The Best 23 Hairstyle Apps for Men and Women in 2021

Having trouble choosing the best hairstyle for your face? Or want to try the latest hairstyle, but have no idea what suitable for you?

If you are fed up with the routine style of your hair for a long time, you can try the new hairstyle through these hairstyle apps.

Here you can get the top 23 popular hairstyle apps for both Android and iOS devices.Through this, you can easily try different hairstyles.

These hairstyle apps help to change the personality and dressing sense of yours. You can easily get different hairstyles using these hairstyle apps. These latest hairstyle apps are for all users such as short hair, long hair, ponytail and more.

Yes, all of us wants a new trend on their hairstyle for occasions. If you are searching for the latest hairstyle apps to change your hairstyle, yes you are in the right place. Whether it is for meeting or party you can easily apply these different hairstyles on your photo taken from the gallery or selfie.

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Check the below hairstyle apps and enjoy your precious movements with the new hairstyle.

1. Magic mirror


The magic mirror is one of the free best hairstyle apps which allows you to trial with your hair. Just you can change your hairstyle with the number of various hairstyles and get a review of it online.

This interface is very user friendly for both android or iOS devices. There are lots of colors available in this hairstyle app to apply on hair and it also allows you to create a custom color as per your choice for your hair.

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2. Celebrity Hairstyle Salon Pro


Celebrity Hairstyle Salon Pro is another popular hairstyle app which is available for Android users. You can select the hairstyle from the list of the hairstyles available. Through this app, you can try a variety of hairstyles. Based on your choice, you can try out short, long hair, ombre, wavy, curly, straight or wedding style of haircut.

This hairstyle app offers the number of features to the users. One can excite more than 20 effective hairstyles. The users can either capture a picture or select a photo from their gallery device. There is the best option to share your trail new hairstyle with your friends through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

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3. Style My Hair


Style My Hair is the popular hairstyle apps for both android and iOS users which is developed by L’Oreal. This easily allows you to change your hairstyle after applying various operations for your hair. Through this app, you can change your hairstyle, cut, and color.

The best feature of this hairstyle app is, it allows you step by step tutorial to edit your hairstyle. Try the new hairstyle for you and get more compliments from your friends and all.

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4. Hair Zapp


Get your best hairstyle at your home without having any knowledge or without going anywhere. Along with this hairstyle app, it also allows you to makeover on your face for free.

Hair Zapp is one of the best virtual hairstyle apps that you must try trendy hairstyles from your phone which are totally free. This app brings you a unique hairstyle to try. Just take a photo of yourself and then apply different hairstyles. There is a number of hairstyles to try.

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5. HairStyle Changer


If you are looking to try out new trendy hairstyles, HairStyle Changer is the best amazing hairstyle app worth a try. This app is available on both Android and iOS users with different hairstyle techniques to change your hairstyle from your phone. This hairstyle app is for both men and women so by this app you change easily your hairstyle within a minute.

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6. Fabby Look


Fabby Look is a good free hairstyle app for the latest hairstyles and effects. It brings more than 10+ hairstyles available with different colors. Easily you can try these hairstyles virtually on your face just by capturing pictures form your phone. The app also allows you to share your photos with a new hairstyle with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social networking sites.

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7. Beautylish


Beautylish app is one of the amazing hairstyle apps to discover the latest hairstyles, beauty looks, and essential makeup tips. It has a lot of unique hairstyles, braids, nail designs, beauty tips with video so that you can easily get step by step process to use this app. There is also an option for a forum where you can ask any questions related to the app.

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8. Hair Changer Photo Booth – Men Hair Style Photo Effect


It is one of the popular iPhone apps which can easily change men’s hairstyle. It has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to use.  It allows you to change your hairstyle within a few seconds and it comes with a number of customized magic mirror effects.

You can just capture a photo or choose one from your gallery directly on which you want to change hairstyle. Now, select the hairstyle which you want to apply to you by using the tool Hair Changer makeup. It has different categories of hairstyles and various kinds of a mustache. So, you can easily choose your desired hairstyle of Hair or Mustache and paste it to your picture.

You can also make use of its effects features like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Blur, Temperature, Shadows/ Highlights, Crop and Focus.

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9. Crazy Hair Salon


The crazy hair salon is the best hairstyle app for both android and iOS users. It allows you to easily change trendy hairstyles by using your smartphone. It is very easy to apply different operations such as cut, color, straight, curl and other hairstyles by using your mobile to give a new look to you and make it stranger.

This app is a very popular hairstyle app where you can easily use different hairstyles such as curly or straight, and also hair colors according to your interest. Also, you can adjust the length of your hair by cut with professional scissors or add hair to make it long according to yourself.

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10. Hairstyles and Haircuts


It’s a very popular hairstyle app which has a lot of latest trendy hairstyles. You should try to give a new look by using the number of options. This hairstyle app helps you to choose a good hairstyle for you. It has a lot of latest hairstyles for both men and women. This hairstyle app provides video tutorials to use and how to put the hairstyle for you. Also, you can keep those tutorials offline for showing it to your hairstylist person.

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11. Hair Color (Women)


This hairstyle app is for choosing the best hairstyle for you as per the latest trend. This app lets you capture your picture and then try a new hairstyle for you. There are more than 20+ pre-defined hair colors with different hairstyles. You can easily choose hair color passion. If you are interested in the latest hair colors, you should try this hairstyle app.

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12. Updo Style


Updo style is one of the best popular hairstyle apps which is using by many people around the world. Through this ease of using people are using it very much. It has a very easy user-friendly interface everyone can use it easily. Just by upload a picture of you from your gallery or directly click the fresh one. And then apply different hairstyles.S elect a suitable hairstyle for you, give a trendy look to you for the party. Get more compliments.

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13. African Woman Hairstyle


African Woman Hairstyle is one of the popular hairstyles apps which is having a lot of latest hairstyles. People around the world are using this to change the hairstyle virtually within few seconds only. You don’t have any knowledge about the hairstyles. Just click the photo and apply the different hairstyles on your photo.

It has a list of a number of haircuts to edit hairstyles easily to give you a new look. Another best option of this app is you can share with your friends the new style through social media.

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14. Hairstyle Makeover


The hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles apps which a very easy interface to use and try the latest trendy hairstyles. It has a lot of features that can easily apply to you. You can just upload your picture and then try the latest hairstyles. There are numerous editing options to edit the hairstyles and see what suitable for you. Also, it has a lot of Beards and Mustaches styling options.

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15. Boys Men Hairstyles and Boys Hair Cuts


Boys Men Hairstyles and boys Haircuts app is a popular hairstyle app that has a lot of haircuts. This app comes with a number of various hairstyles from the latest trendy hairstyles around the world.

It also gives hair tips, concepts, design, color, and also different styles for your hair. These include Short Hairstyles, Young Men’s Hairstyles, Undercut Hairstyles, Hairstyles for Short Hair, Hairstyles for Teen Boys, Hairstyles for Older Men, Cool Hairstyles for Men and more.

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16. Best Hairstyles step by step


Best Hairstyles step by step is another hairstyle app that gives you the latest trendy hairstyles. It has more than 1000 hairstyles collection of free hairstyles for a woman. Easily you can get any of your interesting hairstyles for your hair and apply it through your picture.

One of the best features of this app is offline also. It allows you to save style to favorite and you can see it anytime and anywhere on offline time of your device.

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17. Woman Hairstyles


It’s the most popular hairstyle that gives more trendy options for hairstyles. There are more than 80+ hairstyles are available for you. You can easily choose any hairstyle and apply to your face. Also, you can share the picture of your latest style with your friends through social media to take suggestions and compliments from them. It also has photo effects for making you and your picture cute and pretty. You can apply different stickers on your picture to make it look more pretty.

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18. Mobile Virtual Makeover


Mobile Virtual Makeover app is a popular hairstyle app that is developed by Mary Kay. It is used to customize looks with endless combinations of hairstyles, hair colors, lip colors, eye makeup, accessories and more. It has a number of hairstyles for different occasions. You can just capture a picture of yours or upload a photo of yours or select a variety of models from the app and start trying on different styles.

It allows you to save your favorite makeovers and products, download your makeovers right to your mobile. The app also has the option to share the results of your new looks with your friends on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, SMS or e-mail.

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19. Boys Hairstyle Photo Editor


Boys Hairstyle Photo Editor is one of the best apps for those who want the latest trendy hairstyles. It has a huge collection of the latest hairstyles which can easily select and apply. It will surely give you to make a stylish look.

It also contains the latest and new stylish hairstyle design with a mustache, beard, and goggles, too. Try with the various hairstyles according to your interest and share with your friends through social media to know whether it is suitable for you or not.

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20. Hair Color Booth


It’s the perfect latest hairstyle app that is using by millions of iOS users. With the help of this hairstyle app, you can change the hairstyle and color of hair immediately. Also, if you are interested you can add multiple streaks to your hair in a more successful way.

Features of this hairstyle app are zooming controls, color strength controls, super realistic hair color, adding an unlimited number of streaks, and many more options Just simply try this most amazing hairstyle app with a single tap.

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21. Perfect 365: One-Tap Makeover


This latest hairstyle app gives yourself a trendy look. It is just not only free hairstyle apps, but also it gives you a full face makeup.

Just you can capture a picture, or upload one from your gallery. Here, not only can you get the idea of how your hairstyle looks the best, but also you can get an idea of what makeup complements.

What’s really interesting about this hairstyle app is brand-specific looks i.e. you can plan out an appearance completely from a loyal brand. It gives a completely clear idea of the brand you want to invest in is worth it or not.

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22. Change Hairstyle


This is one of the famous hairstyle apps which has a user-friendly interface to use anyone. Nowadays, not everyone can dare to get a haircut, and for the picky ones, here is the interesting app by Your hair Style Apps. From short hair to long, you can style all types of hair lengths at your fingertips. Just capture your picture or select from gallery upload and try your interesting hairstyle. It has also the best feature to share with your loved ones through social media. Let us try a new trendy style and get compliments from your friends today.

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23. Smarty


Smarty is one of the best hairstyle apps for the latest hairstyle apps. It offers you a number of hairstyles, genuine cosmetics, and accessories to try-on. You can take a photo from your camera or use an existed photo from your gallery to try a new hairstyle for you. It is a very easy user-friendly interface hairstyle app that can change your hairstyle from your phone without going anywhere. The best feature of this hairstyle app is it has more than 70 different hairstyles you should try it.

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Do you like these hairstyle apps? Now you have a list of 23 best hairstyling apps. According to your option, you can use any of these hairstyles apps to try the latest trendy hairstyles and learn how to put these hairstyles. You can also virtually try different hair colors. If you like these hairstyle apps support us and share it with your friends.

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