13 Best Open Source Call Center Software in 2021

For any company or business whether it is small or large, customer satisfaction is the top priority and primary goal. Call centers and different call center tools are used to accomplish this goal. One of such tools is known as open source call center software. Open source softwares are not necessarily meant to be free but they lessen the extra cost or maintenance cost after installation. Our listed softwares comes with additional features of impressive call recording and is fully encrypted.

Call centers mainly focus on the inbound, outbound, and blended phone calls to address the grievance of customers. To decipher the complaints, providing optimal solutions, better CRM service with excellent privacy, call transfers & call routing, call centers required the best open source call center software. These softwares are powerful enough to reduce the waiting time of customers, loaded with effective call monitoring as well as having a user-friendly interface.

1. Bitrix24

Best Open Source Call Center Software

Bitrix24 is the top ranked and most popular open source call center software. This completely free software is also known for its best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services with 9M+ users. The VOIP calling hub easily handles all inbound calls without hitting the limitations. Along with call center service, Bitrix allows quotes and invoices, email marketing, sales automation, calls and telemarketing, etc.

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Bitrix24 comes with free and paid services both, for small businesses the free version is sufficient. The free version permitted 12 employees, 5GB free online storage, Unlimited CRM records, Unlimited email marketing, Unlimited tasks & projects, Free call center, Mobile CRM. With $99/month, you can add unlimited employees. If you are using open source call center software for the first time then Bitrix24 comes with extensive training modules.


  • Free and open source software
  • $99/month for unlimited access and more features
  • Dedicated training modules
  • Excellent CRM services
  • Free email marketing
  • Free sales automation
  • Impressive telemarketing services
  • 12 employees registration in free version

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2. OrecX

Open Source Call Center Software

OrecX offers the most simple free open source call center software with robust call recording features. OrecX is VOIP (voice over internet protocol) ready to capture and retrieve calls via a browser-based interface. This is the best open source call center software widely used by 190+ member countries in their call centers. The installation of this software is quite easy and ready to work in just 30 minutes.

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OrecX uses RTP sessions to transfer and log the calls while conversation continues. OrecX open source software easily handles bulk of inbound and outbound calls and records and saves them in separate audio files. Intense audio separation done through Automatic audio segmentation.


  • Free open source call center software
  • Powerful audio recording feature
  • Fast installation (with in 30 minutes)
  • Automatic audio segmentation
  • Easy separation and saving of audio files
  • Plugin architecture for codecs
  • Automatic transcoding

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3. VICIdial

Best Open Source Call Center Software

VICIdial is a free, versatile, and premium open source call center software. VICIdial works as an ACD for inbound calls, or closer calls coming from VICIdial outbound fronter agents. It also propagates all the emails as well as website chat messages retrieved from customers. Its robust system allows it to handle all inbound, outbound and blended phone calls simultaneously. The best feature it offers is 16 languages support which provides wide opportunities for multiple regions.

VICIdial also illustrates a script for the agent to read with fields like name and address to maintain proper communication. VICIdial, the best open source call center software, is highly customizable with a custom Time Zone according to the region and days of the week. It allows agents to view details for calls in the queue so that the agent can select to take calls.


  • Free open source software
  • One-stop solution for call centers
  • Most versatile software
  • Support 16 languages
  • Queue the calls with details
  • Easy call transfer
  • 3rd party conference with DTMF 
  • Call routing inbound system

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4. Elastix 

Best Open Source Call Center Software

Elastix is easy to install and one of the best open source call center software. Elastix offers unified communication that easily identifies and routed emergency calls. It monitors the calling activity and creates reports regarding average time, longer waiting time, less talk time, answered calls, and abandoned calls. Overall, Elastix provides the best services when it comes to customer relationship management. Each inbound call is monitored with precision in real-time and allowed to further improvements.


  • Beginner-friendly software
  • Monitor and control inbound calling
  • Emergency calls routing system
  • Excellent CRM
  • Real-time management
  • Call back option for queued customer
  • Integrated wallboard
  • Call analysis and improvement cycle

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5. GoAutodial

GoAutodial is a freemium open source call center software that handles all inbound, outbound, and blended phone calls. Apart from handling phone calls, this best open source call center software featured with webRTC, REST APIs, real-time dashboards to quickly monitor agents’ activities, comprehensive reports, analytics and a lot more. However, this premium software is not completely free as it comes only with a one-month free trial and after the monthly billing started of $19.

GoAutodial is widely used on high availability servers located in the US East and West coasts. It is highly secured from prevalent ciber attacks as it is safeguarded by the SIP firewall to prevent and protect against HTTP DOS brute-force and SIP attacks.


  • Freemium but least expensive open source call center software
  • Handles inbound, outbound, and blended phone calls efficiently
  • Wide availability
  • Highly secured from malware and other cyber attacks
  • No contracts, no deposits, just straightforward
  • Adaptive call recording
  • Extensive reports and analytics

6. VMukti 1.1

Open Source Call Center Software

VMukti 1.1 is considered the World’s first predictive dialer and powerful open source call center software. VMukti is built with an open architecture with IT, IETF standards to eliminate the need of proprietary hardware and software. VMukti drastically improves the efficiency of call centers with its impressive features. It includes Configurable Interactive Voice Response System, Automatic Call Routing, Voice Recording, Authentication, Conferencing, Predictive dialing, Answering machine detection, and detailed statistics allowing agents to make data-based decisions. Whenever you are required to scale up your call center, it can be easily done per changing requirements without vendor reliability.


  • Free Open Source software
  • World’s first predictive dialer
  • Comprehensive statistics report
  • Easily scalable
  • Effective audio recording
  • Automatic call routing
  • The interactive voice feedback system 
  • Auto answer
  • 3rd party verification 

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7. Asterisk

Best Open Source Call Center Software

Asterisk is popular communication building software with more than 1million servers worldwide. Although Asterisk is not as free as other softwares mentioned here, you have to pay $59 for the initial plan. This best open source call center software is easily customizable with your phone too. Apart from call handling, Asterisk offers VoIP gateways, conference servers, and is used by SMBs, enterprises, call centers, and carriers. If you are planning to run a large organization or already have one then you must have Asterisk for the complete communication system.


  • Communication building open source software
  • Inbound and outbound phone calls 
  • Efficient call monitoring
  • Telemarketing management
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • Comprehensive report analysis
  • User friendly
  • Predictive dialer

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8. ICT Broadcast

Open Source Call Center Software

If you are looking for a unified communication software that includes predictive dialer, progressive dialer, power dialer, and auto dialer then ICT Broadcast is the best open source call center software for you. It is based on the open source PBX for fax and voice broadcasting & kannel gateway for SMS messaging. ICT uses precocious open source JavaScript libraries (JQuery and RaphaelJS) to create an IVR design or IVR studio.

The IVR developed the easy management that any layman uses call center services without error. It can be used for mass marketing as well as bulk messaging so that customers can run and oversee multiple campaigns employing various communications technologies from a single platform with ease. The progressive dialer contacts only when an agent becomes available or picks up the line later if the agent is not available.


  • Free and open source software
  • The best unified communication system 
  • Different gateway for fax, call and messaging
  • Javascript libraries for efficient results
  • Progressive dialer
  • Auto calling to missed customer
  • Predictive dialer
  • Voice broadcasting over SIP protocol

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9. Ekiga

Ekiga, formerly known as GnomeMeeting, is an open source call center software that offers video conferencing, softphone, and instant messaging services. For calling, it endorses HD sound quality and video up to DVD size and quality. The primary goal of Ekiga is to build a bridge for instant SMS communication and a competent IP Telephony tool for the GNU/Linux desktop users. It offers every user a SIP address that lets users make outbound calls to customers across the world, including video calls. The other features include Standard Telephony features support like Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, DTMF, LDAP technology, Local Address support.


  • Free Open Source call center software
  • HD video conferencing
  • HD sound quality
  • Softphone
  • Instant messaging service
  • IP telephony
  • Wide interoperability
  • Individual SIP addresses
  • Call transfer and call holding

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10. 3CX

Best Open Source Call Center Software

3 CX is a free, fast, and premium open source call center software (free for 1st year only, paid for further years). It comes with basic, premium, pro plans and all are free for one year with full activation. 3CX integrates all call center features including CRM integration and call workflow. Users can opt for an on-premise or cloud solution through the virtual customer service team. Advanced queue strategies such as Round Robin & Hunt by 3s make sure that no call will be missed by agents and results in enhanced efficiency. Furthermore, call recording, agents training modules, service level reports, call back statistics, abandoned call analysis, etc add notable responses.


  • Free open source software
  • Free for 1 year
  • Integrated CRM software
  • Virtual customer service
  • Web conferencing 
  • Intelligent queue strategies
  • Progressive call recording
  • Call back, drop calls reports 
  • Agent performance with the built-in reports

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11. Avoxi

Best Open Source Call Center Software

Avoxi is the cloud-enabled voice and messaging free open source call center software. It is a single source one-stop solution provider for regulating your entire global communications necessities in over 170+ countries. The cloud-based service reduces the necessity of staff, hardware maintenance, data center services, and localized vendor management.

Avoxi, the best cloud-based open source call center software, offers intelligent call routing, live call coaching, and queue callback. The 360-degree view (customer calls and trends) of customer experience in real-time boosts the efficiency of the call center.


  • Freemium software
  • One-stop solution for all types of call center communication
  • Cloud-based software
  • Competitive CRM
  • Reduce the requirement of staff and hardware
  • Progressive call routing
  • Quick set up

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12. MicroSIP

Best Open Source Call Center Software

MicroSIP is an open source portable SIP softphone specifically for Windows and Android users. It is an outstanding open source call center software that allows high-quality Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) through open SIP protocol. It is highly suitable for small call centers and beginners due to its excellent user-friendly interface. For an absolute privacy firewall, this best open source call center software offers configurable encryption TLS / SRTP for control and media. To provide excellent voice quality, MicroSIP provides a WebRTC echo cancellation algorithm.


  • Use VOIP voice control
  • Perfect for small businesses
  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust privacy system
  • Echo cancellation algorithm 
  • Support multilingual
  • Also useful for visual impairment

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13. CallHippo

Best Open Source Call Center Software

CallHippp is a free cloud based open source software with advanced inbound and outbound solutions. The cloud based call center enables the management of communication and strengthens the productivity of your call center agents. CallHippo’s top level features includes live call transfer, IVR, call barging, call recording Power dialer, call queuing, and CRM integrations.

Whether you are owning a small or large call center, this open source call center software is convenient for both because of the user-friendly interface. Moreover, CallHippo offers complete control over your customer support and sales channels to attend calls from any region and enhance the productivity and efficiency of the call center.


  • Free open source software
  • Cloud based system 
  • Beginner-friendlyr friendly interface
  • Live call transfer
  • Call recording
  • Power dialer
  • Advanced call analytics and reporting 
  • Dedicated control over individual agent
  • Suitable for small, medium, and large call centers

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As new businesses and startups are hitting the market day by day, the need for open source call center software also increases drastically. Any business can only flourish when its customers are fully satisfied. Without the proper customer management system and without solving their queries, no business can ever rise. Companies are heading to the open source softwares as they are independent and easily customized according to the business growth. We always committed to provide the best solutions to our readers, this is why we listed the best open source call center softwares. Most of them are free or come with a free trial. You can utilize them according to your business size and your preferences.

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