7 Best Daemon Tools Alternative

Are You looking for a daemon tools alternative? If yes, continue with this page where you will get everything about daemon tools and why you need alternatives. Probably you come across the program files on your system which are only accessible after converting these soft data files to hardware. The hardware could be CDs, DVDs, a hard disk drive, a USB flash drive, and Blu-ray disks in your Mac OS or windows. Disk images files are the exact digital copies of these optical media.

In simple words, when you download any software on your system, the software installs a virtual optical drive on your PC, which functions exactly the same as a normal drive. But instead of physical media, you feed it image files. To extract these iso/disk files, the first step is to store their data on the hard disk.

For this, you required a 3rd party application, and daemon tools are the most demanding and reliable for mounting these files as well as the first choice of users. In this mounting process, an operating system makes files on storage devices by converting ISO images into physical CDs and DVDs.

Why do we need Daemon Tools

Even after promising profile and efficiency, and designed with recent updates, users are still searching for the best daemon tools alternative for Windows and Mac. Why? No doubt daemon tools are best among the available in the market but it has its own limitations.

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First, it takes a significant amount of RAM of your system which makes multitasking a bit difficult as well as slower. Second, If you are not a computer champ then possibly you will find difficulties in daemon operation as it doesn’t come with a sufficient user guide. Third, but not as important, daemon tools are not completely free. You have to buy premium service for full access.

Daemon tools Alternative

1. WinMount

WinMount is almost similar and considered as the best daemon tools alternative with pros of less complexity to operate. So, if you don’t feel comfortable with daemon tools then WinMount is the best one you should try. You don’t need to be a computer or software champ to work with it. In some ways, Winmount is even better than daemon as the former is also packed with compressed and decompressed data files when necessary.


  • Take less space comparatively
  • No lagging issue while multifunctioning
  • Compress and decompress the files
  • Beginner friendly
  • Work as converter for files to MOU

Download WinMount

2. WinCDEmu

WinCDEmu is an open-source and free daemon tools alternative. It doesn’t support all formats as a daemon but all popular formats like .ISO, .CUE, .NRG, .MDS, .BIN, .CCD, .IMG, etc. The special feature it offers is that it doesn’t require any installation and doesn’t need to keep a mounting program, just needs driver installation. WinCDEmu offers more independent rights such as choosing your language and opt-in or out of UAC. It comes with a powerful emulator which can handle the heavy mounting processes and also has a minimalist interface.

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  • Free and open-source
  • No need to install and keep the mounting program
  • 20+ language support
  • Clean and impressive interface
  • Takes only 2MB of space
  • Support 32-bit and 64-bit windows

Download WinCDEmu

3. Virtual CloneDrive

Virtual CloneDrive as the name suggests is a virtual daemon tools alternative that doesn’t exist in the device either but still mount images both from hard disk and network drives. For your convenience, it asks you to agree with some presented file formats during (virtual) installation. The major formats are CCD, DVD, ISO, IMG, UDF, and BIN disk image. For beginner, who is looking for alternative to daemon tools, CloneDrive could be the best choice and daemon tools alternative due to easy navigation and support of more than 15 drives.

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  • Virtual tool, so don’t assume any space 
  • Support hard disk and virtual drives
  • History record of recently mounted images
  • Easy navigation makes it beginner-friendly
  • Support standard formats like CCD, DVD, ISO, IMG, UDF

Download Virtual CloneDrive

4. Alcohol Portable

Alcohol Portable is another best alternative to daemon tools and doesn’t need to install any software as in Virtual CloneDrive. It is relatively very easy to use as here, you don’t require to download software on your computer but it has a ‘setup file’ which is stored in a specific folder. When you enter into the program, you can remove that folder, so technically, you are storing nothing on your system. Additionally, it is simple to mount and demount images with single clicks. The only downside of alcohol portable is that it doesn’t support all formats but supports popular standard formats.


  • Easy functioning
  • No software installation required
  • Just drag and drop files
  • Single-click operation
  • Support all standard formats
  • Easy mount and demount disk files 

Download Alcohol Portable 

5. UltraISO

If you are looking for a daemon tools alternative that is not limited to only mounting images then UltraISO could be your best choice. UltraISO is an ISO CD/DVD image file creating, editing, converting, burning, and emulating tool and a bootable CD/DVD/USB maker. When you use the hard drive for mounting ISO files, it directly edits the CD/DVD image file and extracts files and folders from it, as well as directly makes ISO files from your CD/DVD-ROM. It is easy to create, organize, convert ISO images but you need to purchase this tool after completing the free trial.


  • Directly edit and mount the ISO disk image
  • Extract files directly from ISO image files
  • Create CD/DVD image
  • Support all formats
  • Automatically optimize the images, so take very less space
  • Maintain bootable information

Download UltraISO

6. ImgDrive

ImgDrive is a single click tool and very small, so takes literally no space for your system. If you have downloaded an ISO image and want to use it without burning it to a blank disc, ImgDrive is the easiest way to do it. Why we considered it the best daemon tools alternative because ImgDrive runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions from 2000 to Windows 10. Furthermore, it does not ask for rebooting after installation and support 7 virtual disks at the same time as well this alternative to daemon tools, completely free to use.


  • One click mounting of ISO images
  • Very small tool, no lagging issue
  • Does not require rebooting after installation
  • Free to use
  • Support all standard file formats
  • Support over 10 languages
  • Support 7 drives at a time

Download ImgDrive

7. Phantom Burner

Phantom Burner is a virtual daemon tools alternative that supports all optical disc formats. You can use it on any computer to burn CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and HD DVDs using any application program as it doesn’t need any physical media. Phantom burner support some additional features like; Generate MP3 files from practically any audio file type, Emulating a physical recorder in Virtual PC and Vmware, etc. It is a versatile tool which compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux also. It has a free version as well as the full paid version, select any as per your affordability.


  • Support all operating systems
  • Support all file formats
  • Easy to mount images from CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays etc
  • No space required as it is virtual tool
  • Free to use except full version
  • Mp3 converter from any audio file

Download Phantom Burner


Undoubtedly, Daemon tools are essential for most users especially for a computer champ that regularly confronts the disk/ISO images files. But it doesn’t mean that daemon tools are the only ones that can create copies from the physical disk. We discussed the top daemon tools alternative which can work with the same pace and accuracy as daemon tools. Even some tools work better than that and offer versatile features.

If you are already working with daemon tools, we will recommend giving a shot at this alternative to daemon tools, you will see the difference. We hope you will get the most compatible tool for your system from the above list.

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