15 Best Background Eraser Apps for Android in 2021

If you want to erase the background of any image, and you don’t have any experience in photoshop, now don’t worry. This article will help you to remove the background easily without any technical knowledge. Here we are giving complete information to erase the background of any image. Let us check out the best Removing background from any image that seems very easy with these background eraser apps. Let 15 background eraser apps for android.

With these background eraser apps, you can simply upload an image and just tap on the line remover to erase the background of the image. Let us turns out, your android mobile with these apps, these can help you easily to cut off background from the photos with on seconds.

There are various ways to remove the background of images and these all are will give you different results. The best thing is to try the best eraser apps for android on your image and see which one of these eraser apps gives you the best results.

1. Apowersoft Bg Remover

Apowersoft Background

Apowersoft Bg Remover is one of the best background eraser apps for Android. It is a free background eraser app that can easily erase the background of any picture. Just with a single click, you can erase the background. If you see any few edges, then you can manually erase the option is also there. Through these best options, you can erase the whole background image very easily. Also, this app has many wallpapers like scenery, cartoon, fashion, beauty, and many more.

You can try this app for free with just a small watermark and if want without a watermark, then you have the option of the premium user also.

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2. Remove.bg


Remove.bg is one of the free popular background eraser apps for android users. It is very easy to use and the options are very clear. People who are using say that it’s very user friendly and nothing difficult in usage. You just upload your image from your android mobile or simply drag and drop. Now click on the background remove option. It successfully erases the background from your image. Also, there is an option to download your current background to remove images. Just click on the Download option and save it wherever you want.

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3. Automatic Background Changer

automatic background changer

Automatic Background Changer is one of the best background eraser apps for android which is using by many people nowadays. It removes the background of any image easily just with one click like other background eraser apps.

This app is very easy to use. Not only erase the background of the image it has the option to give another more attractive background to your image. Select the best background like nature, cartoon, wallpapers, and more. Also, you can save the image and download it.

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4. Auto Photo Cut Paste

auto photo cut paste

This Auto Photo Cut Paste is one of the most popular background eraser apps for android. It has millions of users nowadays. Due to the flexibility and a lot of options it gets most popular. It gives a new look to your image by removing the background and give new trendy background options.

Also, you can manually erase other small unwanted portions of your image. You can add any stickers, smileys, text, and many more through this best background eraser app.

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5. Background Eraser

Background Eraser

This is one of the best background eraser apps for android users who want to erase the background. People can erase the background automatically with just one click or manually. This app gives 100% accurate results to remove the background of the image. Or if you want to remove any particular area of the image you can choose the specific part by crop option and erase the required part easily. It’s a great choice to remove the background of the image easily. Just upload the image, remove the background, and save the picture in your android mobile.

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6. Touch Retouch

Touch Retouch

Touch Retouch is one of the best background eraser apps for both Android and IOS. It easily removes the background objects within a few seconds. To remove the background of the picture you can upload the image and just tap on the line remover to remove wires from the picture.

It also lets you remove objects from image and you can use a brush tool or lasso. You can perform speedy repairs and remove spots from the image with this app.

Let us download Touch Retouch from play store using the following link

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7. Photo Layer: Superimposer

Photo Layer Superimposer

Photo Layer is one of the best-sophisticated background eraser apps which is designed to erase the background of the image quickly. This auto tool erases all the near pixels with the same color palette. This Magic tool is a more advanced version of the Auto tool, it identifies the edges and you can use it to erase the edge area of the subject.

After the removal of the background image with an auto tool, you can smooth out rough edges very easily. You can save the image in the required location and also share it on social media with your friends.

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8. Adobe Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Mix is a simple and free background eraser apps that is very easy to use on an android phone. You can easily crop pictures, change exposure, adjust colors, and add filters. It also lets you erase the background from the image without much stress. Also, you can crop out a slice from the image and merge it with another. It has two tools such as a basic selection tool, smart selection tool. With the smart selection tool, you can just swipe the area which you want to remove, it automatically erases the selected area. In the basic selection tool option, you can manually select the area and erase it with the eraser option. But it is user friendly, people are using this app without much more knowledge.

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9. Auto Photo Cut-Paste: Photo Background Eraser

Auto Photo Cut-Paste

Auto Photo Cut-Paste Photo Background changer is one of the super-fast and quick ways to create beautiful and amazing images. Just you can touch the area of the image which you want to erase and the Smart Auto Cut Paste tool will erase the selected area. This app has so many backgrounds with HD quality to give new look to your beautiful pictures. Also it as stylish color fonts, text, and blur option. You can easily adjust the color of the image with a brightness adjustment option. It has so many options to give much more attractiveness to your picture.

You should try this app and do modifications for your picture, share with your family members and friends, and surprise them today.

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10. Background Remover Pro

Auto Photo Cut-Paste

Background Remover Pro is one of the best background eraser apps for android. This app has several tools to remove the background quickly and easily. Just upload the picture and choose the part to erase the background. It automatically erases the background perfectly which can save your time. Also, you can erase manually by using an eraser option if any minor objects. There are many backgrounds available like flowers, sea beach, sunset, animals, nature, waterfalls, temples, and more. You can easily place them as your background.

Let us download here to remove background very perfectly

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11. Retouch Photos : Remove Unwanted Object From Photo

retouch photos

This is one of the best background eraser app for android users. With this app, you can easily erase any unwanted object, background, sticker, text, or anything on your photo. Manually with just the tip of your finger, you can remove any particular area. Also, you can apply colorful text with moderate font options which can give trendy look to your picture. You can easily share on any social media as it allows all WhatsApp, Facebook,Instagram, and more.

Let us try this app from playstore and share your lovely movements with your lovable ones.

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12. Background Changer & Eraser Android

background changer

Background Changer & Eraser Android is one of the top background eraser apps for android which is very popular in the market. It has so many options to edit your image. To remove the background of the image it very easy for you. Just up choose the image from your gallery in your android mobile, remove background with erase option. It also has color options to give customize the background to your image. If you have any small portions after removing the background with an auto tool you can just erase them with the finger rub option manually.

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13. Slick – Auto Background Changer & Eraser

Auto Background Changer

Slick is another finest background eraser app for Android. It’s very to use and share with friends. As another eraser apps, it has all features to edit pictures. Removal of background is quick and easy with one click, remove bg option. Although manual eraser options available to erase manually. It has all other options like crop, size, brightness, undo, redo, save, and more. You can also give the latest backgrounds like movies, beaches,wallpapers, kids, and many more.

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14. Background Eraser: Transparent & White Background

Background eraser is 100% free app one of the best background eraser, to erase the backgrounds of images. With the option of a marvelous magic eraser, just select the area to remove, and instantly delete it.

This is the best background for eraser apps and photo cleaner. It has options of the crop, zoom replace, and erase the background image. Let us try this magic tool and it will automatically remove the background of the image. Also, you can manually erase the background. Just select the area to remove and click on it. It removes the background. This app also huge collection of backgrounds. Also, you can add your customized background to the image.

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15. Ultimate Background Eraser

ultimate background

Ultimate Background Eraser is one of the best background eraser apps for android. This app has a lot of tools to erase the background and more options. People are using this auto eraser to remove the background of the image. Also, this auto eraser option saves time for users. It has also a manual erase option to remove small objects. Use fingers options to erasing manually. While removing the background you can zoom the image, so that it’s easy to remove small objects also.

After completion of removing the background, you can save it in your required location. It also options to share with your friends on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and more. You can save photos in different formats. Due to the more flexibility, this app has a lot of users over 1 million times.

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Hope these 15 best background eraser apps for android are useful to you. After seeing so many apps here you might get a little bit confused about which app you should try and install. Let us try any one of these and see the result. Based on your interest you like the one. Give a beautiful to your pictures and share them with your friends and family.

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