6 Best Intellivision Emulator (2021 updated)

Are you looking for the best Intellivision Emulator? If yes, do not miss a single word from this article. Those, who do not know about Intellivision, let us know them. Intellivision is a popular home video game console launched in 1979 by Mattel electronics. In 1984, it sold to INTV corporation and finally discontinued in 1990. Between 1980-84, in 3 years, Intellivision set a record by selling more than 3 million gaming consoles. It is overall an outstanding gaming console that never faced heating problems neither any controlling issues. Despite being old, it had 524B of RAM and 932B of graphics RAM.

In 1982, developers took a huge step to compete with their competitor Atari, Intellivision comes with 2nd version that featured detachable controllers and a sleeker case and added a music keyboard for ECS. You can understand the level of competition at that time. When Intellivision closed down in 1990, it was indeed shocking and heart-breaking for its fans.

However, the console was discontinued but left behind hundreds of popular cartridges and cassettes. Some were developed by Mattel corporation and the rest by INTV Corporation. The most popular game support are Auto Racing, Boxing, Major League Baseball, Soccer, PGA Golf, Tennis, Armour battle, Sub Hunt, Checkers, Star Strike, Utopia, Horse Racing, Las Vegas Roulette, Bomb Squad. To rescue the Intellivision fans, developers come with the solution in form of emulators that allows accessing the popular games.

1. JzIntv

JzIntv is the best Intellivision Emulator as well as a Mattel emulator. It is extremely useful if you are in a hurry and do not want to pull out your console. When we talk about file format and device type support then JzIntv also stand in top position. It supports file .ROM, .BIN+CFG, .INT, .ITV. The support of ECS, Intellivoice, Intellicart, etc make it versatile Intellivision Emulator. Along with it, JzIntv also comes with wide screen compatibility including full screen, 320×200 windowed, 640×480 windowed display modes.

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If you like to customize analog joystick for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X then it could be done easily with JzIntv. You can download it by given link below and accept the license agreement to install this best Intellivision emulator.

Supporting Platforms- Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

Download JzIntv

2. Nostalgia Emulator

Best Intellivision Emulator

Nostalgia Emulator is highly professional Intellivision emulator for gaming console. If you are looking for a the best Intellivision emulator that is also helps you experience all your nostalgic moments regarding gaming then nothing is better than Nostalgia emulator. This emulator developed by Joe Fisher and supports all the old available Intellivision games as we as the recent games. So, you are not gonna fave any supporting issue with this emulator.

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The amazing part is that you can invite your friends for a live stream via game network as well can save current profile to play later. Moreover, if you do not like the actual keyboard or joystick then it is easily customizable with no efforts. The only drawback it has is narrow compatibility as only supports Windows platform.

Supporting Platforms- Windows

Download Nostalgia Emulator

3. MAME Emulator

Best Intellivision Emulator

MAME is an open source and free Intellivision emulator especially designed for arcade game systems. MAME emulator released by Nicola Salmoria and currently support more than 7000 games and 10,000 plus actual ROM images. It supports wide variety of file formats such as Liberto Core, Intellivoice, and ECM files. However, the speed of MAME Emulator is comparatively low due to large size.

If we talk about the compatibility then it has upper hand than mentioned above. MAME supports Windows, LINUX, Mac OS operating systems. This emulator may not has the best speed and accuracy but the clean & user-friendly interface positioned it in the list of the best Intellivision emulator.

Supporting Platforms- Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

Download MAME Emulator

4. FreeIntv

FreeIntv is another best open-source libretro emulation core Intellivision emulator. It offers a virtual keyboard with 16-way movement and a compact button for pausing the game. FreeIntv designed in such a way that it become compatible with SNES era joy pad however, it won’t work as it require the number pad to do so. For positive side, it has incredibly simple interface, support various file formats including .int, .bin, etc and pre-compiled for Retro pie on Raspberry Pi 3 as well as for Windows 10. But for downside, FreeIntv do not support LINUX and Mac OS and also missing some critical features including Intellivoice and ECS.

Supporting Platforms- Windows, Raspberry Pi 3

Download FreeIntv

5. Bliss Emulator

Best Intellivision Emulator

Bliss is the overall best Intellivision emulator which introduced into the market in early 2000 by Kayle Devis. Initially, Bliss endeavored with C programming to add versatility but later switched to the C++ language to improve simplicity and to reduce its bulky size. Bliss supports all the file formats even ECS and Intellivoice which most of the emulators do not supports. Additionally, Bliss supports all games of console.

You might questioning, despite all features, why it positioned 2nd bottom? This is because Bliss, the popular Intellivision emulator is discarded from the market in 2006 without issuing any notice. However, this emulator still downloadable from various sites.

Supporting Platforms- Windows

Download Bliss Emulator

6. Pantheon

Best Intellivision Emulator

Pantheon is the best Intellivision emulator when it comes to the supporting games as it offer access to all games of Intellivision emulator. Moreover, Pantheon furnished with unmatched speed, efficacy, and excellent graphics as well as support Intellivoice. But it missed two important features including ECS games and Libretro core. Pantheon also featured with one of its kind multi-system compatibility, it works fine with computers date back to 1970s and consoles of 1980s as well as latest ones available with an ease.

Pantheon has one more unique feature, whenever you set up your console, you do not need to search for available games but it automatically download all the games from genuine sources.

Supporting Platforms- Windows

Download Pantheon

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What is the most recommended Intellivision Emulator by TechoWiki?

According to the TechoWiki, the best Intellivision emulator is JzIntv.

Is this the updated list?

Yes. All emulators are updated as on 2021.

Where to download these emulators?

You can download direct from this website, we also mentioned link below each item.

What are some old Emulators?

Although, old emulators are no more available in the market, but for your query, below are some listed old emulators:

  1. IntelliWare
  2. Intellivision Lives
  3. IntvWin
  4. JzIntv Launcher

Last Words

Now you are well aware of Intellivision gaming console and best Intellivision emulator in 2021. After breakdown of 1984 and finally shutdown in 1990 set fans a huge heartbreak. The sudden shutdown of this popular gaming console shocked all gaming lovers. Then Intellivision emulators came as savior and happiness of Intellivision fans. We listed 6 best Intellivision emulators which are free and open sources. Also, there are some popular old emulators but they are not available on market now. However, for your knowledge, we listed old emulators separately. We hope you get your best emulator and you will enjoy the gaming in Intellivision console.

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