9 Best Games for NVIDIA Shield in 2021

Who do not love gaming in this earth? Probably no one. Before we go to deep inside the gaming topic, let us make it clear this article is for best games for NVIDIA Shield in 2021 but these games are also available on other devices such as android, mac, and pc. However, the gameplay and gaming market completely changes over the time.

The traditional gaming marginally replaced by online gaming and after launching of powerful gaming devices, the growth is unimaginable. According to the global market survey, the gaming industry thriving with the market capital of around 175 billion USD as on 2021 and reach up to 315 billion USD in 2026! Now, you can imagine the pace of gaming industry.

These stats make compelled the game developers to update their old games as well develops new and interactive games regularly. As you are search the query best game for NVIDIA Shield, this means you are also a great fan of online games and we are the fan of our readers. This is why we built the list of best games for NVIDIA Shield for you. So, what are you waiting for, scroll down and select your favorite game and hit on play button.

1. Death Road to Canada

Best Games for NVIDIA Shield

It is surprising if you own a NVIDIA Shield but still don’t know about the Death road to Canada which is among the best games for NVIDIA Shield. Death Road to Canada is a haphazardly generated Road Trip Action RPG game. It has completely unexpected gameplay, each time you play he game, it is nearly impossible to imagine what are you going to face. Everything is randomized here, each time a different story, different characters, different locations, and different weapons.

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Death road to Canada is a survival game whose destination is Canada. Survivals (Players) must accomplish the journey with adventurous obstacles which is surrounded by hundreds of zombies. Survivals get opportunity to explore unique characters in every time with unique characteristics.

Download Death Road to Canada

2. Cluster Truck

Best Games for NVIDIA Shield

Cluster Truck is a highly adventurous and physics-based best game for NVIDIA Shield. If you would like to play challenging running games on intricate paths, then Cluster Truck is on your priority of best games for NVIDIA Shield. To score high in this game you must be jump from one truck to the next and avoid falling to the ground by doing it continuously. Sounds easy? It is as hard as it is looking simple.

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Players must need to be jump fast as well as accurately, there is no scope for silly mistakes because the character or player automatically moves forward and you need to control its direction (left & right) and timing of jump. Still sound easy. Let face it. While you are hopping from one truck to another, you must counter unimaginable obstacles including hilly tracks, laser beams, falling rocks, hard balls, and much more. Along with tackling all these hindrances, you have to move faster without dash to the ground.

Download Cluster Truck

3. Morphite

Morphite is a First-person shooting game NVIDIA Shield that is set in a low poly stylized universe. At first sight, it is looks like the combination of No Man Sky and Metroid Prime. The gameplay is based on the storyline of a girl and exploration of the universe. As a player, you will get the opportunity to explore the different planets that are periodically generated. You have to do scientific research, analysis of results, collect data of planets and each has its own exotic flora and fauna. If you love the universe exploration, voyage games then this is among the best games for NVIDIA Shield otherwise, you will get bored of it soon.

Download Morphite

4. Metal Gear Solid 2

Metal Gear Solid 2 is undeniably the best game for NVIDIA Shield in 2021 for war-like game lover. If you are unaware of Metal Gear series, Metal Gear is a code name of the heavy tanks that have capability to launch a nuclear strike. Unlike the MGS1, MGS2 got a mini-radar system to track the people (enemy). This radar lets you see a trivial map that gives you a depiction of where the guards are located and which direction they are watching. But the thrilling part is that if you are being a little careless, the radar will be jammed, and enemy get alerted.

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The additional feature MGS2 offers is the skill to impend guards and obliging them to disarm themselves when threatened with your pistol. The best games for NVIDIA Shield offer vigorous fights with highly trained soldiers and gradually moves to the Solid Snake’s level of skill. On later stages, you have to face off against Fortune, a bizarre woman carrying a gigantic lightning gun and incredible powers.

Download Metal Gear Solid 2

5. Half-life 2

Best Games for NVIDIA Shield

Half-life 2, a game by the Valve Corporation, is secured name on the list of best games for NVIDIA Shield due to its distinct features. It is an outstanding first-person shooter game like none other, with stunning graphics. If you do not know about the Half-life 1, let us know you that it is the game based on the story of scientist-turned-action-hero and Half-life 2 is the second part of this series. The second part resume since the science experiment goes wrong and the group of aliens had arrived from another dimensions. Overall, this best game for NVIDIA Shield is not disappoint you in any dimensions due to its unique & compelling story and fluent gameplay.

Download Half-life 2

6. realMyst

Best Games for NVIDIA Shield

realMyst is inarguably the best games for NVIDIA Shield even you can’t put your eyes from the epic scenes and gameplay. If you love to play puzzle games with epic graphic then this is something you are searching for. We want to remind you, in this game player travel via a special book and solved mid-path puzzles and explore the whole Myst. Irrespective to the game plot (though that is too good), you get attractive to the masterpiece graphics. realMyst offers you the real-time visit picking your own path through the forest on Myst Island. What make Myst masterpiece edition differ from the old Myst is its real-time 3D gameplay.

Download realMyst

7. Anamoly 2

Best Games for NVIDIA Shield

Anomaly 2 is a tower defence game comes with single player and multiplayer mode. In single player mode, you will control the human army, attack on aliens, and save the towers. Whereas in multiplayer mode, you will independent to choose your role whether as human or alien. If you choose the alien role, you can attack on earthlings  and can save the tower of aliens. Overall, in point of view of strategy, it is the best game for NVIDIA Shield with blunt graphics.

This game comes with amazingly different gameplay than typical where you have to control your troops directly. Rather in Anamoly 2, you can set the paths they will go on and equipped them with the power-ups that they require to survive and defeat their enemies.

Download Anamoly 2

8. The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale is adventurous as well quest type game from the time back of 80’s. The voice of the bard character is given by actor Cary Elwes that furnish game with comedy as well as the depth of seriousness. The storyline is somewhat funny so that never get bored as it maintains the good balance between the searching for treasure and war like scenes. This game covers multi-dimensional areas of gaming including comedy and quirkiness, RPG style gameplay, quizzes & puzzles and this is the reason why it is in the list of best games for NVIDIA Shield.

Download The Bard’s Tale

9. Portal

Best Games for NVIDIA Shield

Portal is another game by valve corporation and best game for NVIDIA Shield in the category of stress buster. This is very calm and peaceful to play that also awards perfect gameplay. Portal is a single player game, set up in the mysterious Aperture Science Laboratories. This is the first kind of innovative game that is designed to renovate the way players approach, manipulate, and surmise the possibilities in a given environment.

It is similar to the Half-life but rather simpler with no battle like scene. Rather Portal allows the players to solve physical puzzles and challenges by opening portals to maneuvering objects, and themselves, through space. You can say, portal is a mood changing and brain buster game whenever your mind required changes.

Download Portal


So, are you ready to explore these best games for NVIDIA Shield? Yes, surely. Because these are the best of the best that will kill your boredom of any level. But before download and install any game, remember that not all games are free. From the listed games, some are free to play and rest are paid to play. We recommend you to go through the given links and scroll down to the bottom if any price is associated.

However, good news is that even cost of any game is not such high ($1-$20). These are the best NVIDIA games, choose according to your category preference. And take it easy, go through one game, beat that and come back for another. One more thing, please do not forget to let us know which game you like most.

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