13 Best Free Email Service Provider in 2021

In the pace world of technology, everyone is busy in availing of the best opportunities. Communication plays an integral role in the development of every sort of business. Where there is better communication among clients and owners, there is strong bonding among them.

For better communication, you must have the best email service provider for your business. Email service nowadays is the backbone of any business, because in the modern world everyone prefers email service provider despite any other means of communication.

While choosing for a good email service provider, you must look for sufficient storage space, access to mobile, efficient spam-filter, reliability, security, ease of use, archive capabilities, advanced features, reputation, integration and many more. If you are a newbie for the usage of email service providers for business or personal use then, this article is for you.

  13 Best Free Email Service Provider of 2021

1. Gmail


Gmail is among the best email service providers. It is used for personal communication and business alike. According to a report held by Techcrunch in 2016, Gmail is used by billions of people.

Google personally manage Gmail. You can use it for sending and receiving emails. By using a third-party program you can access Gmail. Why worry when you are using Gmail, no need to worry about phishing messages because this email service provider will block them automatically. Without opening an email, you can look at snooze messages. Its inbox storage is 15 GB.

2. Outlook


Stop searching! If you are looking for the best and free email provider of 2020. Microsoft’s outlook.com is a free email service provider. In 2016, it had more than 40 million users. With the advent of time, its users are increasing rapidly. Tech giant Microsoft is supporting this email service provider and giving its resources to outlook. If you are using outlook.com and unintentionally discarded a message then by using its amazing feature you can undelete or recover your email. You can manage your schedule with the help of the outlook.com calendar. You have eased to find the people and documents in email by using outlook.com. Its inbox storage is 15 GB.

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3. iCloud Mail

Apple ID

It’s a famous email service provider for ios users. You can link your apple id with the iCloud mail, only if you have. You can access IMAP through iCloud mail. New messages come into the inbox automatically. HTML images can be loaded automatically on iCloud mail. Its inbox storage is 5 GB.

4. Yahoo Mail


Yahoo! Mail is a famous email service provider. You need not worry about trash messages because after 90 days it deletes trash messages. It has massive storage capacity. It has a web-search tool, calendar, and notepad in it. It has SSL encryption and Spam filters. When you have signed in Yahoo! Mail account you can also access other Yahoo services. You can choose themes of your inbox by Yahoo! Mail. With the help of Yahoo! Mail you can find out email by date and keywords. You can also use animated GIFS by using Yahoo! Mail. Its inbox storage is 1 TB.

5. AOL Mail


It is a free email service provider with massive storage. It was first known as America Online. In 2015 it was purchased by Verizon. By using this email service you don’t face any interference for accessing inbox. By using AOL Mail you can manage calendar i.e. setup your schedules. You can have a list view of emails, can avail of this opportunity if you want to. You can organize your emails in a more efficient way by using AOL mail. By using AOL Mail you can focus on your work in a better way by customizing your panel. Its inbox storage is 250 GB.

6. Zoho Mail


It is a free mail service provider for small business/home-based business or personal communication. It has 5 GB of storage. With the help of it, you can share stuff with your peer group and tag them. You can archive emails and delete them in bulks by using the Zoho mail service provider. You can access it from both android and ios users. It is simple and easy to use. No need to worry about ads, because it is ad-free. Zoho Mail. It allows you to access the e-Discovery process. To manage your sales you can integrate with Zoho CRM (custom relation management).

7. ProtonMail


It is a private and secure email service provider. It has 500 Mb storage, one email address and three folders for free email accounts. With the ProtonMail, you can also send an expiring email to others. It is an ad-free encrypted email service provider. With the help of the ProtonMail, you can manage your login and logout. For creating an email account on the ProtonMail you don’t give your personal information for creating it. You need not install any software for accessing the ProtonMail.

8. Tutanota


It is a secure email service provider. It is an ad-free email service provider. Due to some security reasons, it gave you access to the encrypted calendar. Without any interference, you can send emails to anyone.

It is the best email service provider for those people who prefer security and privacy. It strongly depends on encryption. If you are using the paid account it offers more features than the free account. When you are using a free account you have to compromise on some features. An amazing feature of it is that you can set a password on your sent email, the user has to unlock the password for reading or accessing it. Its inbox storage is 1 GB.

9. Lycos


Are you looking for a web-based email service provider? Then this email service provider is for you. Junk mail protection is given to you by Lycos. You can set up signatures by using Lycos. It can reply to all incoming mail automatically. You can access the spam filtering feature by using Lycos. Its storage space is 3GB. In Lycos IMAP and POP3 helps yu in accessing emails.

10. Yandex


Are you looking for a smart and secure email service provider? Then avail the features of Yandex and make your communication much better. Android users and their devices can also avail of the features of it. You can also change the appearance of the mailbox according to your own choice. You can write a message in advance to send it at the proper time by setting a reminder. By using Yandex, it helps you in checking mail viruses automatically. It also provides you protection against spam and fraud. With only one account you can have access to all Yandex services. Its inbox storage is 10 GB.

11. GMX


GMX stands for global mail exchange. It helps you in advertising, which is an amazing feature of GMX. Webmail POP3 and IMAP4 allow you to access GMX with ease. Its attachment capacity is up to 50 MB. It allows you to manage your schedule by dragging and dropping content. You can keep the track of all contacts by the online address book of GMX. For keeping the inbox clean, it has a strong email filter rules. It is the best email service, provider. Its inbox storage is 65 GB.

12. Mail


It is the best email service, provider. It gave you the chance to select from 100 domains whenever you create an email address. Mail.com provides you an enormous amount of storage. From protecting viruses, it has an antivirus tool. You can access mail.com with ease while using your mobile phone.

For a small business, it offers diverse features. It gave you the feature of Online Calendar; by using it you can manage your schedule. Its inbox storage is 2 GB.

13. Trash mail


It is the best email service, provider. It contains 16 domain names. It has disposable email addresses. It has a CAPTCHA response system. For using it you don’t have to register. You can also choose the time span of the temporary mailbox.

Final Word:-

Here I have mentioned good options for you to get best free email service provider and which one is most suited for you. When you make a choice, be sure to explore all the options available to you so that you can make full use of their functionality. If you have any doubts regarding this article, please feel free to comment below.

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