic manner even it automatically deletes the broken link from the list. What’s an amazing feature it is! The other unique feature of this best pocket alternatives that it easily integrated with another bookmark apps like Instapaper or pocket. If you come across the lots of links or notes then you can also tag them to make easy to find.

Price: $11-25 Per Year based on features

Download Pinboard

3. PaperSpan

Best Pocket Alternatives

Paperspan is another best pocket alternatives or alternative to pocket when we compare the features of both the applications. Apart from app, Paperspan comes with google chrome extension for bookmarking. Paperspan is a free app for note taking and bookmarking but to unlock all the features it comprises, you need to pay very small bucks. Paid app is completely optional which is also cheapest pocket alternative.

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With Paperspan save your favorite articles, stories, websites on your Android, iPhone, Desktop, etc and read or listen them anytime. It include in apps like pocket as it is very light app with no ads and clean interface. When activated, it automatically downloads articles to your phone and read whenever you need. Categorize your favorite notes and send them to Kindle also if you like interface.

Price: Free/ $8.99 Per Year

Download PaperSpan

4. Raindrop

Best Pocket Alternatives

Raindrop is a simple bookmarking application or web service which is considered as cool pocket alternative due to its unsophisticated user interface. You can save and browse web pages, web links, images, videos, clips, or anything important come across to you. However, Raindrop is not among the apps like pocket yet it still posture some decent features that make it best pocket alternatives. You can save an important links in the form of cards, headline, or complete article.

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Also, categorized your web pages or images by using tag option and for quick access add notes to your bookmarks. Raindrop is available on Android, Desktop, Apple’s devices, safari, Opera, Edge in the form of application and web extensions. It is a free pocket alternative but for advanced features you have to buy paid plan.

Price: Free/ $34.79 Per Year for Advance Features

Download Raindrop

5. Wallabag

Best Pocket Alternatives

If you are looking for cheapest (some websites claim it as free service but it won’t) apps like pocket then Wallabag could be the best choice for you. Wallabag is an open source platform but you have to pay for continue it longer, however you can avail 14 days free trail before purchasing. It’s a clean interface platform and don’t have bogus services, just tap and save articles and read offline anytime, anywhere. Due to lesser features, Wallabag is not among the best pocket alternatives but good enough to save bookmarking for future readings.

Price: $10.41 with 14-days trail

Download Wallabag

6. Safari Reading List

Best Pocket Alternatives

Safari reading list is an ideal app like pocket but make it to use, you must own Apple devices due to compatibility factor. This service is completely free as it is an inbuilt feature of Safari in all Apple devices. Saving links and articles quite easy with safari, you just have to tap on + icon on top right corner while browsing to save anything and can be accessed later offline. If you are working on some project & required all articles to be save automatically then activate it from option under setting. The major feature it lacks in compare to pocket is “Categorization” but having free pocket alternatives compensate it.

Price: Free

Download Safari

7. Diigo

Best Pocket Alternatives

Diigo is a similar apps like pocket and reference the same function but it is an extension rather than app, so you don’t need to access it separately. It has free limited version as well as paid version, free version limited to 500 bookmarks and 100 highlights and that too with ads. If you are a casual reader then free version is sufficient otherwise go for paid by doing one-time payment means no headache to take subscriptions.

No limitations what you gonna save including images, links, web pages, articles, clips, etc. You can annotate articles and PDFs online and then save for later readings. If you got collected lots of web pages or articles, you can either tag them or create your own personal library, group, save as archived.

Price: $40 One-time Payment

Get Diigo Extension

8. Evernote

Best Pocket Alternatives

Whether you are a student or professional, you are very well aware of Evernote. It is an advanced alternative to Pocket and free to use. You can save, download, and browse millions of articles and links with it. Evernote’s Web Clipper, you can beautifully organize all the saving links for easy access later. When you choose ‘Bookmark’ you not only save the URL, but Evernote also adds an image from the site and the text from the page’s meta description. It also allows you to save important part of article in the form of screenshot in the same way as Microsoft’s “Snip” tool do.

Price: Free- Basic

$7.99 Per Month- Premium

$14.99 Per Month- Business

Download Evernote

9. Linkaive

Linkaive is completely free and one of the best pocket alternatives where you can access saved articles offline also as in Pocket. Doesn’t matter what application you are using, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc, you can save from anywhere and everything. You can also add tags to the links and then share it to the Linkaive. It also has in-built browser that allow you to browse from Linkaive itself and everything is offline here. For basic use this free pocket alternatives is highly recommended as it is free, lightweight, and easy to use.

Price: Free

Download Linkaive

10. Article Reader Offline

Article reader offline is just another app in the list of best Pocket alternative and truly designed for Android devices with rich reading experience. The best it offers which other apps like pocket or even pocket not offer is “you can choose font type and font style” to save articles and links. Once you save the link to your reading list then you don’t need internet connection to access it later. Other impressive feature is that the saved link or articles can be shared in the PDF format to any device. This application is also extremely small (3.5MB) and won’t take much space.

Price: Free

Download Article reader offline

11. Memex

Best Pocket Alternatives

Memex is useful and powerful bookmarking application same as Pocket for Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browser. This is the major drawback of Memex that it can not be use with other browsers regardless of the type of device. When you visit to any website and like the content then simply tap on ‘Heart’ icon on the left side then select tag for it and finally save it by pressing + icon. Make highlights directly on the website itself for particular lines and save it to your library.

Memex has comprehensive feature to search what you saved, it can be search by date, website name, topic title, multiple tags, etc, so save content can be accessed easily. You can also share your complete collections, favorite list, and tags by single click. Every data is synced and accessed through different devices with secured encryption options.

Price: Free

Download Memex


These are our top preferable apps when it comes to best Pocket alternatives. We always try to offer our users an affordable and better alternative than existing one. So, these are efficient, affordable, and easy to use as we compare them to the Pocket app. We also mentioned some free apps that are sufficient to perform basic tasks or basic bookmarking. If you don’t do any official work, then you must go with the free pocket alternatives. You can use all these apps as ‘read it later’ for bookmarking, saving images, clips, articles, annotations of articles, etc. We hope you love this article and for similar alternatives, don’t forget to subscribe our newsletter.

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