Best Educational Software for students in 2021

We always read and listen that education is the most powerful weapon as well as the key to success. Since the last decade or more specifically, the last two years have completely changed the education sector and the way of learning. As the @21st century is known as the Technological Era, the education sector also digitized up to some extent. Teachers, Students, Schools, Colleges, and Universities, all come to the digital platform.

The digital era was transformed by the great efforts of developers, especially by software and application developers. You can now read, write, speak, attend classes, take lectures, get grades, and degrees on the digital platform itself. Today, we have millions of applications that support education, that make education easier from students as well as teachers’ points of view. Although, among these millions of softwares, we have to find some best educational software for students because we can not go with all of them.

1. OneNote

Best Educational Software

OneNote is a note-taking software and is widely popular among students. OneNote is the best educational software for students due to its wide availability and easy-to-use interface. You can take notes by typing, highlighting, or ink annotations across any device. Along with this, students are allowed to record audio notes, insert online videos, and add files. It also has a OneNote web clipper in which you can save any clip, an article from the internet, and share it with your classmates.

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  • Easy to use interface
  • Free educational software
  • Typing, highlighting, ink annotations
  • Web clipper
  • Easy organization of notes
  • Audio notes, video notes
  • Available on all devices; Android, iPhone, iPads, PC, etc

Download OneNote

2. EDX

Best Educational Software

EDX is free software that offers free popular courses by MIT, Harvard, Texas, Boston, Maryland, etc. This best educational software for students becomes a hope of ray for underprivileged students or the students who can not afford expensive education but dream to study in big universities. Along with this, EDX offers all the available courses engineering to humanity and data science even learn your favorite language. There are written lectures and detailed lecture videos as well as practice with quizzes, open response assessments, virtual environments, and more.

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  • Best educational software for undergraduate and post-graduate
  • Completely free software
  • Courses from 160 world’s top universities
  • Learn with million of people
  • Available all courses
  • Open response assessments
  • Language learning courses

Download EDX

3. GeoGebra

Best Educational Software

GeoGebra, as the name suggests, is a mathematics application which assists in graphing, geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, etc. It is a learn and fun software with over 1 million free activities, simulations, exercises, lessons, and games for math & science. Geogebra touches every aspect of mathematics including arithmetics, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, algebra, statistics, etc. Learn all types of graphs with greater excellence and take classes remotely for mathematics. It has topic-wise dedicated maths video lectures with impressive explanations as well as a doubt-solving community.

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  • Best educational software for mathematics 
  • Cover all mathematics course
  • Excellent video lectures
  • Doubt solving community
  • Huge practice quizzes
  • Remote access of lectures
  • Mathematical simulation and games

Download GeoGebra

4. Moodle

Best Educational Software

Moodle is no need to introduce! It is the world’s best educational software for students from lower and higher grades. This is an open-source Learning Management System (LMS) with more than 38M+ courses and actively participated by 240+ countries. Moodle has courses for K-12 classes to higher education, vocational training courses to workplace learning. As it is open-source software, it is managed by millions of volunteers, teachers, experts, professionals to customize, hosting, support, and training for students. Moodle is dedicated to providing the largest online learning and trusted solution platform by empowering educators.


  • Largest educational software for students
  • Have 38M+ courses
  • Available for K-12, undergraduate, higher education, and vocational training
  • Support Catalan, English, Spanish
  • Open-source software
  • Volunteered by teachers, experts, professionals

Download Moodle

5. CK-12

Best Educational Software

CK-12 is the most interactive educational software for students across the United States. It contains science, mathematics, social science, photography, adult education, and more courses in the form of audio, videos, simulations, and story mode. CK-12 reduces the burden of books as well as the burden of boring chapters for students. The chapters in this platform are based on simulation and very interactive and learning becomes fun as well as easy-to-understand concepts.


  • Interactive learning platform
  • Up to grade-12
  • Free Software
  • Video and simulation learning
  • Audio, video classes
  • Science, social science, mathematics, photography courses are available 

Download CK-12

6. Bookful

Best Educational Software

Bookful, as the name suggests, is a collection of books that transform reading into a 3D & AR interactive learning experience. The Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D graphics includes school lectures along with dinosaurs and classic literature to make study fun. Parents can track their child’s progress, achievements, and earned badges. Bookful allows for a personalized reading experience, according to your child’s interests and reading level. Not only chapters and stories, students can practice pronunciation, reading and spelling. Bookful might not be the best educational software for students but is overall a good learning experience.


  • Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D graphics platform
  • Contains classic literatures
  • Study materials available as per the interest
  • Student progress tracking system
  • Learn spelling and pronunciation 
  • Easy to use and Ad-free

Download Bookful

7. Duolingo

Best Educational Software

Duolingo is an American based free language learning application to gain real world communication skills. It is the most popular educational software loved by more than 300M+ students to learn, read, and speak various languages. Duolingo consists of multiple languages with different levels according to the learner’s learning capability and pace. Each level has a set levels of learning topics, assessment quizzes, and points which leads you to the next level. When it comes to the students, duolingo proved to be an excellent software to let the students master multiple languages. The popular languages include Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Dutch, Turkish, Korean, Greek, Mandarin Chinese, etc.


  • To learn, speak, and read various languages
  • AI-based lessons
  • Available 30+ languages to be mastery
  • Impressive assessment tests
  • Language games and challenges
  • Available on App Store and Play Store
  • Free but contain Ads

Download Duolingo

8. Notability

Best Educational Software

If you are not familiarize with OneNote the Notability could be your best educational software or class companion. It allows you to integrate handwriting, photos, and typing in a single note to bring your projects to life by using broad range of note-taking and sketching tools. Even if you have PDF files to edit, you can easily edit and annonate your PDFs. Notability with advanced features such as zooming any particular area of your pdf or any file to demonstrate the importance and combine it with sketches.


  • Allow handwriting, photo writing, and typing
  • Organize all file
  • Edit and annonate PDFs
  • Scale, rotate, re-color the PDF
  • Zooming specific part of file
  • Share to anyone with Airdrop, email, and dropbox
  • Available on Android and iOS

Download Notability

9. Edmodo

Best Educational Software

Edmodo is an application and website which is the best educational software for students as well as for teachers to create engaging classrooms. With Edmodo, students can send messages, share class materials, and make learning accessible from anywhere. Teachers can share their lecture videos, create assessment tests and modules, and create groups for specific projects. Schools and teachers manage their classrooms, classroom activity, track progress, and grades with Edmodo.


  • Best for sharing materials and learning
  • Interactive classroom for students and teachers
  • Stay in sync with teachers
  • Class updates
  • Students progress tracking
  • Accessible from any device, anywhere
  • Interaction with class students and teachers

Download Edmodo


We hope these softwares going to help you immensely in your upcoming academic years. You don’t have to pay a single penny to utilize these applications and to improve your studies. The listed applications help you to get the right courses as per your interest and according to your school/college policies. Whether you are under K-12, school students, or education students, these softwares help you in every stage of education. Even you don’t need to wait for months, years to learn anything, just download and learn what you want and what interests you, gain knowledge, and boost your grades.

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