The 13 Best Free DJ Software and Mixers Apps in 2021

Are you a karaoke DJ? Do you want to play music in clubs? Do you want to win over the next block party and take home into the coolest level? DJing is a growing trend in the entire world right now. As a matter of fact that not only most people enjoy live performances in the clubs but also they enjoy it in many other places and events such as weddings, fashion shows, home parties and so on.

If you’re a beginner to the DJ work, there’s no need to spend a penny on the DJ software. Of course, budget is always a primary concern but not the most because the pro programs are usually hard for the beginners. You must spend much more time learning to use it. So when you gather experience, then it is more worth investing money into the more advanced professional software

There is plenty of DJ software platforms available out there that can be acquired for free while still providing the greatest and desired DJ experience. Therefore, here is the top 13 best free DJ software you can download and test out right away.

Top 13 Best Free DJ Software

We explore the top 13 best free DJ software amongst modern DJ Experience with a guideline on finding the best software for your needs. And for anybody who is a beginner to digital DJing. We explain what it’s all about.

  1. Serato DJ Intro.
  2. Mixxx.
  3. Virtual DJ Home.
  4. MixVibes Cross DJ.
  5. UltraMixer.
  6. Zulu DJ.
  7. KraMixer.
  8. DJ Mix Lite.
  9. DJ ProDecks.
  10. YOU.DJ.
  11. CuteDJ PRO.
  12. Traktor Pro 2.
  13. CrossDJ.

1. Serato DJ Intro


Serato DJ Intro is a free software tool compatible with PC and Mac while delivering the best mixing experience even with the limited features. The basic setup consists of four decks complete with full-color waveforms that visually illustrate bass, mid, and treble audio frequencies. It also provides a high-quality mixer and a flexible integration as well with different music sources like iTunes.

Overall, the software is quite simple to use, and it can lock two, three, or even four tracks to give the right mix at once, thus taking your DJ performance to the desired level. Other reliable features are extraordinary, including the sample player, which gives you to add four additional samples simultaneously. Plus, all this can be done to mix your main tracks in real-time.

Download Serato DJ App

2. Mixxx


Some people may underrate this software tool. Because it is a free product. But after downloading it, you will understand how good and powerful it actually is. It has many advantages. First off, it can be used on a Mac, PC, and even a Linux machine so on. The feature set is of high quality and can yield some desired results in the club. 

It is important to know that the application has no customer support as opposed to the paid version. But to avoid that, it is crucial that you test its functionality thoroughly in advance before taking the leap. Nevertheless, Mixxx has all the excellent features that you will need to start your first DJ gig.

Download Mixxx App

3. Virtual DJ Home


This is a software that has been using for a long. The software was initially known as the Atomix MP3. It is usually paid software. Still, you can use a free version of the same. It supports up to 99 decks for convenient DJ service. It gives you the best and comfortable streaming of music from the various sources, thus making your DJ set simple to pull off. 

It’s also noted that Virtual DJ Home does not allow you MIDI controller support. You cannot use it in conjunction with an external analog mixer or time code vinyl. Nonetheless, you can still use it as a companion iOS app for iPad and iPhone/iPod, which negates the difficulties of mixing without proper hardware significantly. Filling with all the updated technology, it will take your DJing skills to the coolest.

Download Virtual DJ

4. MixVibes Cross DJ


This software is designed by one of the most top-rated DJ mix development companies. It is intended for new people or for people who may want to practice some DJ skill experience. 

The app consists of two decks, beat detection, three-band equalizer, and also several audio effects. It is suitable for Macs and PCs, plus it provides many other DJ friendly video features such as audio/video players and audio/video samplers, video effects, text and image titling, and more. Since it’s really tough to get the text effects on the video to stop moving once you start them, another disadvantage is many newer controllers do not support mappings.

Download MixVibes Cross DJ

5. UltraMixer


UltraMixer is another top-rated DJ software that also allows a free trial version for both Mac and Windows users. You have to keep in mind that you must reboot the app every hour to keep it up and to run. You get to choose whether you want to trial the Home, Basic, or Pro Entertain version. 

 The professional DJ software provides full control over audio, video, and image files and allows you to mix music and video files.

The software is controlled by a mouse and keyboard, but it also supports more than 50 MIDI controllers for hands-on control. In case if you want a smartphone remote app that is also available to control the player, volume, transitions, and sampler functions wirelessly for some reason.

Download UltraMixer App

6. Zulu DJ


If you are new and want a really easy, simple, and straightforward application, then you must try out the Zulu DJ Software. The app offers you to mix your music live while applying effects on the fly, with real-time pitch and tempo adjustments, track crossfading, beat syncing, and so on.

If you need audio tools and effects, Zulu DJ also supports third-party VST plugins for those who might be interested in using it. The User can import various audio file formats like a wav, mp3, and many more into their DJ decks, mix them together live, then record their mixes and store them as an audio file.

Download Zulu DJ App

7. KraMixer

If you are looking for a basic application DJ software with high-quality algorithms, then look nowhere. KraMixer is known for providing decent and stable audio performance to the available FMOD sound engine. It is one of the fastest sound engines.

The app is configured with the automatic BPM, which blends fully with the inbuilt sound effects. It’s quite a decent piece of DJ software. But you must read the license agreement carefully as the app comes bundled with 3 Spyware/Malware programs. Make sure that you dismiss these and run an adware removal tool after installing it. Currently, windows versions available for free download.

Download KraMixer App

8. DJ Mix Lite


DJ Mix Lite allows us to play continuous music with crossfading, beat matching mixes between songs. It has built-in Beat lock Technology so that it can make beat-aware. This technology does not change your sound files. It just analyses them to find the beat.

You just provide your playlist, and the music is all set. You can also edit the mix position and length, listen to it in your headphones in case you want to do some tweaks on the fly. It is only available to Windows users.

 Download DJ Mix Lite

9. DJ ProDecks


DJ ProDecks free DJ software that certainly deserves to draw attention. It supports a broad range of input audio formats such as WMA, FLA, AAC and MP2, and of course, MP3 and WAV.

It helps any professional DJ controller with the DJ PRO DECKS while using up to three effects per deck simultaneously. These are echo, flanger, and wah. Additionally, you get three memory banks per deck for holding cue points and loops and three sample slots per deck for one-shot effects as well.

Another feature that includes an auto loop and auto mix, real-time EQ, and auto deck sync based on tempo, with auto beat detection. 

Download DJ ProDecks

10. YOU.DJ

The concept of YOU.DJ might not seem a bit conventional. It looks innovative at first. Once you open it in your browser, you will understand it. All you have to do is visit their website, and there you can start mixing your favorite tunes right away.

There are several songs pre-loaded within this software, but you can also look for titles on Sound Cloud and even YouTube with the given search tool in the browser on the left. You can also peruse multiple genres or arrange your tracks by creating custom playlists on the fly.

Download YOU.DJ

11. CuteDJ Pro


CuteDJ Pro is a DJ software application that allows you to play your music and control it using the software or a hardware controller. It is available for PC and Mac users. It also offers a 30-day free trial. 

The software’s interface is fairly traditional. The top half of the screen is where you can mix and control your music. The bottom half of the screen is known as the audio library.

CuteDJ allows you the ability to mix audio, video, and even karaoke files. It supports files like MP3, M4A, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and so on. 

Download CuteDJ Pro

12. Traktor Pro 2


Traktor has become a popular choice for DJ’s over the years. It is founded by Native Instruments, a German company in 1996. It was known for its software instruments, but now it covers various music segments. Traktor won several awards, including the DJ tech award in 2009 and 2010.

Traktor Pro 2 is the latest version. Its layout is very similar to Serato DJ with its dark background that is comfortable on the eye. You can control each section and mix separate stems together. You can create your own mash-ups and remixes from inside the software.

Download Traktor Pro2 App

13. CrossDJ


CrossDJ comes with several versions, but the free edition is still surprisingly amazing. It provides you two decks and three effects, two full-featured video decks with 35 video transitions, camera integration and a titler, plus three video effects. You can also record video output.

It is iTunes supported, and also iOS remote support. It is also available on the Google Play Store.

Download Windows Version

Download Android Version

Final Words :

Software is ever-changing and improving day by day. This article provides you top 13 best free DJ software that you can download and play around with. After all, you want the best DJ software for yourself. All those applications have amazing features that you will find relevant in your DJ gigs. We hope that you find the best DJ software for your needs whether you’re a beginner or a festival DJ. 

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