Are Triangle Solar Panels Worth it in 2022?

Solar panels are widely popular across the world since government starts to subsidize solar panels for residential use. The popular solar panel designs include square, rectangular, and more recent triangle solar panels. We always recommend using green energy rather than traditional energy systems.

Solar panels or solar energy systems are popularly adopted as they are not only efficient but also energy-saving. In this article, we will discuss why triangular solar panels are used and whether these solar panels are worth it or not.

What are Triangle Solar Panels

Triangle solar panels are similar to other designs like square and rectangular except the design. As the name suggests, the triangular solar panel has the design of a triangle (with 3 angles). It offers a beautiful look to the roof, garden, floor, or anywhere it is installed.

You can check out the best solar panel with complete kit for your home installation and take a small step towards the green energy.

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Why to use Triangular Solar Panels

Triangular-shaped solar panels are not just designed to provide an aesthetic look but they are very efficient in certain situations. They can be used along with square and rectangular solar panels as well.

Triangle solar panels are beneficial when the shape of your floor or roof is not properly distributed over the area like at the corners or edges. In this case, solar panels are not properly aligned and leave a gap adjacent to the panels.

Are triangular shaped solar panels more efficient

The efficiency of solar panels doesn’t depend on the shape of panels. So, we can’t say that triangle solar panels are more efficient or square/rectangular solar panels are more efficient.

Average solar panel efficiency varies from 10% to 15%, according to easy being green. While the maximum efficiency record to date is 34.5% in New South Wales labortary.

What affects the efficiency of solar panels

You may question that if the efficiency of solar panels is not dependent on shape then what factors affect it? The efficiency of solar panels depends on the following factors:

  • Intensity of sun or how much energy collected at a particular time
  • Cloudy environment decrease the efficiency of solar panels
  • Heat build up which reduces the efficiency by 10-25%

Can triangular solar panels used with other shapes

Yes. Even triangle solar panels and other types of solar panels make a great combination together. Since solar panels are majorly used on the roof, but if design of roof is not rectangular or square then it is obvious that there are unavoidable gaps.

To compensate these gaps, triangular shaped solar panels are undoubtedly useful. If we put all the triangles in adjacent to each other then these gaps are easily filled. Then yes, any shapes of solar panels used in a combination.

What are the advantages of Panels with triangular shape

Triangle solar panels has many advantages over the rectangular and square shapes as listed below:

  • Better utilization of roof/floor space
  • Improvement in energy generation due to complete cover up of space
  • Triangular shaped solar panels looks aesthetically appealing as compared to rectangular and square
  • Higher Surface to output ratio
  • Easy adjustment
  • These are useful when your roof has unique or unconventional design

What are the disadvantages of triangle solar panels

Every product has positive as well as negative sides. Following are the disadvantages of triangular designs:

  • As compared to rectangular and square panels, triangle panels are manufactured by very less manufacturers
  • Due to the limited manufacturers, triangle shape panels are more expensive (almost 1.5 times)
  • Not yet adopted by Majority of countries
  • Not readily available as compared to rectangular and square shape

Where to buy triangular shaped solar panels

As we said, triangle design solar panels are yet not readily adopted by majority of the countries, so it may be tough to access in your area. The best way to buy these solar panels is to search online in your locality.

The other option is to get quotes from popular manufacturers through internet. To do this, you can search in your browser: triangle solar panels plus buy. You can access various companies and purchase solar panels as per your requirement as well as size and shape.

Popular Solar panels manufacturers

To make easy your work, we are listing some popular solar panel manufacturers where you can purchase any shape of panels.

This is the list of some popular solar based products and panels companies. However, you must choose according to your region and availability.

Verdict: Are triangle solar panels worth it

After gone through a deep discussion as well as the comparison of various types of solar panels design, efficiency, advantage, disadvantage, we can reach to a decision whether triangular solar panels worth it or not.

We do not recommend triangle shaped solar panels for residential use or when you have not completely dependent on solar energy. As we know triangle design solar panels are expensive, so installing for personal use is not recommended until the prices goes down.

However, when you require high amount of output and have a large roof to cover and large output is more important than cost, this shape of solar panels are recommended.

Triangular solar panels can easily accommodate to any irregular shape of roof and fill the gaps that improve the energy productivity. We hope you got your answer and now you are able to take your decision. We always support the green energy and very well aware of limited traditional resources of energy. This is why we encourage our readers to adopt green energy solutions through this blog, stay connected with us.

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