9 Best Fake Tweet Generator Tools in 2021

We are extremely overwhelmed as well as shocked while writing this amazing article on the best fake tweet generator tools. Honestly, I even came to know about it recently and then I checked my Twitter account. Hilarious! Earlier I used to think about how my friends became popular so fast, how they were rocking in such a short span of time. Finally, I talked to my team and decided to write an article on this amazing topic.

Fake tweet generator tools are extensively used by users to make their brand but more popularly these are used to do pranks with friends and fellow partners. Hundreds of tools are available on the Internet to do so but we have become very choosy to get the best of them. Make your fake profile, do fake tweets, create fake retweets, likes even with Twitter verified ticks! This is the next level of fun to make these fake tweets by hiding your own identity.
No one ever knows whether it is a fake tweet. Just kick off friends and make them jealous by showing how strong your personality is. So what are waiting for, scroll down and use your favorite tools. We are betting that you will insanely love all the tools.

1. Tweetgen

Best Fake Tweet Generator

Nonetheless, Tweetgen is the most popular and among the best fake tweet generator tools in 2021. This fake tweet generator creates exactly the same tweet as real, even impossible to recognize by experts. Tweetgen allows users to easily set up a tweet including name, username, pic, tweet, time according to your preferences. Also, You can click on randomize to create a random tweet.

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You can also use the image tweet reply format and preview your tweets. Tweetgen comes with four templates and more are coming soon. Four templates include updated tweets, reply chain tweets, blocked accounts, and suspended accounts. It does not require any further editing or photoshop. This free tool allows high customization within seconds. Just make your credentials and tweet.


Completely free to use

Requires no skill to customize

Very light and clean interface

Verified checkmark

Set in light, dim, and dark mode

Fake reply chain tweets

Resemble as original

Blocked and suspended platform

Fake profile coming soon

Visit Tweetgen

2. Zeoob

Best Fake Tweet Generator

Zeoob is overall best fake tweet generator tool as it is not limited to only twitter but also useful for snapshot, facebook, instagram, whatsapp, and popular other social media accounts. You can set your name, your twitter user-name, type tweet and set date of tweet and see live preview of your tweet before publishing. Using fake tweet generator tools is as simple as it sounds, just put your data on editable areas and update.

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You can either directly share tweet to your profile or save to your device by clicking on save your tweet. Additonally, you can generate a fake tweet for older version of twitter and astonish your friends (or enemy) by publish them. Zeoob also allows to make your fake profile and fake followers for twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.


Free to use

Comes with large compatibility

Generate fake tweets for twitter, facebook, instagram, snapshot, etc

Easy to customizaton

Can create fake profile

Direct share to your profile

Allow verified blue tick

Supports older version of twitter

Visit Zeoob

3. Prank Me Not

Best Fake Tweet Generator

Prank Me Not is a wonderful fake tweet generator tool to generate a complete fake conversation along with fake tweets. As the name suggests, Prank Me Not is perfect to create automatic funny tweets using popular profiles. It is also a useful tool for Facebook status generator, tweet generator, and message generator.

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Prank Me Not allows users to upload profile snapshots, write status, random likes, and add comments. Also, you can make your friends fool by generating fake Facebook chats and profile pictures at no time. No matter whether any conversation takes place in the past, generating them is always a fun choice.


Best to generate fake conversation

Automatic random tweets

Use for Twitter and Facebook

Create fake profiles on Facebook

Fake Facebook account, comments, and likes

Funny fake tweet generator tool

Allow multiple languages

Visit Prank Me Not

4. Dizwa

Best Fake Tweet Generator

Dizwa is more or less similar to other best fake tweet generator tools but more intended for Twitter. You can upload fake profile pictures and fake chats as long as you want. Just select your profile, name, user name, type of tweet, time, retweets, and likes. You can easily imitate tweets with celebrities’ Twitter profiles. Furthermore, you can decide whether you need an official tick or not to publish your tweet as the tick makes it look more professional comparatively.


Best for Twitter

Long tweets and chats

Easy to customize

Create high profiles easily

Offer official tick

Facebook chat generator

Create professional tweet photo

Visit Dizwa

5. Tucktools

Best Fake Tweet Generator

Tucktools is an amazing fake tweet generator tool with a superbly dark mode screen. You can download the tweet and share it with your friends via other media. Tucktool is listed in our best fake tweet generator tools due to its versatility as it allows you to make fake tweets for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapshot also.

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Visit through the given link, Tucktools let you easily edit the Twitter template. Just set your name, fake client name, type tweet, date, and time. You can also see a live preview before getting published. You need to download the screenshot or image to share it on your Twitter account or somewhere. The Good part is that Tucktools does not store any of your data, which means it is completely safe to use.


Free to use

No need to download or install any extensions

Share on multiple platforms

Generate tweets for various social media platforms

Live preview before submission

Not store any data

Customize according to your preferences

Visit Tucktools

6. Wofox

Best Fake Tweet Generator

Wofox fake tweet generator tool is more particularly designed to make fake tweets for Twitter. If you are a beginner then Wofox is one of the best fake tweet generator tools listed. This tool allows you to create outstanding tweets and prank your fellows with just clicks. The process is as simple as it used to be.

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You need to replace the existing text, image, profile with yours and set the date & time. Then hit the live preview button to check whether everything is fine as you set it up. If all is delicious then download the screenshot and publish it on Twitter. Moreover, you can share the screenshot with your friends and other social media accounts.


Best fake tweet generator tool for Twitter


Simple interface

Online preview

No direct share

Set up any celebrity’s profile

Visit Wofox

7. Fake Twitter DM

Best Fake Tweet Generator

As the name implies, a fake twitter DM or fake detail is a funny fake tweet generator tool which generates a direct message. You can even send the same message to any individual a number of times. Messages can be delivered without revealing the identity of the sender with any renowned profile. You can prank with your friends by creating long fake conversations. Also, capture the screenshot and share with your and show your credibility. Let them feel jealous!


Best direct fake messages

Send to any individuals

Useful for long conversations

Compatibility with PC, Mac, Android, iPhone

Can hide your identity

User-friendly website

Visit Fake Twitter DM

8. Simitator

Best Fake Tweet Generator

Simitator is a versatile fake tweet generator as well as fake Facebook posts. Believe it or not, no one can distinguish between the original and fake Facebook posts. You can employ emoticons and also upload your own profile photos for post and comments. Download the tweet in JPG format and share it among friends. However, the website contains ads but it wouldn’t lessen its popularity because it is so simple and among the best fake tweet generator tools for Facebook and Twitter.


Fast tweet generator

Distinct Facebook post generator 

Can upload your own profile on others tweet

Very easy to use website

Visibility setting

Download in JPG format 

Visit Simitator fake tweet

9. Generate Status Fake Tweet Generator

Best Fake Tweet Generator

Generate status as name implies, can generate fake tweets as well as fake status for Facebook. This tweet generator comes with automatic updation with the latest Twitter interface and this is why it gets positioned in the list of best fake tweet generator tweets. Generator status comes with popular celebrity templates like BTS Tweets, Trump Tweets, etc to do pranks with your friends.

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Upload the image, type fake name, fake username, official tick, put image, set date & time, number retweets & likes count, set date & time, and finally download the image. Now, it’s your choice whether to share on Twitter or any other social media accounts.


Create fake Twitter tweets

Produce status for Facebook

Inbuilt popular celebs template

Allows official tick

Auto-update with original Twitter interface 

Simple interface to use

Download and share tweet image

Create links for the tweets

Visit Generate Status

Final Words

We know, you never feel this level of excitement while reading an article. So do not forget to pour your feelings in the comment section below. Fake tweet generators not only let you have fun with friends but also allow you to build your special Aura. As you read above, these tools are very simple to use. Just upload the image, type fake name, fake username, official tick, put image, set date & time, number retweets & likes count, set date & time, and finally download the image.
Rarely anyone can distinguish between fake and real profiles as all tools come with a verified profile tick. Fake tweeting tools are not limited to only Twitter, you can create fake Facebook posts, Instagram tweets, and other social media accounts. Now, we are leaving you with your favorite tool. Do prank, create a brand, or do whatever you want to do and share with us.

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