11 Best Bill Reminder Apps for Android & iOS in 2021

When we are wrapped up in our daily lives and balanced our responsibilities in the family, job and everywhere, we generally forget to pay bills in our daily life. Many people generally forget to pay bills, which leads to our services sometimes getting disabled, it can be an excessive problem in major times.

Here we are listing the top 11 best and famous bill reminder apps for both android and iOS. These apps you can easily install in your smartphone and use it at any time. These best bill reminder apps help you to remind you about the bill payment date, time, and more. So, it can help you to manage many bills, multiple accounts, and more on your smartphone.

Some of these bill reminder apps allow you to easily manage account details and also track your expenditures in weekly, monthly, or yearly.

11 Best Bill Reminder Apps

Also, you can use these bill reminder apps as expense trackers to get your daily expenses on your mobile. Bill reminder apps allow you to easily track your expenses and the account details on your mobile for free. No need to pay any extra charges to use these best bill reminder apps. These apps provide for saving and reduce expenses.

1. Bills Manager and Reminder


It is one of the best bill reminder apps for both android and iOS users which easily helps you to set bill payment details and gives reminder on your mobile. It is very clean, easy to use, and understand the app. You can easily track your payment details, paid bills, and others on your smartphone at any time. To use this app there is no need for registration and also you can use this app without having an internet connection.

This Bill reminder app provides your calendar and graph overview and is supports for the localization of your currency. It has a feature to keep full bill due to reminders and is also support for full or partial payments. It is the best user friendly and it will give notifications frequently to give reminder about bills payment. Let’s install this app now and enjoy it.

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2. Easy Bills Reminder


One Best bill reminder app is the Easy Bills Reminder app for android which will help you to regulator your finances and also bills payment within time without delay. This is calendar reminds you about payments of your all bills and it has a lot of settings. If you have accepted the notifications, it automatically transfers the time to remind you within a month. It has also a lot of comprehensive settings, one of which is the date when bills come to you.

The app interfaces a very clear and user-friendly app. It is completely free but it has some premium features which are paid.

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3. MyBills – Bill reminder Android

MyBills - Bill reminder

This is one of the best bill reminder apps for android which manages all of your bills and is prevent you from late fees paying. It will manage all of your bills to keep on reminding you about bill payments. This best bill reminder app has user-friendly notifications and it gives bill reminders. And it can manage your pending bills as well as over dues. It has to keep a record of all paid bills history completely.

It is a free application and is created to simply reminding for all of your bill payments. It will also establish your financial life and never let you miss the due dates on payments. With it, you will never face a problem of pay extra late fees.

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4. Evernote

Evernote - Organize Notes

Evernote is one of the most bill reminder apps for both IOS and android users. It helps you to create a bill reminder so that you will always pay the bills within time without delay. You can sync everything in between your PC and mobile so that you will get notification everywhere, anytime.

Along with the bill reminder app you can also use this bill reminder app as an editing app and is easily create, edit, and accomplish documents on your mobile.

Easily you can create a bill reminder app for payments and others on mobiles. This app reminder can help you to the bill payment on time so that you can avoid extra charges. With this reminder app, you can also track your budget and the saving easily on your mobile.

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5. Wallet

Wallet: Personal Finance

A wallet is a new popular bill reminder apps that will help you to track your spending. So that you can always control your expenditures about your future.

So, It helps you easily to manage your expenses by various approaches. Also, you can create a reminder for the bill payments, so that you can decrease the late payment and extra amount. This app provides various and unique features every day. So that you get a chance to cut extra expenses and also save more money.

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6. Bills Organizer Free

Bills Organizer Free

This app is one of the best bill reminder apps using this app, you will have a calendar where you will check all of your overdue bills. You can check already paid bills. Whenever the bill is paid, it automatically marked. There are various Color Codes for both payable and receivable. You can divide bills into amount, categories, priority. There is a built-in calculator. And also it is possible to share the specific bill. It has multiple currency support. Due to the interactive interface of this app people are loving so much this app and it has millions of users.

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8. Fudget iOS


The best well-known bill reminder app for iPhone users. Fudget is one of the most popular in the App Store. It has a simple to use format, which allows you to make easy and quick bills and set

Bill reminders for all of your payments. It lets you set all of your budgets in several currencies as well. So, don’t wait anymore! Now, just click on the following link above and classify your life to become the best version of yourself.

The best choice in our list of the best bill reminder apps is this app. It always notifies you whenever your bill payments are due so that you can easily keep track of them conveniently. You can set reminders giving to your needs and the time duration. You can classify the bills the way you want, and add also an unlimited number of them. Lets you edit quickly and present all of the information in a calendar view, for the comfort of the users.

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9. Bill Keeper

Bill Keeper - Bill Manager

Bill keeper is one best bill reminder apps for iPhone users and it helps people to manage your bill payments easily without delay. It is the best app reminder app that lets you manage your future payments and pay all bills on time. With this topmost bill reminder app, people will never pay late charges of any bill payment of anyone. It will prompt users to pay all of the bill payments and also shortens your financial life by supervision and tracking your bills payments. It is a free app and is easy to use and where you can view what bills are before approaching or past dues in the module. You can also set a reminder alarm to pay bills on time on your mobile.

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10. Bill Pay Reminder

Bill Pay Reminder

Bill’s pay reminder is also another famous bill reminder apps for android which allows you to keep track of your bill payments. You can easily create reminders for various payments on your smartphone and easily get a notification to pay bills. The key feature of this app is to set a min date and max date to pay your bill. It sends daily notifications until you don’t dismiss the reminder or you mark as the bill is paid. It is very easy now, you don’t have to pay any extra bills.

Also, you can add your budget and compare them with your expenses and then track your saving easily at any time. It is a popular bill reminder app to track all of your bills and payments.

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11. Money Lover

Money Lover: Expense Manager

Money Lover is the best bill reminder apps for android as well as the best bill reminder app for iPhone which will helps you track your money on your mobile. You can track your expenses easily and understand when, where, and how much spending of your money. Also, you can use this bill reminder app to create a reminder for various bill payments. Through this bill reminder app, you will be able to manage your personal and family finance on your mobile.

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So these are the Best Bill reminder apps for Android and iPhone which always reminding you of bill payment dates within time.

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