7 Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android Phone in 2021

We are living in an era where people prefer messaging over the direct face to face interaction. This is all possible because of smartphones. Android phones are mostly used where people interact with each other using simple text messages or messaging applications.

There are a variety of popular messaging applications like Whatsapp, Hike, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and like that. These Android applications provide us the options to use attractive smileys and stickers while communicating with our near and dear ones.

People use simple text messages too. But we cannot overlook the phone inbox. Besides these messaging apps, our phone SMS inbox is the most significant option where a lot of confidential details are present like one time passwords, authentication codes, account balance history are saved. We do not want anyone to view is sensitive information.

So for this purpose, Android developers are developing various SMS lockers apps for Android phones. There are also several Apps Hide Text Messages offered on the Google Playstore. Let’s check out the 7 best apps to hide text messages on Android.

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Top 7 Apps to Hide Messages on Android 

There are loads of hiding text messages applications available on Google Play that can be downloaded to conceal your phone inbox. But here we are providing you the top 7 Android applications that you can use for hiding text messages on your smartphones.

1. Vault: Multi-use Android app 


Vault is a versatile app to Hide Text Messages Android. It is the best application that you can use to hide your text messages, photos, call history, and videos on your Android phone.

Features of Vault:

  • You will have the option of a separate panel on the Vault app. This panel helps you to hide phone inbox and call logs from your Android phone.
  • You will be required to import those contacts whose messages you want to conceal in the vault.
  • Vault app enables you to hide the private contacts’ notifications as well.

2. GO SMS Pro: First-Rated Android Messaging App


GO SMS Pro is one of the top-rated Apps Hide Text Messages present on the Google Playstore.

Features of GO SMS Pro:

  • GO SMS Pro is the most popular message hiding app having more than 100 million downloads.
  • This app offers you several personalization options.
  • There is a private messaging vault where you can import your contacts.
  • Afterward, you can secure the messaging vault to full-proof future SMS by using a password.

3. SMS Lock: Simple SMS Locker

SMS Lock

In case you are searching for a simple SMS locker application to Hide Text Messages Android, then you can install the SMS Lock app.

Features of SMS Lock:

  • You can protect you with all main messaging apps like Hangouts, WeChat, Messenger, and Telegram with a password by using the SMS Lock app.
  • This app has a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • SMS Lock is the best SMS locker Android app that you can use today.

4. Message Locker: Popular Message Locking App

Message Locker

Message Locker is a popular Apps Hide Text Messages Android app. This app enables you to hide your messages from inquiring and nosy people.

Features of Message Locker

  • It not only conceals your SMS inbox but also safeguards your other messaging apps like Gmail, Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype and more.
  • This app is easily accessible for the users as it contains a spontaneous and trouble-free interface.

5. Calculator Pro: Top-Rated SMS Hiding App

Calculator Pro

Calculator Pro is one of the most excellent and leading Android messages locking app. This app you can download and use to Hide Text Messages Android.

Features of Calculator Pro 

  • Calculator Pro is a well-developed message hiding app with a vault option.
  • By using this Android app, you can add your contacts to the ‘Private contact’ list.
  • This app’s icon is indistinguishable. As a result, no one will be able to access your confidential chat.
  • You can also enjoy unique emojis and send free messages by using Calculator Pro.
  • After adding the contacts, any new messages received from that contact will securely save inside this application. Therefore, Calculator Pro is another Apps Hide Text Messages Android app.

6. Private Message Box: SMS Locking App with Pin/Password

private message Box

Private Message Box is another best text message locker app for Android phones. You can simply lock your messages through this app using a PIN or Password.

Features of Private Message Box:

  • The chief aspect regarding the Private Message Box is that it allows you to import your contacts.
  • This Hide Text Messages Android application conceals your incoming and outgoing messages automatically.
  • You can easily access your hidden text messages by entering a PIN or Password. Hence, Private Message Box is one more best Android text message locker app that you can install now.

7. Privacy Messenger: SMS Locking App with Backup Features

Privacy Messenger

Privacy Messenger is chiefly an Android message hiding app. This app can be used as a stock SMS app substitute.

Features of Privacy Messenger

  • You just have to set the Privacy Messenger Apps Hide Text Messages Android app as your default app to receive messages in your phone inbox. Once you set it, al the sent and received SMS will be stored automatically.
  • The main highlight of the Privacy Messenger app is that it offers you a private box that you can use to conceal your text messages from any specific contact.
  • The Privacy Messenger hiding messages app also offers you the choice of SMS Blocking and backup features.

Final Words

Now, you are familiar with the best 7 Android applications to hide text messages on your smartphone. Accordingly, you can download and install any one of these Hide Text Messages Android application on your phone. Some other apps that you can use to hide your text messages are Picoo Messenger, Message Lock (SMS Lock), and SMS Plus. These apps are of great use when locking your private details from anyone. Thus, stay safe by installing an app of your choice from the above list to secure your sensitive details.

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