11 Best Furniture Design Software [Free & Paid]

Furniture design software lets you imagine and draw your vision on a computer. No matter what type of furniture design you need or how intricate your dream design is, the best furniture design software makes everything easy and at your fingertips. You don’t need the architect for your designs, you can draw your own designs even if you have never been before with designing softwares. You just need the vision to make your dream design and the rest of the things will be done by the furniture designing softwares. We listed the price and complete guide of the software along with the description that makes it easy to select software of your choice and preference.

Today, we are discussing the best free and paid furniture design software that is furnished with decent features such as pre-installed templates, prototyping, project management, color composition, cabinet box design, animation, and many more. If you are not familiar with these softwares then you take the help of free tutorials as well as free templates. Whether you are interested in designing tables, floors, ergonomically comfortable chairs, rooms, bathrooms, or you name it, everything is easy with it.

11 Best Furniture Design Software

1. Google SketchUp

Best Furniture Design Software

SketchUp is widely used and the most preferred best furniture design software in 2021. SketchUp is an easy-to-use 3D modeler that lets you build amazing projects before you tackle them in the real world. It’s a fast processing software and easy to learn with extensive guide programs. SketchUp furniture design software is accurate enough to model anything from a lap joint to the wall of the cabinet. It has hundreds of pre-designed templates but you can create your custom design by just uploading photos of wood, grain size, color, finishing. You’re the boss to design what’s on your mind, the sky’s the limit.

There are no restrictions on when, how, and where you want to generate your project design. You can also do the cost estimations before you finalize your design. To gain expertise, SketchUp has hundreds of free designs in its 3D library. All these promising features come with a price. It is a freemium furniture design software that comes with four plans; Shop, Pro, and Studio. The personal plan is completely free, You can check the price mentioned below.

Pricing: Shop Plan- $99, Pro Plan- $299, Studio Plan- $699

Visit SketchUp

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2. SolidWorks

Best Furniture Design Software

If you are looking only for professional furniture design software then Solidworks does this precisely. Solidworks is the most popular furniture design software and is recognized for best 3D modeling software especially among Engineers. This versatile software is compatible enough to share with anyone after you finish the design whether for prototype or real design. It provides a directory of partner software and woodworking libraries so that designers can utilize this best furniture design software. Moreover, It offers top-notch visualization features, workflow assistance, and time-saving functional tools, like the ability to produce a full cut list for materials. Apart from Furniture designing, Solidworks is known for various designing purposes such as visual creativity, modeling, feasibility inspection, prototyping, and project management.

Pricing: $150- $7995

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3. Sketchlist

Best Furniture Design Software

Sketchlist is claimed to transform your businesses and project workflows in real life with SketchList 3D. It is considered the best furniture design software for woodworking professionals due to its robust design. You need to simply enter the dimensions and materials for the models, and the software automatically produces the layouts, spreadsheet, drawings, cut lists, and additional reports required for all of your planning, purchasing, and production needs. Sketchlist delivers amazing results for precision works from chairs and benches to tables and closets. Sketchlist is not only the furniture design software but it also offers Kitchen design and Cabinet design.

Sketchlist performs fast work just in a few clicks, whether you need to build sketches, copy designs from project to project, work with virtual 3D boards, and design custom contours, joinery, and boards with a few mouse clicks. It reduces the possibility of making mistakes with its outstanding controlling features. SketchList 3D allows you control over every board, cut, angle, and hole in your design with just a click of a button and authorizes you to generate precise one-off designs easily.

Price: Hobby Plan- $200, Pro Plan- $850

4. Sweet Home 3D

Best Furniture Design Software

Sweet Home 3D is a free furniture design software for your home and kitchen appliances. Sweet Home 3D is intended for people who want to design their interior quickly. It is an easy-to-learn interior design software that assists you to draw the plan of your house in 2D, arrange furniture on it and get the results in 3D. This best free furniture design software lets you draw walls and rooms of your home from scratch or upon the block of an existing design, on one or more levels. Sweet Home 3D allows you to customize the size, orientation, elevation, colors, and compositions of each piece of furniture.

Pricing: FREE

5. CAD Pro Furniture Design Software

Best Furniture Design Software

CAD Pro Furniture design software allows a full set of designing software features that will allow you to design any type of blueprint for modern furniture design. It lets you design, visualize, and document your furniture design concepts apparently and efficiently. This versatile software offers a broad range of features including cabinet boxes, doors, raised panel designs, face frames, Bedroom furniture design, living room furniture design, and commercial furniture designs. It comes with ‘send as Email’ features that let you showcase your work.

You don’t need to convert it to pdf or another file format as this best furniture design software automatically converts the designed file according to your preferences. Additionally, CAD Pro allows you to work with thousands of symbols and clipart for free. You can also build your symbols or clipart and save them for rapid placement into any designs you develop. Apart from furniture designing, CAD Pro is wonderful for formulating thorough computer-aided design projects such as furniture designs, furniture blueprints, or any type of computer-aided design.

Pricing: $99.95

6. Polyboard

If you are looking for the best furniture design software for your home decorations then Polyboard is the best fit software. Polyboard’s powerful parametric motor immediately produces 100% meticulous output that completes the design with all cut angles every time. This premium software is also beginners friendly as users just need to drag and drop individual cabinets into a project like a room layout, assess aesthetics, ease of manufacture and resize to fit. You can also get quotation reports for the Cost, material, and hardware of your design. One of the promising features of Polyboard is that you can nest all the ingredients of your project and send them to your CNC with full machining details, labels, and grain management.

Pricing: $495- 4995

7. PRO100

Best Furniture Design Software

Pro100 is a 3D cabinet design and furniture design software for the frame and frameless cabinets makers, kitchen furniture design, entertainment centers, custom closets, garage cabinets, and much more. Users can easily access the design templates and produce 3d renderings with dimensioned floor plans, room elevations, cut lists, cabinet lists, and do job costing and pricing. To make the work easy, PRO100 offers Switch Option to switch between inches to millimeters at any time while your design is in process. Create your custom objects, cabinets, molding, wall base, etc otherwise Integrate the actual directory from your manufacturer into the program.

Pricing: $149/Month, $2549.99 Lifetime

8. Blender 3D

Best Furniture Design Software

If you are looking for Free furniture design software then Blender 3D could be a decent software for you. We make it clear that it is not the best furniture design software but if you are a beginner and want to be familiar with these types of software then it is recommended. It offers a wide range of features including 2D drafting, 3D modeling tools for designing, rendering, and animating your furniture designs. There is no barrier of file format as it supports the extensive level of file formats from pdf, jpg to .dwg. Despite being free software, Blender 3D offers a wide range of services like Modeling, Sculpting, Animation, Simulation, VFX, Video Editing, etc.

Pricing: FREE

9. Woodwork for Inventor

Best Furniture Design Software

Woodwork for Inventor is a very powerful furniture design software where you can create rapid prototype designs for panels. Woodwork is a product of Autodesk which offers a specialized extension of the software. You can create a 2D draft and 3D models without any restrictions that you encountered when using other software applications. Woodwork for Inventor is a freemium service that offers free access for 45 days and after crossing the limit, you need to purchase a premium plan. You can use this software for various applications such as residential kitchen designs, boutique furniture design, and shopfront designs for marketable objectives.

Pricing: Free + Premium

10. HomeByme

Best Furniture Design Software

Homebyme is completely free furniture design software in 2021 that lets you draw the walls and insert windows and doors. This amusing software doesn’t require any previous design experience to handle existing designs. Home by me allows you to design your complete home orientation including config the curation of your kitchen and bathroom according to your needs and get productive with your saloon and bedroom furnishings. Furthermore, to add a finishing touch to designs, you can inoculate a selection of decorative items such as rugs, mirrors, curtains, and plants, to acknowledge your home look.

If you run out of time and you have an existing floor plan for your home, you can save time by uploading it directly to HomeByMe. Then select the scale and track the outline over time, to acquire an accurate imitation of your original floor blueprint. In fact, during the configuration phase, you can take screenshots of your 3D floor plan from any angle, using the 3D viewing mode.

Pricing: FREE

11. SmartDraw

Best Furniture Design Software

If you are a beginner then SmartDraw furniture design software is a great way to get started. Also, if you are not familiar with any designing software but need a professional design then SmartDraw gives you hundreds of templates and examples to choose from. SmartDraw comes with a simple design and features like drag-and-drop graphics for furniture, appliances, art, landscape components or easily import any visuals for a completely custom look and feel. Additionally, it has a handful of features like a quick-start template, a large design library, easy formatting, an intuitive interface, and Free Support.

Pricing: $297- $2995

Final Words

Furniture design softwares extensively used by professionals to get their work on their own. Even inexperienced professionals also get over an edge after having these best furniture design software. This handy furniture design software makes every type of furniture design irrespective of the complexity. We mentioned the 11 best furniture design software, some tools are free and some with extra cost depending on your needs. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of softwares, you can easily install them on your PC, Mac OS, even on Android. If you need to know what your design will cost you, then these softwares let you estimate the billing of the design. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and install your favorite software.

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