The 13 Best DNS Gaming Server for Free & Paid in 2021

Do you have knowledge about working on the Internet or are you a network administrator? Then you might know about the DNS or Domain Name Server. But if you don’t know then here we give the complete details about what is DNS and which are the best DNS gaming server. So, if you are looking for the same details then let’s have a look at the complete article without missing the single one.

Domain Name Server is the basic building block of the internet without which the internet does not exist. Whenever we connect to our internet, our ISP (Internet Service Provider) gives us a default DNS server. In short, DNS is a server that helps you to translate human-friendly URLs into a machine-friendly IP address.

Generally, people change their DNS to improve performance or security or both. There are many free or paid DNS servers available. As we discussed above, our Internet Service Provider provides DNS whenever you connect to the Internet, but this may be the best DNS server for you. Slow DNS might be cause a delay before websites start loading and you might not access the website.

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As we know, there are two types, of DNS available one is free and the other is paid. When we switching to a free public DNS we can identify real difference with responsive browsing facility and fewer chances of technical errors. At free DNS some of the services also block to avoid phishing attack and some offer content filtering to keep your child safe from the worst site.

So, while choosing the DNS you need to take care because all Internet Service Providers do not provide better service but it helps you to take you in the right direction. Today in this article, we are going to represent the best DNS gaming server that might be helping you to choose the right DNS.

Generally, whenever our broadband is slow down, we find websites a little bit sluggish. DNS is one of the best, easy, quick, and cheap options to improve your browsing experience. As we know there are so many ISP providers that provide free or paid DNS. We change the domain name server to improve the performance and speed of our website.

Other than this, there are some other reasons that force you to change your DNS. So, here we are providing the common reasons for using an alternate DNS server. Based on the location of the DNS server you can get better speed. The third-party DNS server will also protect you against phishing and other malware attacks.

At the initial stage, you have to pay if you want to use any other DNS server other than the ISP service provider provides you. Now so many companies provide free and public DNS servers. So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of the best DNS Gaming Servers for free then below we give 13 best DNS servers.

13 Best DNS Gaming Server 

1. Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS is one of the best DNS servers that are freely available. This DNS server came into the world in December 2009 with the aim to make the internet more reliable and safe. As per the website, Google Public DNS protects you against various malware attacks especially when you are using the older hardware to access the internet.

By shifting your server to Google Public DNS, you will get security with high speed. Google uses Anycast routing for finding a closet server for data communication that assures you that you get all the data from the server within minimum time.

To use this server, you need to configure your network and use and as your DNS. This DNS server also supports IPv6 addresses. So, based on the benefits Google Public DNS is the best DNS Gaming server for you that freely available. To use this server you can also visit the below-given link.

2. Cloudflare DNS

Faster Internet

Cloudflare is one of the best and worlds prominent DNS servers that famous for its domain security and performance. Before some time ago, this server launched its new DNS service that gives you the best, free, and public DNS servers that you can use. The new DNS server works on that is a very fast and secure server.

This DNS server never logs your IP address that your Internet Service Provider uses to track your internet surfing. This DNS server provides excellent speed that is more than other DNS service providers are. Other than this, this DNS server provides very easy set up for you that takes your few minutes to set-up.

Cloudflare DNS server allowed you to access the blocked content. So, because of all these benefits and facilities, Cloudflare is one of the best third-party DNS servers among all that you can easily use. To use this best DNS Gaming Server, you can use the below-given link.

3. OpenDNS

open DNS

OpenDNS is one of the Best DNS Gaming Servers among all, which is freely available. This server built by Cisco, which is very famous in networking. This DNS server provides you tools that help you to access the internet very fast and secure way. Not only this but this server also helps you to prevent attacks from shoddy and forged clone websites.

This server also blocks phishing websites that have been flagged for carrying malware. Just like Google Public DNS, this server also uses Anycast routing to route your connection to your nearby DNS server that gives you faster page load time.

OpenDNS server comes with self-healing technologies with its server that spread across three continents. So, if you want an old and reliable server for you then OpenDNS is the best choice for you. This DNS works on the and IP address. To use this reliable and the best DNS gaming server, you can use the below-given link.

4. DNS.Watch


DNS. Watch is one of the great third-party DNS servers for all who want internet surfing without the pain of any blocked content. This DNS server is totally free and you do not require any installations. DNS. Watch gives you the best-unrestricted internet experience. This server company believes in user privacy so that this server does not record user internet history.

DNS. Watch is a smaller company so that you do not have the resources to bring threat analysis like other DNS service providers. So, by using this server you do not have to worry about the malware and phishing attacks. The IP address for this DNS is and To use this DNS server you can use the following link.

5. Comodo Secure DNS


Comodo Secure DNS is a domain name resolution service that solves your DNS request via the company’s best DNS server. This DNS server provides the best, fast, and reliable internet services than other DNS servers. This server does not require any software or hardware installation. This DNS server’s infrastructure spread in various 15 locations and 5 continents across the world.

So, this server provides high-speed internet. Just like all other DNS servers, this server also keeps away you from various malware and phishing attack. This server references a real-time block list harmful website and gives alert to users whenever they access these kinds of websites.

This DNS server work on and So, to switch over your DNS to this one of the best DNS gaming servers, you can visit the following link.

6. Verisign


Verisign is a public and free DNS server that promises you stability, privacy, and security. Among all three, stability is very important because it guarantees that you always connected with your DNS server and the server never slows down because of the DNS server that you use.

This DNS Company also gives promises you to provide robust protection from security flaws across the Internet. This server never sells your query to the third party and never redirects your queries to serve you an ad. As we told that, this server is totally freely available for all.

The IP address for this DNS server is and Though it is not the fastest DNS server, just because of its tangible benefits makes it one of the best DNS gaming Server among all. For more details about this server, visit the above link.

7. Quad9 DNS


Quad9 DNS is another best, public, and free DNS server that you can use to route your traffic away from Internet Service Provider’s DNS server. Like any other DNS server, once this server configures, it sends your DNS queries via the secure network of servers across the world.

This DNS server uses threat intelligence techniques from more than 12 leading industries in cybersecurity to give a real-time perspective on website threat analysis. Whenever this DNS server finds an infected website then it immediately blocked that so that your device remains safe from malware attacks.

Set up for Quad9 DNS is very easy and for that one does not need any software installation. This DNS gaming server work on a IP address. So, to use this DNS server, you should go to the above-given link.

8. CleanBrowsing


CleanBrowsing is a very famous browser for parents, kids, and families for safe browsing experience. As the name suggests, this DNS server blocks the adult content on the web. Moreover, this DNS server protects your device from phishing and malware websites and domains. The basic service for this server is paid, there is a free tier that offers 3 filters that are: Family, Security, and Adult.

A security filter helps you to protect you from malicious activity on your home network. Likewise, Adult Filter blocks obscene content on the web. Third Family Filter provides both security and adult filter. Not only has this but CleanBrowsing also blocks websites that have mixed content like Tumblr and Reddit.

Moreover, this DNS server also sets YouTube to safety mode and changes the behaviour of other similar websites. So, if you want strict filtration then you should go with the Family filtration option. This DNS server uses the different IP addresses for all three filers i.e. for Security Filter it uses, for adult filter it uses and for family filter it uses IP address.

To use this one of the best DNS gaming servers for free, use the above-given link.

9. AdGuard DNS

Adguard DNS

AdGuard DNS is another popular and free DNS server that you can use on Windows, Mac Os, iOS, and Android devices. This DNS server is famous for its ad-blocking facility but other than this, it also provides so many other services.

This DNS server block trackers and analysis tools system that you always look on the web. In addition, it also stops adult content and malicious websites. Using the family protection mode of this server, you can save the search in different web browsers.

One interesting part of this server is, you do not install any other app to get all these features. For that, you just set this DNS manually and you will complete the setup process. Just like other best DNS servers, this server also does not log queries or user actions. This server uses as a default IP address and as a family protection IP.

To use this one of the best DNS gaming servers, use the above-given link.

10. Alternate DNS

Alternate DNS

Alternate DNS is a new DNS server that gives the best speed and voucher for its reliability and server. Just like other DNS server, this server provides you facility to blocking ads, harmful websites, adult content, and trackers. Other than this, this DNS server supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and because of this, you will get better speed.

This DNS server uses and IP address for DNS. To use this DNS server go to the above-given link.

11. Norton ConnectSafe

Norton ConnectSafe is a prominent and best DNS gaming server that famous for its intent security software and services. This DNS server will protect your device from phishing and malware attacks. This DNS server uses IP address. ConnectSafe DNS server can filter content such as porn content, file sharing, and mature content.

To use this free and safe DNS gaming server you can go through the top of the given link.

12. OpenNIC DNS Server

Open NIC

Open NIC is also one of the best, free, and open DNS gaming servers for all. This server describes itself as an Organisation of hobbyists who run an alternative DNS network. Because of this, you can get the access of domain names that are not controlled by the web regulator ICANN>

All the Open NIC public servers are already listed on the official website of open NIC that will point you to your nearest working server. Not only this, but also this website also provides the wizard for changing Domain Name server settings to access the OpenNIC server for Android, Linux, iOS, and Windows.

This DNS server uses IP address for DNS. The best of this DNS server is that there is no performance impact and it does not interfere with traffic. So, this server is completely secure and you can use unfiltered data on the internet using this server. To use this DNS server for your devices, use the below-given link.

13. GreenTeam DNS


GreenTeam DNS is another free and public domain name server for all. This server lives and breath security and has its own latent keep out ten thousand of severe dangerous and malware websites that include adult content, malware, many more things that harm your device.

This DNS server is perfect for those who want to have more control over what will appear on your device screen when you start browsing. This server uses IP address for DNS. So, if you want more security then you should go for this server and try it out at least once. To try out this server use the below-given link.

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Final Words:

So, all these are the best DNS gaming server that is freely available in 2020 for all. Using any of the above-mentioned DNS services, one can get a better experience with fast internet access. After understanding the nature of the various DNS gaming servers from various aspects like security, speed, dependableness, cost, and many more you can decide which one is the best DNS serve for you.

The free version of all these Best DNS servers provides the facility to block adult content. Many of us purchase the premium version of the DNS server that will give you the best speed and security, but it’s not true. Because all the above-mentioned DNS servers are, free and give you the best DNS server facility.

If you like my post, Best DNS Gaming Server for free then you can free to share this blog with your friends. You can also share your feedback about this blog in the below-given comment box. Thanks for reading.

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