9 Best Cloud Based Productivity Suites in 2021

Once there was a motto of Go Online and now the time is to Go Cloud. Going cloud means you can store unlimited data/files without using a single byte of your computer and can access from any corner of the earth! This not only makes productivity fast and efficient but also secure and easy accessible. Cloud based productivity suites improve the collaboration between the team members to the great extent.

Productivity suites makes it possible to access a file from anywhere and from any device instantly, no need to carry your computer with you. We bring the best cloud based productivity suites for you from the hundreds of available productivity suites. More commonly, we are came across Microsoft Office and its products but there are very good productivity suites available on lesser price, although MS Office can not be beatable yet you can select among the most cost effective solutions.

1. Microsoft Office

best cloud based productivity suites

Microsoft office is do not need to be introduce! This is the first choice of professionals, students, and Entrepreneurs. MS office known for its user-friendly interface and highly secured technology when it comes to the best cloud based productivity suites. Although, MS office has in-built application bundles that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One-note, etc. If you want to store your all data on cloud storage the you can web based MS office, otherwise, it has One Drive application which store all the data cloud. You do not need to install any separate cloud based productivity suites.

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  • Excellent user interface
  • All in one bundle
  • Oldest cloud based productivity suit
  • Massive cloud storage up to 1TB
  • Subscription based application, not comes free
  • Excellent service support if you have any storage issues
  • Available both online and offline

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2. LibreOffice

best cloud based productivity suites

LibreOffice is the most popular, free, and open source software, considered one of the best alternative of MS office as well as best cloud based productivity suites. This is the favorite software many users (including me) who won’t like to pay for services. However, LO don’t have any dedicated software like One drive but you can still save your files or data to cloud storage. To do this, while saving your files, click on file menu and select the option Save as remote. By default LibreOffice use Google drive to save files and you can access you files from cloud storage by log in your drive account.

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  • Free and open source software
  • Save as many files you want
  • Accessible all files through google drive
  • No monthly or annual subscription
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to save to cloud storage with some clicks
  • No need of installation separate application

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3. G Suite

best cloud based productivity suites

G suite is another name in the list of powerful and best cloud based productivity suites in 2021 developed by Google. Users can communicate and collaborate anytime and anywhere as well as from any device. You can manage your professional email, file storage, meetings, online calendars, document editing, etc from anywhere. If you want to make your cloud storage secure, it could be done via strong admin management, Moreover, you can trust on Google services. G suite is a paid productivity suite but it is cost effective when we compare it to others. Also, it comes with 14 days free trial, later you can go for subscription.


  • Professional productivity suite by Google
  • Cost effective software
  • Manage all cloud based data
  • Highly secured interface
  • User friendly design
  • 14 days trial for new users
  • Google’s email is inferior to Microsoft’s outlook

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4. iWork

best cloud based productivity suites

iWork could be the best cloud based productivity suites for Apple’s iPhone and iPad users. It allows word processing, numbers for spreadsheets, and Keynote for presentations similar to Microsoft offers to office users. With pages you can store, import, export, and access every document including newsletter, stories, resume, books, etc. Numbers allows to form spreadsheets without any limitations and save & access them from anywhere. Lastly, Keynote is useful tool for store and export all types of presentations even keynote data easily convertible with Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • Suitable for businesses
  • Compatible for Microsoft as well
  • Easy to store, import, and export
  • Only limited to Apple’s products
  • Free web version for Mac, iOS
  • Clean and decent interface than MSO and LO

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5. Zoho

best cloud based productivity suites

Zoho is easy to use, a versatile cloud based productivity suite, and can be accessed from any device. If you are beginners and want to invest currently then Zoho also offers free services, however with limited access. When you go for paid service then Zoho becomes the best cloud based productivity suites as it comes with a fully AI assistant that makes working too easy. For small business owners, a free suite is enough to do work on spreadsheets, word processors, slideshows, notebooks, etc.


  • Comes with decent free service
  • Excellent for small businesses
  • Fully AI assistance in paid version
  • Versatile tool
  • Wide compatibility
  • Work and accessed through any device
  • Limited storage in free version

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6. WordPerfect

best cloud based productivity suites

If you are looking for a productivity suite similar to Microsoft Office but with a lesser price then Wordperfect is waiting for you. The best part we love in Wordperfect is creating your own template and using it later to save time for future work. Although wordperfect could be among the best cloud based productivity suites due to its easy & user-friendly interface, it was not updated for many years. This is why less suits current technology but for basic uses, it provides best services.


  • Cheaper productivity suite
  • Competitive features like MS Office
  • Create your own template option
  • User-friendly interface
  • Old Fashioned interface 

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7. TeamViewer

best cloud based productivity suites

As the name suggests, TeamViewer makes it easy to collaborate with the team members from anywhere with powerful remote access capabilities. Users can hold audio and video meetings, collaborate up to 300 members simultaneously, and store all data to cloud storage automatically, if turned On. Best part is that TeamViewer is not only limited to desktop or iOS but compatible with Apple devices and Android users as well. It offers a powerful single window interface and gets all tasks done in one click.


  • Powerful cloud and web based services
  • Paid productivity suite
  • Compatible with (almost) all devices
  • Single window user friendly interface
  • Works fine in mobile devices too
  • One stop collaboration platform

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8. Pocket

best cloud based productivity suites

Pocket is exactly among the best cloud based productivity suitesbut if you are looking for something free then Pocket is our 2nd top recommendations (1st one is LibreOffice). This tool is suitable when you working online, researching, and browsing either on the web, applications, Twitter, videos, and other platforms and across the tons of data. It make perplexed or confuse what or how to take on, then Pocket suite is comes to handy. You can store all the data you came across with the single click and review them later even offline. Moreover, you can directly share all the data to your team members on their pocket platform so they can also access.


  • Save all data offline and access later
  • Share to different members in one click
  • Free cloud based productivity suites
  • Free version contains ads
  • Store audios, videos, files, apps
  • Solution for all types of data

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9. WPS Office

best cloud based productivity suites

WPS Office, developed by Kingsoft, is another cost-friendly and efficient cloud based productivity suites. WPS claims to be similar features as Microsoft office and like interface. With WPS office, users can easily collaborate with DropBox, Google Drive, Ever note, and with other office suites like Microsoft, Pocket, etc. What make it unique is File Roaming feature which create automatic document backup that can be accessed through WPS cloud website. Additionally, all the saved data accessible from desktop, mobile, and other devices.


  • Cost friendly productivity suite
  • Unique File Roaming feature
  • Synchronize document to large accessibility
  • Easy collaboration
  • Collaborate with different apps and suites
  • Competent as MS office

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This is the of our 9 best cloud based productivity suites and we hope you are satisfied with our analysis. We select this list to provide you a cost-effective solution while not compromising with the quality and features. We also listed the Free cloud based productivity suites if you don’t want to buy one. It doesn’t matter if your business or work is small or large, we highly recommend to use any of the above productivity suite to make easy access and secure your files. Which productivity tool you liked most, don’t forget to let us know with your comments.

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